(IR) 3rd IR, Turn 5 (thread 3)

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Your spell works, Kalanyr.

You may now produce as many Kalanyrs (or anyone else) as you wish.

10th level magic, can do that kind of thing.

I must assume that when everyone gets 10th level magic, we will have hundreds of Anabstercorians, Acereraks, Hazens, Shyntaras, Kalanyrs, and all the others running around.

- - -

The suits need more technological knowhow.
You need to consult with GnomeWorks.
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Edena, what did the red goo have for a effect on my formians?

and I'll post the mail here then.

<<> Is what it said. So no attack, just clearing out everything in a...
> 500 mile radius? Everything that lives. And I talked to Festy and he
> just gets out of the way with what scouts,spies living stuff he has
> there.
> I'm exterminating everything from worms and bugs to the random
> renegade dragon.
> I want a buffer zone and no scouts. It's quite easy to know when
> someone isn't with you when you are hivemind linked. If he isn't
> directed by the same Myrad or Queen and you can't share his senses he
> isn't one of yours.. EXTERMINATE!! :)
> So no great offensive actions. Just sweeping the area since noone is
> there in force anyway. (that I know of).
> _____________________________________________________________________
> How did my raid of the lortmills go? Or does it take IC time and you
> will let me know when it happens? (Still hoping for a nuke or
> antimatter bomb that didn't go off or just a left behind one or some
> other toys :) )
The force to the godspires are just a few hudner of th (new :D:D:D) Formians. (the you know what I and you did with them kind). They will just move in pairs to map the
> godspires. There are just a few hundred there. They won't kill any
> large forces but again if they encounter single or little bunched up
> others. They will kill them, no witnesses, just like they can be
> outrunned. A pair of new formians should be on top and over a few
> humans, like 5 level 1 warriors or mages.
> So we are mapping everything, avoiding great forces and killing their
> scouts and small raiding parties.
> _____________________________________________________________________
> I'm sending scouts to the new continents. Are there underdarks there?
> So yes what does there live? Anything worth mensioning in PL?>>


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I will now post this publicly:

The Formians (Forsaken One) have been very extensively using and researching Red Goo and Red Steel from their Secret Redoubt.

With that and help from an artifact, they have accomplished much.

Their shells have the hardness of Red Steel.
They have created the equivalent of Powered Assault Armor (self-mobile magically powered Red Steel suits of massive weight and thickness, full body.)
They have mounted heavy assault weapons and even cannons on these suits.

They have learned how to Screech.
This Screech destroys enemies for hundreds of yards, and shatters everything, including, but not limited to, trees, bushes, grass, homes, stone buildings, hills, mountains, armored men, and anything else not as hard as steel or harder.
An army of Formians Screeching could blast a pass through the Hellfurnaces in one day.
They could obliterate a battlefield's worth of men in minutes.

Black Omega

First Post
Mr. Draco said:
Black Omega- I thought you were ok with us claiming Polaria and you were setting up your settlement. In case the situation is otherwise, i'll give you 10x10 mile area instead of the 1x1, because you were one of the first to the continent, so long as you don't contest it. k?

Oi, Mr Draco!

I'm pretty sure a misunderstanding came from my initial posting on Polaris since it was pretty unclear to me at the time if the area was claimed. The Coalition of Light and Shadow is not claiming Polaris. From the sound of it, you have no objection to us exploring the continent so here's a further proposal. We'll expand the settlement a little and in areas where natural resources are found (iron, whatever) by the fae, we'd likew permission to set upmining camps. The land is still quite yours and some mututally agreeable rate of taxation is quite reasonable. You'll make money off the deal without having to put anything into it, I'm very sure you'll find spots ofyour own to stripmine of whatever:). And it's a chance to further understanding between our realms through commerce and cooperation.


Edena- I meant Acererak after he ascends, can he control Undead PCs ?.

Since that worked we'll go to work mass producing Kalanyr's and my other NPC's.

Gnomeworks-That emissary I sent will talk to you about those suits while he's there.


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Incidentally, unless he is contested, Forsaken One now controls the Godspires.
He sent a sizeable force of his Formians there.

There are two other Powers with contingents in the Godspires.
The forces run by Tokiwong and those run by Creamsteak.
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Acererak won't be able to control PC undead.

(The Moderator goes offline for now. Darkness, when this thread reaches 200 posts, Turn 5 is over.)
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Mass Production of PC's and NPC's will be limited when they reach 360PL a turn (I'm in this to cancel out certain Evil Guys not to take over the world with clones.)

Is Melkor's Avatar subject to this 10th level cloning? Cuz if so everything is going to Hades in a hand basket. If it is I'm not putting in place the above limit on cloning, I may as well give myself a lead.
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OOC:- Even though Silver is immune to Acererak's control of undead I feel the need to post this anyway.

The grey marble table sits solemnly in the center of the Hellfurnace conference room. Bobo and Kcyldyei are also there, thanks to the efforts of Silver's old friend Kalanyr. Silver looks up at the others, something is weighing heavily upon him.

Silver Phase stands up and says, "I have taken precautions, in case the situation arises that Acererak gains control of all undead on Oerth. Obviously, I did not come up with a plan because then I would be able to counter it. I left Khelarque in charge of getting rid of me should it be required, he will now brief you and then I will return and we can continue with our war council."

Silver stands up and quietly leaves. Once his presence has gone Khelarque stands up and distributes each member of the party present a couple of sheets of paper.

"On these is the procedure we shall perform in the case of Silver Phase coming under the control of Acererak. I've known Silver for more than a century, so I can assure you that this is what he'd never expect. Learn it here, then I'll destroy it irrepairably," he tells them.

*30 minutes later*

Silver re-enters, and calmly sits in his chair. Its a tall darkwood chair, inset with an abundance of tiny gems creating the image of a set of vampire fangs.

"Well," Silver says, a tone of sadness in his voice, "Lets cover our other issues..............."
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