(IR) 3rd IR, Turn 5 (thread 3)


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Re: IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ (As much as you can, anyways)

Edena_of_Neith said:
Now, I am making a ruling concerning the Great Battle NOW.

Acererak and Anabstercorian are defeated.
The combined armies of Acererak, Anabstercorian, and Melkor are defeated and badly damaged (a loss of 1/2 of their PL.)
They are forced to flee to their Secret Redoubts, disappearing into thin air.

Alzem successfully tears the Staff of Ancient Penumbra from Anabstercorian's hands, and the Staff is now in his possession.
(It was that, or Anabstercorian's life, Anabstercorian. Pick one or the other.)

Acererak and Anabstercorian are forced to flee the battle, and were it not for their Secret Redoubts, they would have both been killed.
Oh come ON. I can handle an anticlimax, but this is arbitrarily simplistic. So we both just stood there as half the world AND THEIR ARMIES miraculously gate in and start pounding on us? So nobody, anywhere can be attacked at all without immediately facing the whole planet?

The hell we did. The *first* thing we did was lock down the area for anyone trying to teleport in. The only person who could probably even join the fight is Kalanyr, IF he even learned of it. Our contingencies would be set to getouttathere when our Foresights catch the very first whiff of an echo of a trace of a shadow of 10th level magic. Can he cancel them out from across the continent? This was a rapid strike, in and out, by two entities comprising 49PL (I don't remember bringing any armies? Those were only for the attacks on the settlements and even then were just a couple of wyrms). I am under the impression you regarded this as a full-scale attack on all of Alzem's holdings. I can understand some amount of finesse getting lost through the frightful deluge in posts, but this is a drastic misinterpretation of the events.

Make that 68 in intelligence work for me, Edena, the above makes us both look like a pair of 2-dollar toy robots stuck on 'forward'. And I'm not being ungraceful... If we had actually allowed ourselves to be put in a situation where we could be ambushed like that, I would accept all of it and a kick in the head, but we simply didn't.
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Ok, then looks like I go back to my original battle plan regarding the catastrophe.

Serpenteye-If you wish the people healed and red goo removed you will have to put up with some preaching.If you request they tone it down a bit they will but clerics being clerics they'll preach abit no matter what

After this restarts
Edena- I am looking into what caused the +1/+1 in my troops despite a lack of physical mutation, have their magical powers increased,has their skin become tougher,etc.


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I am tired.
I have just gotten through SIX STRAIGHT HOURS of work, dealing with your Posts and E-Mails.

Only to find an avalanche of questions, protests, some accusations, and general mayhem which everyone expects me to quantify, qualify, and repair, all at once, immediately (if not yesterday, or last week, and I'm not joking.)

It is impossible.

I cannot do what you are asking of me.

I do not think that the entire company of WOTC, could do what is being asked of me.

Therefore, I am changing the way the IR works.

In no way is any of this intended as an attack on any of you.
I am doing this, because this is the only way I know of - within all of my gaming experience - to make what you are asking of me possible, even on a limited basis, for me to actually do.

Please observe some new Rules:

- Post all questions to the board. If I can answer them, I will, either by posting or by e-mail.
- Post all open actions to the board.
- Post all secret actions to the board, and demand people not metagame.
- Post all complaints to me (or about me) on the board.

- Do not e-mail me. Let this IR be entirely on the boards, and not in my e-mail folder (where a greater part of it has been, so far.)

- I will e-mail you. When I do, feel free to reply to my e-mails.

The e-mail rule is not intended as a snub.
It is intended as self-preservation, self-survival.
I simply cannot continue to answer over 100 e-mails a day, every day, many of which demand long and complicated answers.

I will post the Roster for Turn 6.
After that point, this IR is going Freeform.

For there is no set of rules that has ever been written, that can hope to handle the situation that is evolving in this IR.
Certainly not my improvised rules.

- - -

I declare Turn 5 restarted. The time-out is over.
At the end of this thread, Turn 5 ends, and the Interlude begins.
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Edena here, again.

In my exhaustion and being whelmed, perhaps I come off wrong.

Let me restate the rule about e-mails.

I consider you all friends.
You've been with me and supported me through this whole thing.

If you want to e-mail me casually, please feel free to do so.
If you want to e-mail me, even, about the generalities of the IR, feel free to do so.

What is overwhelming me are the e-mails with instructions, actions, secret actions, questions, plots, requests for changes in rulings, etc.

I would greatly like to be able to continue to answer all your e-mails.
I love all your secret plotting, and I love how this is going.
However, I cannot handle the pressure, and I do not have the time.
I simply, cannot do it.
It is impossible.

We did the first and second IRs without any rules at all, and without even Turns, and people had fun.
We still have Turns, so that the IR won't run away from everyone.
We can still have fun.

I am not leaving or quitting.
I am not breaking my promise to stick with this.
In fact, I am doing what is necessary to keep my promise.
Only by doing what I have done, and by instituting the rules I have instituted, can I hope to continue Moderating.

Much less have fun.
I wish to have fun in my own IR!

And I see a lot of you becoming bored.
I would think so - you must wait endlessly while I frantically try to arbitrate endless debates concerning the rules.
This simply will not do.

And so, I will post your Rosters for Turn 6, and then we are going freeform.

And the action, will be here on the boards (in your face, as it were), right where it ought to be.



Thank you for all your hard work Edena, we all appreciate it.

Super Secret stuff that you do not know unless you are Edena

We are researching battle suits based mainly on magic and partially on tech.

And since I can steal a good idea when I see one and kaboom suggested it to me I will mass produce those magic bane bats for him if he wants.

My simulcra will not use the 6th level spell but a 10th level version that is a modified version of clone allowing multiple clones at once.

And since Alzem doesn't need my goeograpy change I'll start putting that big volcano out.

/end secret stuff

Gnomeworks- An emissary is sent to you to look into adding positive energy effects to nukes as well as some Radiation Clean up effects for afterwards.
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In the new spirit of things ...

The undead of the Union of Oerth may be undead, but they are not fools.
They revolt, before they can be herded into those places selected for their destruction.

Although a greater part of them are destroyed on the run, many of the most powerful manage to escape, and go into hiding all over the Flanaess.

The good undead of the Baklunish Confederation refuse to be resurrected.
It is not because they are unaware of the menace of Acererak: they are.
They inherently just do not wish to return to life.

Seeing that Acererak is going to achieve Apotheosis, they all go into slumber, and allow the Baklunish to freeze them into suspended animation, or otherwise magically neutralized, so that they cannot be awakened, for good or ill.
They inform the Baklunish they will return when the threat of Acererak is ended.
They do not wish to be used as tools of Acererak to destroy their own people, so this is their answer.


If my undead also do not wish to be returned to life we will use the same solution as the Baklunish.

Are PC's subject to Ace's complete dominion? If so some people are really really in a lot of trouble, Festy for one.


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Everyone in play, may choose to keep their Secret Redoubt (you know, the place nobody can scry, and your secret help?) a secret.
Or they may reveal it. It is up to them.
If they reveal it, I think some players are in for a shock.

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