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Mr. Draco said:
edena, i think you've made a small mistake with what you said. 200 megatons (200x10^9) is way too small for an antimater weapon. there are nuclear weapons in existance today with 2 GIGATON yeilds (2x10^12). My suggesstion, make the yeild seem plausibe, change it to 2 teratons (2x10^15) or 200 gigatons (200x10^12) at least. That type of yeild would be plausible considering the effects you described.

Baloney. Our biggest nukes are around 1 to 5 Megatons, and while the Ruskies played around with bigger ones (10 to 50, I understand), I don't think we've even hit 200.

However, you are correct in saying that the kind of area Edena is talking about would require a bigger nuke than a 200megaton one. Probably about 100 times as strong -- but lord, NOT 2 teratons!

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Forrester, nobody summoned the demonlords. THey came, attacked to the carnage like flies to a rotting carcass. And unvenelie traveling takes time.. much lands will be destroyed by the robots before you get there but you goal is a noble one. Do not for get the robots move at almost supersonic speeds... so know what you are up against.. you can and will never outrun them not even in spelljammers I'm afraid :(

Good luck!

Forrester, Vaeregoth would like to speak to you about something she just.... understood... After the Antimatter missiles are gone would you allow her a meeting. It concerns grave tidings and something.. you proved yourself capable of.


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Regardless of tonnage, if you aim any missles at the bots in Lyrn, please aim them behind the bots, into the areas they've already sterilized, catching the bots on the edge of the blast. I don't need anymore sterilization than I'm gonna get.

Forsaken One: My forces can get there right away, because most of them are dragons. The monsters and golems might be a little slower if they can't be teleported along with the rest, but they'll do what they can. I may not be able to move as fast as they can, but I can teleport a whole lot.
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If Kalanyr is redirecting the 100's of missiles, then I will expend ALL of my 10th level magic force to make sure that TWO MISSILES hit the forces outside Lyrn, and at least TWO MISSILES hit the damn City of the Gods.

Given he's redirecting 100s, and I'm redirecting four, I should win the battle for control of those four.



Edena- Sending directed to every powerful Celestial of the Upper Planes no matter where they are now.

Demogorgon and his hosts and the other Abysall Lords entering Oerth. Causing untold destruction. Free of the Abyss. Death everywhere. Pain,doom,despair. Help. Please?



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Uvenelei -- of course. I expect to wing some of your people, but I will make sure that where they hit is such that it hits them full, but minimizes damage to your land.

And I promise that I'll use 10th level magic to heal your land as soon as I get the opportunity. 11th level magic too, if I ever get it.



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Going off line, last orders for awhile

As soon as Iuz takes the few nanoseconds it requires collecting himself, and now that he has some practice at this. He is going to give the following orders.

Evacuate the Empire of Iuz. The robots can’t be stopped with the firepower we have at our disposal. The road system in the empire is pretty good, and since this threat has been looming over us for some time, hopefully this can be pulled of with something just under Total Chaos :)

Production facilities are ordered to shut down and button up, (run silent…run deep :))

Iuz is going to go looking for another missile in the vicinity. The target really isn’t important. It is its proximity that counts. He then ride this missile hopefully directing (again he has some practice at this now, maybe he should create a saddle :) ) it at the robots in the Cold Marshes.

Going off-line for a few hours. Edena, Iuz is going to attempt to deflect and re-direct anything that comes at his lands.


The Demon Lords are getting involved, huh? Maybe Daddy Graz’zt and the Demon Lords working with me might want to put their power to bring their fellow lords back home. They wouldn’t be too happy with their rivals gaining more power than they have. Iuz will ask them when he isn’t busy doing something else :)


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Well, both Forrester and Kalanyr are trying to redirect the missiles.
I have a ruling to make on that.

The missiles are redirected, but Forrester and Kalanyr were not working in tandem - there was no time for them to work in tandem.

The missiles redirect, in all directions.

There were only 500 missiles, fortunately.

Half of them fly up into space.
One quarter fly off and hit random parts of Oerth.
The remaining one quarter hit the Flanaess in random locations.
Some even turn and nose-dive directly into the ground.

The entire world of Oerth lights up like a sun again, as the huge explosions go off (they are 200 megatons, NOT 200 gigatons or 200 terratons ... Mr Draco, I thought suicide was Rhialto's tactic!)

There is obviously wide spread mass destruction and carnage.

However, by some stroke of luck, none hit close to cities.
Close enough, that is, to do more than moderate damage.
It is the countryside that gets it, and the unfortunate population out there, but there there are fewer people.

The major woodlands of the Flanaess all burst into flames, either from direct hits, or from the radiant heat.
Fires break out across every city in the Flanaess from the flash effects.

Millions of people are permanently blinded, and millions are burned, some horribly.

In the battle raging in the midst of the Flanaess, everyone - even the Demons, stops fighting and gapes as the whole world lights up around them.

Ironically, the light helps the good guys.
The Shade cannot abide or tolerate light of that magnitude ... they are especially vulnerable to it.
By the thousands, the Shade scream in their death throes, bursting into flame, and fading away.
Those that escaped that fate, are blinded and stunned, unable to fight.

Unfortunately, a greater part of the attacking force was also blinded.

The assault against Acererak by the forces of the Dark Union comes to a sudden halt as the world lights up around them, and half the army is blinded, having the misfortune to be looking towards the blasts.

Aren't you glad antimatter bombs don't cause radiation?


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Edena, Important information!!!

Kalanyr said:
Edena- Sending directed to every powerful Celestial of the Upper Planes no matter where they are now.

Demogorgon and his hosts and the other Abysall Lords entering Oerth. Causing untold destruction. Free of the Abyss. Death everywhere. Pain,doom,despair. Help. Please?


(If the celestials do not obey Kalanyr's sending I might just do a sending of my own to the lords of Baator. :D :()

The assault against Acererak by the forces of the Dark Union comes to a sudden halt as the world lights up around them, and half the army is blinded, having the misfortune to be looking towards the blasts.

OUCH! As I posted above the God-Emperor used his demigodly power and his innate Miracles to divert as many missiles heading towards the DU as possible.

Anyway, half the force coudn't possibly have been blinded since our armies were spread out pretty evenly all along our border with Acererak-land.
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As Forrester and Zagyg distract/destroy the robots, the civilian populations that remain in Aaqa and eastern Lyrn are evacuated from potential target cities, into mountain ranges if there are any close enough. Any wounded and given the greatest care possible.

And yes, I am glad radiation isn't a factor with these weapons. I'll take what I can get.

Mr. Draco

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eep! I just looked at my post about the yield of the bombs. Nevermind what i wrote there, if it's to be anywhere near accurate, replace everything with a prefix one level lower, (i.e. gigaton ---> megaton).

For reference, the largest american nuclear bomb that i can find was about 25 Megatons.

And, here are the approximate effects if a 25 Megaton bomb was detonated for maximum effect above Washington DC, for referrence: http://pbs.vicinity.com/pbs/blast.hm?SEC=25pressure&AD2=&AD3=Washington+DC&AD4=U.S.&x=14&y=12


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EDENA -- it was very important to me that at least one bomb hit the City, and one bomb hit the robots outside of Lyrn.

And I'm sure there were missiles that only I tried to control, and missiles that only Kalanyr tried to control. (And, frankly, after the first two, I wouldn't try to wrest control of any from Kalanyr -- just move on to another one.)

I understand that even with 10th level magic, our undertaking was hugely difficult, and I'm glad that Oerth wasn't incredibly hurt.

But I MUST know -- did I at least manage to land one rocket in the City, and one rocket at the robots in Lyrn?

I will say that if control was iffy -- I wouldn't take my chances with the rocket against Lyrn. (I had to have excellent control over at least ONE missile, though, didn't I?) But the City is in an area that's pretty unpopulated, so I'm definitely aiming at it.


PS Just read the post below. WOOHOO!!!! Stupid dead robots. At least half of them are gone. That leaves 150PL worth? Minus other casualties they've taken, and what Zagyg has taken out?

After the bombs hit, Edena, and the sandstorm subsides, 200PL of my forces teleport from the pocket dimension to finish the robots near Lyrn the hell off. Collect up samples, etc., afterwards, but the important thing is that they are all dead, dead, DEAD.
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The City of the Gods was not hit, despite the effects to cause it's destruction.

However, the robots deployed from the City of the Gods WERE.

Thousands of Robots are incinerated in an instant.

Meanwhile, the hurricane-dust storm is devastating central Lyrn.
The 400 mph winds are going round and round in a gigantic storm, and the helpless robots are going round and round with them.
This has an effect on the robots similar to the effect of rocks in a tumbler, only much quicker.

The robots smash against each other, then smash against each other again, while the sand crashes against them (along with assorted trees, houses, rocks, and even giant boulders sucked up from the ground.)

Futilely, the robots try to obtain directions from the City of the Gods.
All communications are out, compliments of the blowing sand (the City and the Robots were shielded from the EMP.)

Helplessly, the robots fire their beams, their missiles (which then detonate or are shredded by the sand) or fire their rays, only to pulverize or destroy some of the dust.

Meanwhile, the robots continue to bang against each other, going round and round like they were riders on a giant merry-go-round.
They don't think it's so merry.

One of the antimatter missiles detonates in the midst of the holocaust perpentrated by Forrester.
The fireball rises up above the storm, but the great cloud of fiery ash and smoke gets sucked into the catastrophe, and it, too, goes round and round.
The hit from the antimatter missile incinerates a lot of the robots.
The smoke blinds their sensors. The heat fries the sensors black.
The robots, continue to try to do something.

From a distance, it looks like the world's biggest tornado.
It is a 100 miles across, and it fills the troposphere and goes almost through the stratosphere.
A titantic whirlwind of dust, robots, debris, and the flames and smoke of antimatter explosions, as more missiles rain down on the hapless robots.


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Edena, see my post above.

Half our force could not possibly have been blinded.

And a handful of wizards teleport to Lyrn to collect some robotic technology by scavanging the battlefield.
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You finally succeed, Forrester, in getting 2 missiles to hit the City of the Gods.

However, the City is protected by an IMMENSELY POWERFUL forcefield, which saves it - mostly - from the effects of the blasts.

Vecna, of course, simply teleported through those defensive shields, but the antimatter blasts cannot do that.

You shouldn't worry about the City - it has sent out all it's forces.
It is actually helpless.

Meanwhile, it's forces in the field are now locked in a furious battle against the Faerie.

Fighting the Faerie is a new experience for the robots.
They are accustomed to enemies with forcefields, particle cannons, disintegration beams and missiles, and the like.
They don't know how to deal with invisible opponents, teleporting opponents, opponents who are ethereal and astral, opponents out of phase, opponents with illusions and phantasms, opponents who can return to their home plane and then Gate in behind them.
If the United Commonwealth is good at these things, the Faerie are better yet.
In fact, the is no fighting force on either Toril or Oerth that is better than the Faerie at this kind of fighting.

In futile robotic rage, the robots fire beam after beam of frying heat, wantom destruction, disintegration, green and red death, burning up trees, homes, the ground, and when they are done with that, they start burning holes in the ground.
When that doesn't work, they start burning down the hills and mountains.

It is futile. The Faerie stand there, and the beams go right through them.
Or the Faerie aren't there, and the robots find the Faerie inside them, and realize this just as the Faerie pull the plug.
The Faerie show the Robots of the City of the Gods, the hard way, that they can back up their anti-technological rhetoric with a very real threat.
(Heh. All of you who want to become technological powers, had better take note of this fact. When the Faerie speak, you had better listen!)

The entire robot assault grinds to a sudden halt, while the City of the Gods has the equivalent of robotic disbelief.

Holding a line across the southern lands of the Tiger Nomads and northern Yatils, northern Perrenland, the Sepia Uplands, and the northern Vesve Forest, the Faerie beat the Robotic invasion back, and the whole onslaught of the City of the Gods grinds to a halt.
And the battle rages on between the two forces.

The robots further east, descending on the Empire of Iuz, are met by a force of the Faerie also.
Before they can move to destroy Dorakaa, the Faerie intercept them in the Howling Hills (which will afterwards deserve that name.)
Again, the ethereal nature of the Faerie frustrates the robots, and they cannot win through!


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What are you worrying about, Serpenteye?

There is nothing left of Acererak's forces to fight anyways - where the Vast Swamp was, is now a freshwater lake, tinged with Holy Water.

Acererak's forces in the Iron League suffered more than yours did.
Light, especially the brilliant light of antimatter explosions, does wierd things to undead - like cause them to burst into blue torches, scream in agony, and dissolve.

Besides, you have enough clerics to heal the blindness of your forces ... eventually.

Mr. Draco

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edena, so the battle against Acererak is over? There is nobody and nothing left to resist? If that's true, then, whoa... I guess those hundreds of PL weren't needed after all.


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Well, as long as the City is defenseless, I'm going to go pay it a visit -- personally, with a little squad of my own. And collect up what I can collect up, and see if I can find out who/what made the City, and how control over the robots might be gotten.

My 200PL of forces are waiting for the sandstorm to subside so they can clean up the ~150PL of robots left, the Shade are pretty much gone (I think I had 100PL of guys in that battle, but given how one-sided it was, they're probably still around and safe), and the faerie are taking care of the rest of the robots.

Hm. Now that the Shade are pretty much taken care of, I'll move that ~100PL against Demogorgon and company, Edena.

So I have ~100PL of forces (leftover from the Shade battle -- I'll leave that to the other folks there) teleporting to kick Demogorgon, Jubilex, and Tharizdun's collective asses. Attack '6'.

Eat it, demon boys.



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Edena_of_Neith said:
What are you worrying about, Serpenteye?

150 powerpoints worth of my armies are blinded! 150! That blast must have been the size of Sunndi for it to affect that much of my armies. How many blasts were there in the area? Did they all happen along the frontlines?
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The demons led by Tharizdun recover from the blindness caused by the explosions.
Demons seem to have some sort of immunity to this kind of attack, it seems.

This is very unfortunate for the Hosts of Keoland and the Kevellond League, are REMAIN blinded.

The demons, not caring that Armaggedon is - or is trying to - occur (occurring?) around them, resume the assault.
Except now they are assaulting helpless, blinded foes.

Jubilex is jubulent as he sweeps up men and women by the dozens, and pops them into his mouth.
Demogorgon has a feast of souls that rivals Acererak's feast in Irongate.
The Balor stomp and stomp, like humans stomping an ant-battle.
The rest of the demons gleefully carve bloody swaths through the ranks of the blinded men and women.

In futility, the forces of Keoland and the Kevellond League try to rally.
Orders are shouted from those who can still see, but bedlam reigns.
Everyone is now simply trying to GET OUT OF THERE, however possible.
And hoping they can run faster than the next person, so that the demons will catch THAT person, and not them.

The whole of the Kevellond and Keoland assault routs, more than 50 PL of armies disintegrating into a million men and women running in all directions, heedless of anything but the need to find safety.
And the demons, continue their butchery from behind.

I do hope someone decides to do something about this ...

(And, don't blame me, the Moderator, for this part of your misfortune. Blame Rhialto! He's the one who exhorted world destruction and had his people kill themselves.
You might also blame the Scarlet Brotherhood, for allowing such a dangerous organization as the Black Brotherhood to exist in their midst.)
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