Item cost quandry: Dragon's Breath Amulet


So I have a half-dragon in our game. Yeah, yeah, let's not get into the pros and cons of half-dragons. Save that for another thread. ;)

I want to give him an amulet that will increase the number of times per day that he can breath fire.

Since the damage is 6d10, that relates roughly to 10d6. A 10th level fireball (how convienient). But, there are differences...


1) The dragon's breath isn't stopped by SR.

2) The save is 19 (as opposed to the 14 an item would have).


1) The area of effect is far less. A 30-foot cone.

2) The range is 0 (as opposed to 1400 for an equivelant FB).

3) The item does not confer the ability to breath fire, just increases the number of times it can be done. So, only a creature that can already breath dragon fire will benefit.


I'm initially thinking +2 uses per day is a good basis for the amulet, giving the character 3/day total. (Though, in theory, the number of uses per day is a linear increase in cost ranging from 1/day to 5/day).

Basing it purely on the guidelines in the DMG (an iffy proposition, usually), we get...

10 (caster level) x 3 (spell level) x 2000 (use activated) = 60,000 gp.

60,000 x 0.4 (2 uses per day) = 24,000 gp.

Does this price seem about right for what it does? If this amulet simply allowed anyone to hurl (2) 10-dice fireballs per day, I'm guessing the price might be about right. But do the advantages and disads in this case counter evenly?

Would the "suggested" discount system in the DMG apply here (up to 30% off for limitations)? If so, how much would you credit it?

Just lookin' fer some feedback whilest I mull this about in me own hed. :)

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Pricing this sucker is hard. Have you considered making it a feat like Extra Rage?

Price wise, gut feeling is around 20k. Your right about it only being useful for half dragons, but this is specifically for a half dragon. I could see this being a lot more pricey if it somehow helps a full dragon. Mayber allowing them 2 free breathe weapons that they don't have to wait for. There are also a few campaign factors to take into consideration. Are half Dragons more coomon? If not this item might be seen as worthless since no one can ever find someone who can use it. On the flip side that might drive the cost up becasue the items would be quite rare.

In the end, I think 20K seems good unless you have specific campaign reasons that would alter it.


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20K sounds good to me too, but you might want to slap a "half-dragons only" sticker on it, otherwise dragons will be beating down his door (and him) to get it.


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A full dragon might get a -1 to the number of rounds in between breaths with the amulet... or might roll 1d3 instead.

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