IVV1: The Forgotten Map [orsal judging]

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
[if no one ob jects to this: ]

Karl distributes the 4000 from Scrate at 1000 to Vindala, 1000 to Oskar, 1000 to Babette and takes the last 1000 for himself.

He wanders to the temple of Halina for the lost children and makes a donation of 100 gp.
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LEW Judge
OK, it's official. You all agree to Scrate's offer without any negotiations.

I checked the thread: IVV last awarded time XP in November, and jaker2003 withdrew in April. So, here are the final time XP awards:

Babette: 4th level, 6 months, makes 1200 XP
Oskar: 1st level, 5 months, makes 250 XP
Karl: 1st level, 7 months, an extra 50 XP for continuing and playing consistently, makes 400 XP
Vindala: 1st level, 7 months, makes 350 XP.

Altogether, awards for this adventure total
Babette 1440 XP
Oskar 900 XP
Karl 1290 XP
VIndala 1240 XP

Scott (and Melodramatic, if you decide to continue), once you've edited your character for 2nd level, please send an email to the character judges requesting approval.


That's 2 DM credits for orsal and, since IVV made arrangements to hand the game over, 11 for him.

And the Forest of Arn remains a mystery!

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure

Karl leaves the temple of Halina and the orphaned children and heads to the Red Dragon Inn for some serious drinking and/or eating.
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