(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 1a)

William Ronald

Well, if I have exceed the number of actions for one hour, then I would like to have excess actions taken into the second hour.

Then, there is an action I must add, one that I have overlooked:

The Kevellond League frees Almauril's daughter, cleans her mind of any enchantments, and lets her know that she is loved and respected as an individual. (OOC: I forgot about her appearing at the peace conference. If it is possible for me to help her, I do so. I undo any forced alignment changes. I allow her to decide of her own free will what she wishes to be. If I stand for freedom and tolerance, I can only make her fully aware of the situation from my point of view. She is treated with the dignity she deserves as an individual -- regardless of rank, race, or world.)

Also, I think Zelda's defense of Edena in the interlude thread was quite good.

If the actions are being taken over several hours, I will spread my clean up efforts to different parts of my territory. Also, if I can create multiple flying cities I do so, for cities in different parts of my land.

I will also then try to create monsters from the Monster Post e-mail I sent you: the remoras and the great trees. If you need the post, I can send it to you by e-mail or post it here.
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Mr. Draco

First Post
Creamsteak, i get what you're saying. But, i don't have nearly 7 pgs of a list. Good idea though, I'd rather not take up the extra posts to rewrite what i've already posted. If edena wants it the way you suggessted, then i'll start using that method from now on.



William, you can go over an hour in the day. You just can't get ahead of the DM and post past this day yet (though you can "start" a multiple day action).

Mr. Draco,

You might not have a 7 page list, but I know someone that does. He is the only player sitting in the room I am in right now. Wait, that might be misinterepreted. How about the person that I always see in the mirror? Maybe I should just say, "I have a 7 page list!" Which I cut down, broke down, and segmented for purposes of keeping the area clean. (Actually its 3 pages, double spaced, in 10 point font, but its close to 7... sorta).

Forsaken One,

So you are going to cleanse Athas of the Defiler's? Good! I am glad to hear it. I would rather have a zerg swarm (which includes defilers???) on Athas anyday...

Wait a second!

Actually, it doesn't bother me either way. What I want to know, is this: Are you going to repair Athas? If you do, I can give you a hand, just ask. Help drive away that Ravenloft. If you don't try and restore it... well then your fighting will possibly drag Ravenloft down on us... ick!

Good Luck!
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William Ronald


Unless it greatly interferes with my other actions, I will use the full power of the Cup and Talisman of Al Akbar to clean up Red Goo, beginning in the Baklunish lands and working first in those territories which Darkness controlled. Then through my lands, then to allied lands, and the rest of the world. (Wherever needed.) With all the environmental clean up, the mists may be rolling back a little.

I will also ask for the avatar of Al Akbar to help with the efforts to use his relic properly.

Mr. Draco:

Check Zelda's post on the next to the last page of the Interlude thread. A little past Forrester's remarks. Very well written and well thought out.
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Mr. Draco

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Thanks for reminding me William.

Final 11th level action: Clean-up of red goo everywhere that the Union of Oerth/Humanoid Alliance has territory.


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If you wish to Hold your stated Attack, into Day 2, now is the time to e-mail me and tell me you are doing this.

Simply e-mail me and state you are Holding your Attack. Nothing more is required.

Please remember you cannot change your mind, once you decide to Hold an Attack.
Also remember you cannot change the target of your Attack. You must discharge your Attack, and begin a new Attack, to change targets.

Unless your Power is the subject of an Attack, your stated Defense is considered automatically held, unless you deliberately choose to discharge it.
Why would you discharge a Defense? A good reason is because you wish to change who you are Defending, and you must discharge your current Defense and start a new Defense to change who is being Defended.

I will address the rest of the posts above tomorrow.
I must go back offline.

Resolution of the 11th level Dueling will occur tomorrow.
I also have at least one Coup de Grace being thrown at a Power without 11th level magic, to be resolved tomorrow.

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Edena, 11th level magic actions for first day:

-I create a giant flying city( City Of The Shade)

-I create a powerful Mythal that shall protect City Of The Shade from most possible attacks

-I summon 10 000 pl of Shades from Plane Of Shadow

-I give my mages ability to transform into Shadow Dragons( +5000 pl for my power)

-I increase pl of my NPC`s by 20, nad my PC by 100

_I create 100 LL dimensions

If this is too much, actions at the top are most valid.

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1)Permanently increase your PC's PL by 5.

2)Permanently increase all of your NPC's PL by 3.

3)Create one pocket dimension, size LL.

4)Create a Flying City, if a city is at hand already. This City can spelljam as if it had a Greater Helm of titanic proportions.

5)You can summon the Avatar of any God (although it may not choose to stay, and it might be very unhappy with you.) (Eillisterae and Correlion, if they stay they stay if they go they go, not my place to bind them)

6)You can grant yourself and your mages psionic abilities (you gain all the psionic classes), and your Power increases in PL by 50.

7)You can begin casting psionic enchantments.

8)You can begin creating a Mythal. It can have any powers of 1st through 9th level, up to several dozen of them, and they are permanent within a 4000 square mile area. (Over flying city, powers as per Myth Drannor (except beneficial functions affect all good and neutral beings and drow/chromatic dragons are not sealed out (obviously enough)(Shade are)

- - -

What can you do with 11th level magic in a few minutes?

1)You can choose to permanently increase your PC's PL by 10.

2)You can choose to permanently increase all of your NPC's PL by 5.

3)You can create 10 pocket dimensions, size LL.

4)You can create a Flying City, if one is already at hand. This city can spelljam, as per above.

5)You and many others can begin Avangion Metamorphosis. (My people)

6)You can bring sustenance (rain, enriching the soil, etc.) to the
natural ecosystem over an area the size of Furyondy. (Blood Waste)

7)You can free 10 PL of your undead from Acererak's control.

8)You can grant yourself and your mages all the special insights of the dragons, and your Power increases in PL by 100.

9)You can resurrect 10 PL of the dead. (My dead)

10)You and all your mages can attempt to grant themselves Spellfire (1 in 3 chance each). Your Power gains 100 PL.

- - -

What can you do with 11th level magic in an hour?

1) You can create hundreds of lakes of Oerthblood. (Blood Waste, Ishtarland)

2)You can choose to permanently increase your PC's PL by 20.

3)You can choose to permanently increase all of your NPC's PL by 10.

4)You can attempt to locate a known artifact (1 in 10 chance.) (Naga Crown)

5)You can create 100 pocket dimensions, size LL.

6)You can permanently alter your Power's technology so that it causes no environmental damage. (Done)

7)You can grow a forest over an area the size of Bissel. If the soil is dead, you can cleanse the soil in this span of time, and begin growing a forest. (Blood Waste)

8)You can protect your entire Power from Acererak's attacks. (done)

9)You can grant yourself and all your mages all the special insights and abilities of the Phaerimm, and your Power increases in PL by 500.

10)Alll your people capable of 10th level magic can begin throwing psionic enchantments.

11)You can resurrect 100 PL of the dead.

12)You can complete a Mythal over a 4,000 square mile area. Within that area, you can place several dozen enchantments of 1st through 9th level, and they are permanent. (Flying Cities)

13)You and your mages can continue to act as Deepspawn (gain 100 PL of monsters.)

14)You and your mages can create tens of thousands of permanent Gates to other Planes, other parts of the Prime Material Plane, and to Alternate Realities. (Upper Planes and Ysgard)

15)You can summon 1,000 PL in help from those places.

16)You can sense a major change in reality, and try to do something about it (1 in 10 chance) (Just watching looking out for such things)

17)If you are a demipower or greater, you can attempt to seize one another dietie's portfolios. There is a 1 in 5 chance of success, and a 1 in 5 chance that diety succeeds in killing you. (Lolth's Drow Portfolio) (*snicker*)

18) Begin Avangion Metamorphosis for myself and my people.

I think Gnomeworks told you my part of Project Pi. If so its initiated ASAP!

Scrying to determine who is attacking me.

Okay, this is getting ridiculous, I believe that from Edena`s list only ONE 11th level magic action can be performed in a given state of time, otherwise it doesn`t make any sense.

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