IRON DM revival!


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How about it Nemmerle?!?

When the last one fininshed up, we were going to do another in Spetember I belive, but here it is almost November IRON DM!

Tell you what, guys and gals - if there is enough interest (and trust), I'd even run it...

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For those asking what Iron DM is:

The Last Iron DM Game

In essence, it is a single elimination tournament where pairs of DMs have 24 hours to combine several surprise "ingredients" into a full scenario. The judge(s) then pick apart the two scenarios and pronounce a winner, who moves on to the next round.

The usual starting number is 8, the ending number is 1.

Prize: You get to put IRON DM in your .sig, lording it over those lesser masters of quickly created scenarios.


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OK gentleman,

I am going to give Nem until 5PM EST to pick up the reins of Judging the next round of IRON DM, and then...well, then let the games being.

By the way: the first 8 people (and 3 alternates) to reply with something along the lines of: I am SO in! Will in fact, be in.

So far:

Wicht (would you prefer to be an alternate?)

Mmadsen did indeed do a fine unofficial version - I belive he had no time limit - this however, will be "official" (that's why I'm waiting for Nemmerle's yea or nay). :)

Keep your eye on the thread around 5PM!
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I am, as they say, SO in!

[edit] long as I'm not one of the first contestants, because tonight is way too busy for me![/edit]
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I came late to this thread, but PLEASE count me in as an alternate. PLEASE!!! (Is that enough begging?)

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