Is anyone running or does anyone know of A Group that's running A Adventurer Conqueror King Campaign that has room for A King Tier Character?


I created A King Tier Character several years ago but after the group broke up he never got used, then I joined a group that had characters were all were King Tier and my characters intro was that he was in the right place at the right time to join A Group that had lost its best/12th level, Fighter but as a result of a argument the group broke up before we'd even have done session 1 and had only reached the general area of the adventure

Both GM's let me use a few house rules

For example The 1st 1 made 2 favour/duty rolls and decided to ignore any bad rolls, the 1st netted me A 4th Vassal and The 2nd netted me 1 Gold Coin per family in my lands and he ruled that because the rules don't say that you don't get Gold from the people in the lands of your Vassals you do and let me do 8 events from The Capital of The Borderlands

The 2nd let me use 35,500 of my 35,559 Gold Coins to buy A Fiefdom, he then let me idle away 14 months whilst it was build, then because the overall, meaning including my vassals lands, size of my lands borders a large area of ocean he let me and my Vassals pool the money from those 14 months to buy a massive fleet

The 1st 1 also decided that because the rules don't say that A high Int doesn't get you extra Proficiencies at certain levels that A high Int doesn't get you extra Proficiencies. For example that's how my characters Leadership Proficiency was Rank 3 rather then Rank 1

The 1st GM agreed that their were 3 other people in his adventuring group, that all 3 are long dead, that they were all parents before they were 20 and that their 3, 1 each, kids are my characters 3 Vassals

The 1st GM agreed that the reason that the reason that my character started with A Vast Domain, a rather small amount of cash, a small number of valuables and a very small number of Valuables is that he did a great quest and their were 2 reward options

The 1st reward was The Title of senior Baron that comes with both A very Large Barony and A Vassal whose A Greater Land Owning Knight that rules A tiny Barony

The 2nd reward option was cashing in most of his cash and selling most of his valuables and magical belongings and using the proceeds to buy a higher, potentially much higher, title

What's more if he could afford it and choose to the title he bought could be as high as A regular Viscount that has both a lot more power and a lot more influence then normal that rules A Fairly Large Viscoundom that has 3 Vassals that are all Senior Barons that have both slightly more power and slightly more influence then normal that rule ruling Very Large Baronies
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