IRON DM 2016! (Sign-up and Scheduling)


And now we have a full slate of contestants!

1. [MENTION=34958]Deuce Traveler[/MENTION]


3. [MENTION=57112]Gradine[/MENTION]

4. [MENTION=976]Imhotepthewise[/MENTION]

5. [MENTION=786]GuardianLurker[/MENTION]

6. [MENTION=92511]steeldragons[/MENTION]

7. [MENTION=6857996]LongGoneWrier[/MENTION]

8. [MENTION=6762606]LucasC[/MENTION]

Gentlebeings... let's talk schedules...

Who is up to go first and when?

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Steeliest of the dragons
I received word today that my great aunt died. Last of her generation [of the family, obviously]. So not sure what that's going to do to my next couple of days til I hear about the arrangements.

Next weekend, I have a wedding. So, that's really no good for the 7th-10th.

1st round is 24 hour turn around, right? So, I might have to wait to next week (following the 10th) to get started. Sorry. Thought would have been able to to anytime tomorrow-Wed...but now, I just don't know/can't say.


LongGoneWrier and Lucas C... It looks like you two are going first.

The first match will be 24 hours. Do you want to start tonight (it's getting a little late in the day here, but it's your call), tomorrow or Monday?


I will not be free today until about 2-3... shall we say a 4 p.m. EST start? That will give me time to open up the new thread.

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