(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 8)


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Iuz sneers at the apology... "So now you apologize? Swallowed your pirde? For an advanced species that called us children you seem to have much to learn in the ways of 'adults' yourselves..."

Iuz walks towards the Taraakians, "I am here to deal and speak, now we speak, or I shall go and you will not have my blessing."

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'o Skoteinos

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serpenteye, those piece in dutch are there for a reason: because I do not want to share them with the majority of this board, but that sentence should mean somehting like:

Right, the God Emperor changed, who's left? (that's almost literal)
Right, we convinced the God Emperor, who's next? (that's a bit better English).


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Allenthrellus, looking haggard and exhausted, communicates to Iuz:

In a few hours, Iuz, the Shade attack will go off.
It cannot be stopped by any force we possess, or by any force we are aware of, including the Diadem of Dreams.
Nor can the Diadem of Dreams blunt it's effects, or stop it's advance.

There will be an explosion - an explosion equivalent to a Supernova.
This explosion will be an explosion of negative energy.

A blast wave of Shade, travelling at thousands of times the speed of light, will pass outward from the main blast.
In a fraction of a second, it will reach Toril's sun and extinguish it.
In about one second, it will reach Toril and literally eviscerate it into Nothing.

Allenthrellus leans heavily against a supporting wall, and continues:

The Weave will be destroyed when this happens.
The Shadow Weave will be pulled into the explosion, and will magnify it.
Melkor's prison will be destroyed, and his essence pulled into the explosion, which will magnify it.

Within a minute, the blast wave will reach, and shatter, the Crystal Sphere that holds Realmspace, and pass into the Phlogiston.
The Phlogiston will freeze into a solid at near Absolute Zero, a labyrinth of darkness the likes of which the Spheres have never seen, barring only the Prison of the the Lady of Pain.

In less than one day, the leading edge of the blast wave will hit Greyspace.
Greyspace will be completely destroyed ... only a burnt out ember will remain, and that of Oerth's sun.

In one and one half days, the blast wave will reach Krynnspace.
In two days, the blast wave will reach Mystara.
In four days, the blast wave will reach Athas.

You cannot stop it with your 11th level magic.
WE cannot stop it with our 12th level magic.
Those whom you call the Deities cannot stop it, for their power is bound up in it.

Before the blast wave exhausts itself in the Phlogiston, it will have destroyed more than a dozen Crystal Spheres.

The blast wave will travel through the Ethereal Plane, starting at the point of the blast.
The Ethereal Plane will shatter and be destroyed by the blast - the Border Ethereal will collapse, and withdraw from the leading edge of the blast.
Anything in the Ethereal Plane that is in the way of the blast, will be destroyed.

The blast wave will travel through the Astral Plane.
It will crash against the First Layer of the Outer Planes.
It will finally be halted there by the combined might of the Powers of the Outer Planes.

(Now Allenthrellus really staggers, and falters, then communicates slowly and painfully)

The blast wave is keyed to you.
Remember how the Elder Ones came directly to Greyspace?
Remember how they came directly here, when all of Reality lay between you and them?

The blast is keyed to you in this way.
It doesn't matter where you go, or how far from here you flee.
You could travel to another dimension, another reality, and it would follow you.

Perhaps, in the Outer Planes, you might survive, and then again, you might not.

The Powers (Allenthrellus falters further) are vey displeased with you.
We know ... we have felt it.
You will receive no protection from them.
They will not intervene to save you.

The God Emperor, Kalanyr, and Kas did not have the power needed to save their people.
The blast wave will pursue them, keyed to them specifically - it will pass right into the 50th level of Mechanus if necessary.

(Allenthrellus staggers, and says mournfully)

Melkor planned his attack very well.
The Red Poison from hundreds of worlds is the initial fuel.
The hate of the Shade for all that lives is the necessary explosive.
And ... and the suicide of billions of Shade will cause a chain reaction.

(Allenthrellus staggers, and says weakly)

There is a way out ... a way out for you people ... a way to survive ... we tried to help you ... but ... against power of this magnitude ... it takes more than mere ... power to ... stand against it.
You must ... become greater than ... you dared to hope to be. You must ... somehow ... you must somehow ... you must somehow put aside the hate and fear that has so defined ... your existence ... only then ... is their hope.
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Vaeregoth senses the answer and the considers.

<<The people of Oerth, Toril, Mystara and Athas have faith in me.>>

<<They believe in the power I wield, and they have hope for the future for they believe in the impossible, they believe in miracles, in wonders.>>

<<In me they have faith, me they trust and they believe in. Join me, merge with me. Grant me the power that is needed for the change for the faith and belief that is needed is already fueling me.>>

<<Can't you sense it?>>

<<They entrust their futures and their dreams to my care, the connect their fates with my decisions, powers and action.>>

<<Can't you feel that?>>

<<Enpower me with that power which is needed, let me forge this change, let me reshape the future.>>

<<You ask that they believe, and that they have faith.>>

<<They have, not all in you, but in me. Now it's your time to trust and have faith and believe.>>

<<I am a mere mortal of much less power that your species and kind. But I am here with a unique power, I can do things you haven't even dreamed of.>>

<<Now I ask you Taraakian, believe in ME, have faith in ME and my powers and abilities. Faith in my ability to judge and wield power.>>

<<I ask you te believe in me like all those others do. To have trust in me and to have faith in me and my abilities.>>

<<Grant me the power needed and grant me your love, your trust, your believe and your faith and I shall reshape the future in your image.>>

<<Join me, grant me, trust me, love me, believe in me, have faith in me.>>

<<Do what you need from all of them yourself, do that. The future isn't set, this fate and this mgith not even be yours to do but mine.>>

<<Believe in me, have faith in me like all the others.>>

<<Trust me.>>

<<Let me do what you cannot do now time is of the essence. Put yourselves aside and have faith in me.>>

And with those words Vaeregoth reaches out with her hand towards the Taraakian.


Tokiwong if this will work.. allwe need is you trust in me. Your faith.
I trusted the demons from the abys before, I aided the drow and ther demonic allies. I trusted it all, I served it all, I aided it all.

Now trust me, formian queen, queen of dreams, of creation and life.


Show yoru faith in me and follow me and the future that I shall forge for you and your grand planet and city.


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Iuz changes his form to appear as a male Taraakian on a whim, "I have considered your words, and I do not find the sense in them... but others have... I am curious... what is it that you stand for? Do you expect the whole world to agree to your request?"

"Why must this be an act of faith, is the might of all of our people to little to counter? Must we cower like rats in the Demiplane of Hope? Why can the Demiplane of Hope withstand the danger and my own city of Chorazin, on the plane of Fire no less, weak... nor the world I am creating... what makes the Demiplane of Hope so special?"

Iuz walks motioning for the taraakian to follow, "You have a dream... help me see it and perhaps it can be realized..."


Kalanyr kneels alone in prayer.

"Freedom, liberty and hope, the people in the demiplane of hope are suffering and the very plane itself suffers with them. Please, force of hope, bright side of chaos, good without structure or government hear me. Find amongst those here, one worthy of a domain, grant them a place, so that the discomforts of millions may be reduced and the power of this plane can be strengthened. If such is beyond you, I ask you to beseech whichever power is mighty, to grant such a place to someone. I believe that perhaps, Aurican,Siobhan or Jand are worthy, they have fought for good and their beliefs for a long time now. I most certainly am not, I spent millenia doing things that would make some of the greatest of darkness sick, I lost hundreds of innocents to the Blood Waste, but I beseech you hear my requests, the people here need something before the agents of shade corrupt the very nature of this plane. Surely there is one somewhere here worthy, if not amongst the mighty them amongst the others who have as much right to this as any. Please protect the people of the world, shelter them. My thanks to you Freedom. If such is beyond your power, then I understand and so I hope shall the others. Thank you for comfort in the time when I most needed it."

'o Skoteinos

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g'night forske...

geef mij ff het recht om beslissingen te nemen als je weg bent...[evil grin].

en zeg of je dat ding wel of niet af wil staan...als je het aan mij geeft zonder dat erbij te zeggen neem ik de beslissing, en dat is dat je het afstaat...voor een paar uur en dat je er constant bijbent...

effe wachten op edena smorrie, wel grappig dit in het nederlands.

helemaal grappig dat ik nu verzin dat ik het misschien wel moet doen ipv te buitenlanders (hehe je weet wel wie :p) als dat echt zo gaat heb ik lol en dan moet ik welleif spelen voor de IR want dan heb ik voort beetje veel invloed, maar zou wel stoer zijn :D


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Edena_of_Neith said:
Then, the young taraakian lady bursts into tears.

"Now, was that so hard, child?" The God Emperor steps down from his throne to stand before her, a compassionate smile on his lips. "Ever since you came here your arrogance has been your greatest disadvantage. Your demands, your orders, have cost you much effort to undo and still cause anger in the hearts of many. You have acted like children, first bullying, then whining and crying to get your way. I realise that is the extent of your communicative abilities, so I will not judge you for that." The God Emperor reaches out to wipe a tear from her cheek.

"Your tears shall benefit you more than your tantrum. Your humility shall serve you more than your pride. I will thus contribute to your upbringing. I do this on one condition. That your leader sign an unbreakable contract that your people, after you have used the diadem of dreams, never in any way interfere in the doings of the Union of Worlds in the Multiverse unless we request that you do so. We are still taking a too great risk in trusting you with the diadem, but at least you will be unable to threaten us afterwards. We will trust you in using the diadem, if you agree to this."
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Liracia shakes her head:

She communicates in a whisper:

You must understand ... it must be an altruistic gift.
You are seeking a bargain ... a reasonable bargain ... I am not disputing your right to bargain ... but we can't.

We can't.

If we obtain the use of the Diadem through bargaining, it is useless to us.

We must have your faith.

We cannot bargain.

If we could, we would! By Taraak, we would!
We would.
We would bargain and meet any demand you wished.
We swear it.
We swear it by Taraak.

However, we can't.
We can't.

It has to be a freely given gift, or it is useless to us.

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