Is Chris Perkins Working On A New D&D Setting?

Chris Perkins posted some tantalizing tidbits on Twitter last night… any thoughts on what it all means? He states that Forgotten Realms is not the default D&D setting, that he's working on something slated for 2016, and that there's non-Realms stuff in the works. It sounds like something related to an older setting. Could be good news for those hoping to see Eberron or some other setting brought back for 5th Edition!

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Sigh... Lots of FR material but no sourcebook (or so it seems).

Hopefully there is one in the pipeline as well as a Greyhawk one. Though for a DM with limited time I would be disappointed to see sourcebook materials for Greyhawk and no adventures, and the other way around for FR.

But here's hoping! :)

I actually don't want a single FR source book, the world is just too big to be done justice in a single book. I would prefer to see a source book for smaller regions like the Sword Coast or Thay, that would be cool.

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Well, that was fun
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My bet is Dark Sun. Based solely on the fact that Mearls namechecked it in some interview somewhere when discussing psionics.


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My bet is Dark Sun. Based solely on the fact that Mearls namechecked it in some interview somewhere when discussing psionics.

I would be happy to see Dark Sun World and official Psionics rules. I would also be happy with World of Greyhawk adventure and associated books. Both or either sound good to me.


Glad my question got in there. I'm hoping it is Greyhawk since Perkins is a fan of that setting, but it does look like we most likely won't get anything but FR this year.


My ideal setup, and certainly the one I intend to do from now on, is short adventure paths each in a differently themed setting, with an accompanying player's guide. Kinda like how we did ZEITGEIST and WotBS, but smaller.

So they could have a 5-part Ravenloft AP, with a smallish downloadable player's guide. A lot of the info would be introduced in the adventures themselves.

No big hardcover bibles needed. You play an AP in Ravenloft, then you play an AP in Spelljammer, then you play an AP in Dragonlance. Paizo kinda does that thematically, but it's all in one setting. WotC has all these wonderful settings to play with.

That would not only make great business sense but would be splendidly fun!


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Irrespective of his other talents, Chris Perkins is a master showman.

I mean, I don't even want to get excited about his coy hype building, but darn it all if I didn't smile just a little bit when I saw those tweets.


I know full well that I am jaded and unreasonable here, but for me, all settings fall into two categories A) Boringly Generic or B) Short-lived Gimmicks. I am just not sure what they could do to make this grumpy old man happy.

"Gimmicks" are often made by either removing something from the setting, e.g. water, gods, humans etc, or ramping up an aspect, undead everywhere, sauron won, post-apocolyptic, higher technology etc. For me, these are briefly interesting, but lose their appeal too quickly to run a long campaign in. Although they are briefly inspiring, I find they limit my options, forcing me to build adventures consistent with that constrained world. I feel that they take away more than they add.

"Boring Generic" fantasy realms have a lot going for them. As a DM I can pull anything into it with little explanation. If I come up with any plot I can use it. I don't have to worry about not playing my underwater adventure because it is on Athas, or not running an adventure base on a particular ethnic mythos. On the other side, this campaign as a whole can end up feeling just like the last one. At least more so than in a gimmicky world.

My players feel the same, if I say we are playing in Middle-Earth/Kara'Tur/Ancient Greece or something, they will say "oh, so we can't play X, Y or Z?", they just see it limiting their options. If we play a Ravenloft style game, they soon get sick of undead and gothic monsters and want to see something different.

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