D&D General Is DnD being mothballed?


Morkus from Orkus
Umm, wasn't that the whole argument that Ben Riggs put forward? That the books sold in the first couple of months and then nose dived thereafter?

I didn't realize there was actually anyone who thought that 3.5 had stable sales by the tail end. I'm rather surprised that you think this.
Sales at the end were hit and miss. The good books did okay. The crappy quality books(Incarnum I'm looking at you) did not. People had a lot of stuff by then and took time to see if a book was quality or not before purchasing, because they weren't starved for new stuff like a lot of us are with 5e.

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I am ok with not relitigating this, but pretending that WotC was just talking things through with 3PPs in a friendly and cooperative manner and an open ended result where 1.0 staying was just as likely as a compromise with which everyone is happy is just not what happened
Are you accusing me of this after I specifically called out their strong arm tactics?


A correlation like the slow release rate may not equal causation, but it is an indicator that their idea that the slow release rate is the reason or a large part of why 5e is doing well could be true.
they could be, I am not arguing against that, earlier I wrote that I consider the schedule a contributing factor

I was objecting to the ‘the slower release schedule resulted in’ part
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Are you accusing me of this after I specifically called out their strong arm tactics?
it sounded more like ‘and if you consider this strong arming, I am not stopping you’ to me…

“They tried to get TPPs onboard with their plans before releasing the new license (and if you want to be mad about the strong arm tactics, go ahead).”

Especially when combined with your previous post’s
Everyone was angry for what they explored doing, not what they actually did.

Seems we are in agreement about what tactics they used then ;)

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