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5E It is hard to wait! (for my pre-ordered PHB)

It is the morning of August 9th as I write this and I'm jealously reading about others browsing over their Player's Handbooks, but mine is pre-ordered from Amazon and won't be here for another 10 days. There's a WPN store about 20 minutes drive away, so it is awfully tempting to zoom over there and drop half a c-note on it and enjoy the book, but...well, 20 dollars more is not in-significant.

So it comes down to this: If I spend $50 on the book I'll be spending $2 a day for the next ten days just to have it early. Is it worth it? It would be if I was running an active group. I just imagine that, in 10 days time, I'll be thinking, "Should have waited." Waiting is always good...delayed gratification.

Anyhow, just sharing my tale of woe ("First World problems"). Anyone in a similar boat of (rather insignificant) turmoil about whether to grab it now or wait for the pre-order?


I'm waiting for Amazon to ship it. I am not in turmoil about it. In a few weeks it won't matter and I have no use for it other then discussion between now and then. Heck,I doubt I'll have a chance to use it before the years over so it's no big deal.


I'm with Crothian. The nearest store with the book is ~130 miles away. It would cost me ~£40 just in fuel for the round trip, not to mention a full day.

So, while I'm disappointed, I'm chilling.


Same boat here.

it's just not worth it to me to get it 10 days earlier by paying twice the price. It's unlikely that I would be playing in that time anyway. My curiosity is definitely piqued knowing that the book is out there however.


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Like Crothian, the only use I'd have for the book for a few weeks is discussion. My group is rolling to the end of a Deadlands campaign, and we might use 5e after that, but that's likely still months away.


I gave in and bought it. The 20 extra dollars is a fair price for all the amusement I've alread gotten out of it.
I agree with you [MENTION=232]Crothian[/MENTION] on paper, but I can't help but feel the tingle of anticipation. That said, it would be for more than just discussion - reading (and drooling) enjoyment, as well. But like you, I'm not going to actual use it for some time.

I'm going out later today and as a consolation prize, might go flip through it for a few minutes. I should probably leave my wallet in the car, though.


Yeah, if I wasn't running a game, I could have waited, too. But being able to read it and fix up the players' half playtest/half basic PCs for the next game is worth it. I can be more patient for the MM and DMG.
Well I went to the LGS and the books were 20% off, so I almost bought them - but the bindings on the two available PHBs weren't so great, and I didn't feel like buying Hoard alone (although wish I had, now that I'm home).

I'll just wait for my pre-order.

Jester David

I thought about waiting, but I roll dice with the owner of my FLGS every other week in Pathfinder Society, and felt it was nice to support a game store that tries to support the hobby like that. (Despite amazon.ca literally selling the books at half the price.)

That and I'm going to GenCon and wanted a copy I could try and have signed by designers and WotC staff. But, man is my wallet going to hurt after the MM and DMG. For the extra money I'm spending on those I could have bought the Tyranny of Dragons​ adventures.
Well mine is pre-ordered from Amazon, but lacking any fancy smancy "Prime" or other expeditedness, I shouldn't expect mine to get here for 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. I'm actually going to be running the Starter Set in September and my players will want PHB options for their characters, so I will get immediate use out of it.

But in the meantime I find myself kind of wondering what the current point is of my normally excessive online following of the game. All I'm really getting out of it now is spoilers to reduce the sense of wonder on flipping through the book and gobbling up its contents the first time.

And yet, there is always that fear that if I don't check what's the internet is talking about I'll miss something interesting, like MM previews or the free Hoard of the Dragon queen appendix.


My choice was taken away from me when my local store sold out before I got there. :mad:

However they did have a copy of Hoard of the Dragon Queen so I went ahead and picked that up so I could start reading and preparing to run it.


Yeah, if I wasn't running a game, I could have waited, too. But being able to read it and fix up the players' half playtest/half basic PCs for the next game is worth it. I can be more patient for the MM and DMG.
OH man, I feel you on that one.

On Thursday, we'll begin our Tyranny of Dragons playtest session by upgrading the characters to full PHB readiness. Every last one. (We'll also be rolling up two replacements for the PCs captured by the dragon last session).

Sometime during the week, my homebrew group will meet and we'll update all their characters to full PHB readiness before beginning a new political arc in that game.

And on Tuesday, we'll tackle the second half of my Basic D&D one-shot (that turned into a two-shot due to time constraints). Having the PHB will mean nobody needs to look up spells on the tablets. I'm really looking forward to that. :)