(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 8)

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Black Omega

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Siobhan and Melkor

The most curious sort of wedding present. Melkor, captured by Zelda. Gifted to Siobhan and Kalanyr.

Siobhan strides for to stand before Melkor, frowning a little "It's nice to meet you again, Melkor. It's been a little while since you tried to kidnap me. Since you tried to destroythe Oerth. Not quite how you planned on meeting me, I'd guess." then the silverhaired Seelie draws herself up to her full (4'9") height and gazes over the dark God.

"Melkor, I sentence you..." the little fae smiles "To live! To live as mortal flesh and blood. Mortal fear and pain. "And as a mortal to suffer all the pain, horror, and terror you have lavished on billions of victims! No nihilistic joy. you will feel this as your victims did. You may cry this is vengence, Melkor. But this is Justice. Poetic Justice. What you have inflicted upon the world shall be returned to you, that you shall know the depths of what you have truly done."

And with that Melkor disappears, cast to his own private Hell. Guarded, warded, hidden by 11th level magic.
And for good measure OOC, Oi Melkor! No hard feelings OOC. You knew we'd figure out something to do.:)
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Black Omega

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And at Zelda's request, for the period she's gone, until she returns, I'll play caretaker for her faction.

Zelda, as soon as you are back, it's all yours.


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This prevents Melkor from committing suicide.

I did rule that the fate of the captured PC after a Coup de Grace was entirely in the hands of the Capturing Power.

And so it is here.

Melkor, is condemned ... to live.
He is sent off to the prison Siobhan has banished him to.
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I'm indeed staying since there now is something to stay for
And I still have a concubine, rescued from the shade world, freed from Melkor's grip.


And what happens if Melkor's attack succeeds on Day 7, Venus?

Now, we'll just have to prevent that from happening, don't we? :)
It was wrong for me to even think of this suicide plan, it was just plain wrong. I'm sorry for that. I will stick around, untill turn 10 at least, if we make that :)

I'll be gone for the early (in my timezone anyway) part of the day, come online in the afternoon and again be gone again near the evening.

I am preparing a big IC post, to explain my deeds to my allies.


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A bit of heavy-handedness on the part of the taraakians

Well, yes, they are very heavy-handed, in fact.

The taraakians send their emissaries all around, to every Power in the IR, except for the Alliance of Dread and Melkor's Powers.

Mounted on their great, majestic birds, both male and female taraakians alight in the heart of everyone's dominions.
They dismount, and walk up to such personages as Kas, the God-Emperor, Siobhan, Kalanyr, Aurican, and the others.

They smile warmly and broadly - genuine smiles, even if their words belay that - regarding those they have come to order around.

And here is what they say:

- - -



THAT'S AN ORDER, KAS (or, insert your character's name here)

The warm smile remains on the lips of nearly all of the messengers, both male and female, sent to deliver these words, and they add:

Trust us.
You won't regret following this order.

Without further ado the messengers mount up on their great birds and depart.
The taraakians never do make any show of force - it is blatantly obvious they have no force to back up their order.
All their force is committed to stopping the sleen and the loch-nar.

Why the taraakians would issue such an order, in such a way, at such an hour, with no force to back it up, is a mystery even to the kender - and they tend to understand the most strange of logics.
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More taraakian heavy-handedness

The taraakians go to Hazen, and they surround him.

Male and female, they regard him with smiles on their faces.

The leader, an elderly gentleman, speaks:

They are coming, Hazen.
Let them in.

- - -

Once more, the taraakians do not have any way of enforcing their will.
Most especially, not on Hazen!

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