(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 8)


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The taraakians immediately comply with this demand.

If you read the description of their ship, there isn't much to see on the inside.

Most of the inside of the ship is taken up by power capacitors the size of skyscrapers, forceshielded from each other, and connected by a technomancial grid to the core.

There is a small area for vistors, and it is pleasant enough, but it is not important.

The Core is filled with thousands of taraakians laying in carefully designed beds with every manner of wire attached to them.
Each taraakian has a tube with a diameter of over a foot attached to his or her heart, to channel the awesome magical power from them to the capacitors, and back.

All of this is overseen by a very advanced computer system, which is sentient, and which directs - among other things - healing magic to any part of the ship that is damaged instantaneously, rerouting the power as necessary from both taraakians and capacitors.
If the taraakians are injured, the healing goes to them and their equipment.
If the computer itself is damaged, a safety system allows energy to flow into it automatically from the taraakians and the capacitors.

The taraakians are in a special state of trance, and are living in a Virtual World.
Everything said, all orders, all discussions, all leisure, everything - even trysting! - is done in that Virtual World.

The Virtual World allows the taraakians to communicate with each other at incredible speeds, with orders given in nanoseconds, and obeyed in further nanoseconds.

The taraakians explain the God Emperor that entry into this Virtual World is the key to commanding the ship.

The ship has various safeguards against a foreign entity trying to take over the Core (don't try it - it wouldn't be a good idea.)

However, the taraakians are giving the God Emperor and Kas a Carte Blanche tour of one of their greatest secrets - the inner workings of one of their Warships.

They do not do such things lightly, or without a good reason.
The current situation is reason aplenty, in their opinion.

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