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William Ronald


It seens that there is an error in the tech levels. Here is the confusing part:

A Strength Level of 3 indicates your country has primitive firearms.
A Strength Level of 6 indicates your country has very advanced flintlocks, cannon, and is beginning to seriously enter the field of Technomancy.
A Strength Level of 9 indicates your country is now able to produce early 18th century weapons.
A Strength Level of 12 indicates your country is now able to produce mid 18th century weapons.
A Strength Level of 15 indicates your country is now able to produce late 18th century weapons.
A Strength Level of 18 indicates your country is at 1900 Terran levels of weaponry

The 1700s were the 18th century, just as the 1800s were the 19th century, and the 1900s were the 20th century. If I am reading this right it looks like there is a jump from the technology of the 1700s (18th Century) and the 1900s(20th century)

Am I in error?

Also, was the calendar post I did on the other thread helpful to anyone?

Talk to you soon.

Turrosh Mak

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Re: Discuss

The Forsaken One said:
Seems to me me, kaly and his friend need some bad discussion about who is gonna play what.

Plz mail me at NukemUntilTHeyGLow@hotmail.com
Also my MSN account.
Best is if we 3 could get into a chat. I could DL ICQ if needed so plz net me know than we can get this over with and mayB ally so we can devide easier.

I have a IRC chat room you can use for your negotiations if you like:

Port 6667
or by java client at

Feel free to useit, help yourself to the chips and beer, just don't make a mess or any long distance phone calls ;)
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Hi all. Just dropping in to check on how things are going, before the restart.

Also, Edena - will I retain the Eastern League (sp?) and the Northern Lortmils that I collected in the first run of this IR?

Turrosh Mak

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Fomorians NOT Formians

The Forsaken One said:
Euhh Edena, you've got something wrong, check the MM, Formians are Monstruous ants :) They Enthrall everything they come across as long as it suits them, the rest they eat or do something else with, no giants just VERY large Medium to Large size ants.


And Kalanyr mail me.

I think He may have been refering to the Fomorian Giants from MM2 (pg 68 if you have it) and from the 2nd edition Monsterus Manual (pg 139)

Mr. Draco

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A note about KAS

To EVERYBODY (concerning in-character knowladge)- The arrival of Kas on Oerth has been kept a secret (or as much of one as we can) from everybody except those that either I or Serpenteye have negotiated with through email and told that Kas is on Oerth with his legions (you know who you are).


William Ronald

Formians and Fomorians -Very different

Hello, Turrosh Mak:

I hope things are going well in the Pomarj today.;-)

Formians are the monstrous ants on page 90 of the Monster Mannual in 3E.

There were Fomorian Giants in previous editions. They are a version of the Fomori, from Celtic Myth. Often they were portrayed as hideous giants. But some were more normal seeming and had magical powers. (Both kinds comprised the gods of the Fomori, such as Balor of the Evil Eye. (Yes, D&D stole the name of a god for a class of demons. I don't think the original Balor would mind, as long as he got the royalty check in the mail every week.)

Thanks for the offer of the use of your chat room. By the way, if there is anyone on the boards whom you are on good terms with, invite them to join us here.

If you have it or can get it, there is some information on Turrosh Mak in the 2nd Edition Slavers book which covers the Pomarj. If you don't have it, check with TalonComics.

SerpentEye: If Kas and his legions emerged at Tovag Bagru in the Baklunish territories, as occurred in the aborted thread, then at least Darkness would know about it. Of course, Edena would have to rule on it.
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Mr. Draco

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William Ronald, well i'm not serpenteye, but it's ok. I see your point about where the legions of Kas emerged, but unless edena says so, i'm assuming in this IR they emerged directly into the territories of the Dark Union of Easter Oerth.

Mr. Draco

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To: Edena,

Perhaps you could post the claims list & factions list in this thread? I think it would help any new people alot.

Turrosh Mak

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William Ronald

Things are well in the Pomarj today thank you ;)

No problem with the chat. I added a java client to my site so people can get there easier:

as for knowing anyone on the boards who might be interested...
Just darkness, though I have been touting it on my boards (I don't have the guts to advertise in nutkinland.)

On the Formian/ Fomorian item: I'm aware that they are diferent. I was just pointing out that how they could be confused as the names are very similar...


Edit: My ICQ# is 145297366
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Aha, that clears things up, Edena!

Any powers interested in looking up elven friends, and perhaps a fair sized kingdom (Read: Very Large) as the IR approaches? We could have some friendly negotiations.

Threats are welcome as well, of course. Just message me.


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I'm finally back! Glad to see things got bumped back. I'm almost afraid to go see what happened to poor Yeomanry while I was gone. ;)

This should be fun... I'm gonna have to form alliances soon though. :)


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I have changed 18th century to 19th century.
My mistake.

I very much appreciated your work on the Calendars, William.
That is why I have them all listed at the top in the main Template (heh, every Turn, everyone shall have to look at all of those Calendars!)

Gnomeworks, I have read your post.
You keep the Eastern League.
I will alter the list at once to show this.


Sorry, Mr Draco, but that is not possible.
Kas arrived in the present with millions of followers.
Furthermore, there were numerous prophesies, and divinational warnings that something was coming through Tovag Baragu.
Indeed, the nation of Garnak has evacuated it's people from the area of Tovag Baragu, in preparation for the foretold trouble.

It is not possible for Kas to arrive in secret, nor is it possible for him to travel to wherever it is he goes secretly.

There are too many spies for even Kas to secrete an army of millions.
And Kas, with his Arcane Age magic, shows up to magical scrying like a sun, even if he personally cannot be seen due to magical defenses, and his personal exact location cannot be determined.

So no, Kas cannot arrive in secret, and travel in secret.
If you had 11th level magic, he could.
After Kas obtains 11th level magic, he will be able to travel with his entire army of many millions in secret (NOTE: this applies to anyone obtaining 11th level magic) but not until then.
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I have set up the Main List, the Claims List, and the Arms Race List in this thread, and I am keeping them as updated as I can.
They are all part of one great post.

The rules post is the first post on this thread.
There is a short post or two following that.
Then the great post with all the Lists is the post after that.

Refer to page 1 of this thread. It is all there.


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Kesh, I have made a mistake.
It is Geoff that is currently occupied by the giants, not Sterich.

I will give you Sterich in Geoff's place, with the same Power Level.

I will note the change on the Lists.


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There is a new off-map power, a major power, to the east of the Flanaess.
It is the Sky League of the Isle of the Phoenix.
It has a Power Level of 22.

It is unclaimed, and up for grabs.

The Isle of the Phoenix was colonized long ago by Oeridian adventurers who sailed far out into the Solnor Ocean east of the continent.
Over the many centuries since, they have evolved into flight.

The problem of their isolation was the impetus for this.
Flight magic was extensively studied, and increasingly perfected.
Eventually, they created small ships that could fly.
Then, they created very large ships that could fly.
Finally, they created Flying Citadels.

However, this approach to flying proved to be too costly and cumbersome in the end.
Although they maintained (and still maintain) fleets of flying ships and a few Flying Citadels, they altered their research into another field.

Into turning themselves into a winged people.
And they succeeded.
It took over a hundred years to learn the secrets of how to do it, but they finally achieved their goal.

All the people of the Isle of the Phoenix are winged.
The elves who came with the Oeridians, became like the avariel.
The descendants of the few dwarves, gnomes, and halflings that went on that fateful mission of colonization became winged beings.

As they honed and perfected their lore, they imbued themselves with very great strength of flight, until they could soar like eagles, dive like hawks, and move along at great speeds for long periods of time.
Their bodies became more accustomed to the discomforts of pressure changes, and they became a much more hardy people in general.

Now, they venture even to the coast of the Flanaess, to visit or for trade, with their great flying ships and Flying Citadels.
These are invariably guarded by a small army of flying humans and demihumans who, when they finally tire, rest on the ship or Citadel.

To date, nobody has obtained from them the secret of how they have done this.


The Sky League of the Isle of the Phoenix cannot give away the secret of turning a people into a winged people.
If a Power obtains the ability to cast 11th level magic, it can - over several turns - change all of it's people to winged people (it would take about 4 turns even for them.)

The Sky League can give away the secrets of flying ships and Flying Citadels.

Any Power that receives this secret can now transport it's entire army to anywhere else in the world (as if they had mastered 10th level magic) on the Turn AFTER they receive the secret, and from then on.
Any Power that receives the secret secondhand can also transport all of it's army on the Turn following the Turn in which they received the secret secondhand.

Anyone conquering the Sky League of the Isle of the Phoenix immediately gains their secrets of flying ships and Flying Citadels, but not the secrets of changing a people into a winged people.
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Black Omega

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So we all know about Kas. I think I missed it, what's the status on Vecna?

Aside from that the rules for the IR looks pretty cool. It works around far more the whole "I sleep and miss the war." trouble.

So...if anyone is interested in a good alliance with the Seelie, Highfolk, Vesve, Sepia and Perrenland, just get in touch. Hmm..Alyx, up for a friendly association?

William Ronald


Did you list the alignment for the Isle of the Phoenix? (I'm glad you picked up the adventure.) I didn't recall them being winged but, maybe that changed after the initial adventure. (Mentzner had four of them in total. Hmm, have to look at that zip file.)

Also, on the other board you said you were a bit fatigued. How can we, the people already committed to this thread, help you out? You are doing a lot of work. I would like to say it is greatly appreciated. We can pitch in to help. Take a break if you have to, Edena. We can help you carry the load.

I will tentatively put in a bid for this new power, assuming that I can take it. However, if I see another person expressing an interest in it, I am willing to talk. (True, this culture is a little far from my base of operations but I might be able to make contact.)

Also, feel free to throw in a few more legendary powers like the Wind Dukes of Aaqa, Slerotin, the Wizard Priest of the Isle of Woe, Johydee, or even the quasi-deities. It might cause a few people to look at the thread. (I have this humorous vision that when Vecna steps throw into the present, the Isles of Woe rise in the Nyr Dyv and someone sees them and says -- "Yeah, this is one of the signs of the apocalypse. Now, how much for that one way trip out of town." :) )

I will try to bring this thread to the attention of a few people I know from the boards.
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Vecna and his legions have not arrived in the Present yet, nor will they do so until after the Wanderer's Sending.

I would suggest you do something about Vecna immediately, once he emerges.
Otherwise, he becomes the one Greater God of Oerth, all the other Gods drop one factor, demipowers like Iuz become mortal, and everyone is going to lose some of their Power Level.


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William, the winged part was my own creation, inspired by something from my distant past of gaming in Greyhawk.

I will place on the Lists that you have staked a claim to the Sky League.
Just remember that others might too ... and in this case, I do believe others will.

I am still debating the Wind Dukes and Slerotin, but you've sold me on the Isles of Woe.

These are a new power, that is claimable like any other.

Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the Isles of Woe.
William, could you give a summary, here on this board, of what the Isles of Woe are like, their alignment, their people, etc.?

The Sky League is all alignments, by the way. They are quite an aggressive people, but highly civilized (in relative terms.)

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