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(IR) 3rd IR, Turn 1 - 2 (thread 1)


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Hey, whoa, relax, Forsaken.

Your post above mentions the facts that the entire turn was over in about 5-6 hours (averaging about a post every 1.5 minutes).

That means Edena has to work fast. Real fast. Also, he's got literally hundreds upon hundreds of emails to consider. I would be personally offended if he didn't miss one or two :D

I can understand you're a little frustrated, but I have to say your post was quite disrespectful towards Edena. Personally, I got a great kick out of reading what happened. Wasn't always 110% accurate, but it sure was fun :)


THE SCENE: A carriage of human bones, rolling along the banks of a river, drawn by a dozen Nightmares.


The giant skull that is Acererak turns to Iuz forlornly. "I could have been a contender! I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum which is what I am. But I'm gonna be there for the next one!"

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While Forsaken may have got a little worked up I feel a bit jipped I had no chance to defend myself or do anything at all. I leave home at 7:30 for school get back at 4ish and its over. This will continue for turn 2 as well. Turn 3 I can be pretty much usless again as I work the middle 4 hours of it. Turn 4(Sunday) I can actually do something if I haven't been eradicated first! Making it 400 posts won't help it will just make people post faster, if it goes to 2 200 post threads put in a 2-3 Hour break between so we all get a go at this please. :)
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Ya know, if it is that much of an awkward time for everyone, maybe we could come to a consensus...

If Edena is open to it, you could all send me the times when it WOULD be possible for you to attend (even if it is only for an hour, to make sure you get your actions in). I'm sure it is possible to find common ground.


On an entirely different matter, ie the Black Brotherhood. As I understood it, they were a bunch of Tharizdun worshippers who had infiltrated the Scarlet Brotherhood and were therefore rather adversarial towards them...

Even if they were secret, sending official missives to a bunch of nations in the SB's name will tend to ruin that. He's called the Father of Obedience for a reason, not the Father of Being Quite Relaxed About People Usurping His Authority :) What that means is that unless the Black Brotherhood comes forward immediately and pledges undying loyalty to Korenth Zan, he's gonna get all Jackie Chan on yo ass.

That being said, if I'm going to have difficulties posting, and we can come to an arrangement, I don't have any objections to letting Rhialto run the SB if I'm not here.
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Zelda Themelin

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Oh hoh, suprising had to be away, and be have had our first war already. Do you still miss me to join, or should I just stay reader and give my lands for someone else to play with?

Ok, now I read the tread, and it doesn't look that bad. While I am away would William mind playing my people?

(I am away for weekend too).
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Edena is doing his best to keep up and I respect that. But we did 2 things and 2 small things in the whole turn like attac sterich and yeomanry and after MCed or destroyed it return to the mountains for me and for Festy he would just take the armodio and help out at Zindia. And that didn't get through or got misinterpreted. Makes me grudge a little........

Like I said I'm sure he's very busy and I'm glad he is with it but it shouldn't be a excuse why the actions of 2 players go wrong or not at all while tey are being attacked and just get whacked while they we're actually also supposed to attack the one that attacked them. If you get my drift :) We lost territory and PL for nothing and because somone misinterpreted or didn't interpret our actions at all.

Everyone want's a say and expecially when they are attacked, Edena acted like we did nothing in the turn and let us just get hit by williams.. 14 PL or something? A lark.....

But well hope Edena fixes it else it's just some $&*)@(!$*_)!@$*@ which is just not really amusing.

in europe we start now at 21:00 which is great instead of in the middle of the night indeed. Perfect change for my part which should resolve alot of problems concerning absenty.
I really thing me kalanyr and festy should have a say in what happened and not just get shafted because we are at shcool or in bed. 160 PL there at that place should have eaten william's forces no way he would get away with destroying 18 PL of kalanyr while I've got 102 PL in that mountain range and Festy another 20 at the east side to defend. Adn WIlliam get's through with 20 PL or how much was it? and he destroys as much as he send against a 8 times larger force dug in. ALl Kalanyrs Forces were below ground and edena knows why so he can't even has lost anything except land and that only if we wouldn't have been there which we were.
And How did Alyx beat 30 PL from Festy in the armidio....? he was also attacking kas adn Turrosh fleet ect. I'd like some answers on this one and Especially since it was festy attacking th rain forest and not me as I mailed.

I really really want those battles in the armidio and around our mountain range clarified and this time with the actions we mailed you. We just cannot grasp this.

That's my say... but Edena rules on everything so I'll jsut wait what he has to say about it.

(OT: Each time I type edena I think it's a SHE really strange and confusing hehe guess I'm just another sexually frustrated asolescent :D)

And Maudlin it was great stuff to read except for the fact when we jsut got whacked when we weren't even defending but just standing there and get killed. The mountain and the fleet sinking where great! I laughed my ass off when I read about the mountain, like: **OOPS I MISSED** With a mountain hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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The Forsaken One said:
I laughed my ass off when I read about the mountain, like: **OOPS I MISSED** With a mountain hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

I agree, that has to be the mother of all Exotic Weapon Proficiencies :D

I can understand why you'd feel slighted, but hey, it's possible Edena will still take it into account, and you didn't lose THAT much. Consider the tactical advantage of knowing exactly where your opponent is before attacking...

Also, that 1-2h earlier thing was just a proposal, hasn't been accepted yet as far as I know. Has to be convenient for everyone else too :)


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phew! this was exactly why I decided against NOT joining the IR this time, had the same problem in the first two (they were just worse) considering the game run's from like 1am to 7am doesn't give european much chance, same thing last war.

Edena not to insult you or anything, but really let european people (and others in bad time zones!) whom tell you prehand that they are, email you with their entire turn doing between each turn, so they have a chance to follow up with it. If you don't well... it make a pretty exclusive game then. Perhaps also make some kind of reasonable preliminary action for them until they have catched up, so they don't get overrunned.
or if email is not possible, let them post one post saying what they do for the turn after you said closed (you post the list of people that can make a single post, of course this has to be done before the next starts).

I read over the turn and I found it VERY! confusing, not being that well knowledge in greyhawk or having a extreme time to devote to IR I found that things were very confusing and very hard to find out what happened to whom, even more so I had absolutely no idea who was on festy hill (man I love that trick gotta remember it!). Also found it very odd vecna didn't retreat earlier seemed like it was said he did like a million times heh.

Personally had Zouron the IR veteran been there, he would have found some overpopulated area and started to spread the undead plague (hey I did invent this and it is magic so it is good to go in both worlds :p) to the population, and to the sea and to the animals hehe, animated some powerful undeads and continued on spreading the plague and such :p ohh and of course sacrifies some silly undeads to advance towards 10th and 11th level magic :cool: aka no tech advance only magic and undead hehe, yip he did turn evil in the end corrupted by magic, power and the sweet swhispering words of the dead that walks.

finally gee let's all give a big hand, it seems people rather wanna deal with vecna then kas umm.... okay we let Vecna kill (or attempt as the case was) the only one that saved the world from total domination by Vecna, and help out Vecna??? umm sir mister Dead can you take this order please, one world of people willing to give up their tickets to the afterlife.
Personally I thought Kas was a gonner earlier well except his undead forces (hey did you really try to drown the undeadas well!? Hello they are sorta out of breath already!).
Because he undead are dead does not mean they cannot rise again, animate dead forexample just requires a mostly intact corpse or skeleton (or corpse with a true anatomy for zombies). and Create Undead spell just needs a corpse.. a slain zombie is a corpse so :p

Ohh and again I really really liked the mountain missile, nuclear missile... dark age style!
*boy: mummy! I think the sky is falling
*mother: no darling the sky isn't falling.
*father: just a Mountain being tossed at us!


Not that much? I lost PL 18 in this, to a PL 20 force even with all my allies around! Thats a dang lot to me for some reason.

Edena, I think I mentioned that we summon planars from Gehenna, Shadow Plane, Negative Energy Plane and create undead? And Maudlin could you extend black color on the map to Dyvvers and Wild Coast?


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LordMelkor{Talos} said:
Edena, I think I mentioned that we summon planars from Gehenna, Shadow Plane, Negative Energy Plane and create undead? And Maudlin could you extend black color on the map to Dyvvers and Wild Coast?

I wondered about that... You can summon 3 planar groups AND mass-summon undead? Thought it was an either/or thing, I'll have to start bringing in some more then :)

And I'm not sure what to do with the map.. I've done a couple of the adjustments (including yours) already, but I'd have to hear from Edena with the official word before I post the new version.

Edit - Stupid thing has been deleted :)
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