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DDAL Jasper DMS Dragonlance


Rotten DM
So far no AL advice so I going with 12.2 DM advice. The book drops tomorrow. I have two people who are interested who don't have facebook or are limited access. So it maybe interesting.

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Rotten DM
Dragonlance Session 1

It is a FUN rule. Or

You Didn’t Need to Bring Your Own

Chapter 2 & Beginning of Chapter 3

Day 0 To Day 30 Noon

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 5 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 0

Start time 6:30 PM End Time 10:00 PM

Gain a level. 10 Downtime Days. 100 GP.

I had a strong party of six. Huck L. Honeyberry Kender Warlock 1. Cromisie Cross Galen-Errant Celestial Human Warlock. Professor Fredrichstein Longtush III Orc Wizard 1. Iiilar Shivrotsk Custom Lineage Elf Dwarf Order Cleric 1. Juniper Honeyberry Bard 1 Kender. Arthena High Elf Paladin Squire

Notes Iiilaar is Knight of Solamnia before the Cataclysm please choose your Order of Sword, Crown or Rose. Athena is a Squire of Solamnia. Both are “Heralds of you God” Aka the first healer types in 300 years.

Feats if you don’t choose a feat from the book, you get a FREE feat of Tough or Skilled at first level. At fourth level you gain a free feat from the campaign book or Tough, Skilled, Mobile, Sentinel, or War Caster. Adjust and prepare PC.

During the pass month everyone got a notice from Becklin Uth Viharin announcing Ispin Greenshield has died and the funeral will be help soon. Meet at the Brass Crab (and DM remember to bring your printed notes). It will take place on the eve of Kingfisher Festival.

But along the way Arthena and Iiilar meet. They are pulling second watch on a convoy heading toward Vogler. Bob Bum Knee takes third watch. One night Bob lack of shuffling on patrol concerns the two. When they make eye contact, they hear a skirmish in the wood line. As they come across the battle, Bob has fallen but he holds a holy symbol cupped to his breast. They each see a different symbol. They come out the vision to fall into another vision. They are in a ruin of temple. Arthena accepts the title of Herald.

Iiilar, “Is this a trick? How can, I be sure? You could be a dark power? An Ancient Curse? A piece of undigested potato? “

Gawd, “No. That Holy Symbol in your secured pack. NO but. No but. No but. Sigh. The gods have return to Krynn. Do you want to be my Herald and get your healing spells back after 300 plus years. A war is coming. Clerics are going to be need. Choose now or change your character sheet!”

Iiilar, “What is a character sheet.”

And two PC leave not yet ready to break their silence. They come out their visions with a nice rosy glow.

Professor Fredrich is working on his notes. Krynn is not like the Realms. Magic is regulated here. Only three schools exist. “Professor. Professor. Apprentice put down that spell book and attend me.”, screams Jasper, “Go get what his face, and the crazy Kender. You know who mean. Move it. Your pretrial is tonight.” Professor scrambles into the dorm rooms and grabs Cross. They rescue Huck from giving himself a swirly. And arrive at the Barb. Red-robed Rovina, “Tonight the three moons align. Once they meet, enter the Barb, if you survive you will have started on you journey toward magehood. This can be a team effort.”

The moons align and Huck dashes toward the third door, while Cross opens the first. They all enter the same room. A key on a pedestal glow in the center of the room. Huck dashes for it but a solid maze spring up bouncing him off a wall. The walls turn invisible. “Solve the maze. Grab the key. Or Die.” Appear above their heads. Arcana runes appear on the wall. The Professor pulls out his notebooks and starts to decipher the meaning. Huck runs into another invisible wall and starts slowly feeling the walls to guide himself. Then gets bored and dashes into walls. Cross chalk marks the walls. His arcane chalk leaves marks on the walls. He is halfway to the key. Professor, “It is an old version of a knock spell. I just have to read it.” KNOCK. The walls come down and Professor mage hands the key to him. A door opens. Rovina, “Congratulations. You are now mages. Here is your spell book. And an unopenable scroll. Give the scroll to the mage Wyhan when you meet them. Your former apprentices have a party for you in the dorm room. Don’t get too hung over. Letters have come for you all.” In the morning they receive Greenies Death Notice. They start the journey toward Vogler.

Three days out from Vogler various caravans meet. While the merchants sort goods and talk routes the Kender TWINS bring every one up to speed. Two merchants Gandalf the Firework merchant and Bilbo the Beer merchant are the only two wagons going to Vogler. The Kenders are amazed that Arthena rides a lion and Iiilar rides a turtle.

Gandalf goes grey when the wagons stop for the second night. “What do you mean I had a Kender riding in the back since NOON!” The merchants duct tapes the flaps close that night. In morning they leave early. Around 0800 a local farmer who bruised and beat both by a fight and by bouncing off trees yells at the them. Lizard men with wings. Knights of Solman um of Solamnia being attack. The group charges while the merchants think of abandoning the goods. Turning the corner Arthena has help pulling her lance.

“What?”, She looks back and Juniper waves at her. “Nice Kitty. Kitty go fast. Please make the kitty go fast. Is that Lance named Lance. I met a Lance level Lance at Laneville once. Oh. Lizard men with wings,” burbled Juniper. Arthena turns slows, “Dragoncians!” The party attacks and Iiilar and Professor find out some creatures are best attack from distance. After nearly dying, the group finds the corpses of three knights of Solamnia, a small merchant wagon, and lots of dead extras. Iiilar has the wagon repaired. The knights and one Baaz Draconian go into the wagon and the group marches on.

Arriving at River Gate they see Vogler. It is nested in a huge bend of the river Vingaard which is huge river as it goes off the player’s map. The gate has not been closed in years. Arthena is ticked off and demands to see the mayor. The teen guarding the gate is freaked out. His Kender friend Frankincense is happy to see cousins.

Frankincense, “Hey more bodies. I didn’t know you could bring your own bodies to a FUN RULE. So, I get my own body. Ok. OK. I will go to keep and tell them fun trouble is coming.” Arriving at the mayor’s two-story house, they are slightly welcomed. They are given memorial pewter Greenshield badges. The Kenders wonder off while the adults are talking. The mayor sends Iiilar and the bodies up to keep and he needs to speak with Becklin. The town is open to all official mourners. The final viewing will be at dock side. Since they are on the list, they get the dock side viewing. The party splits.

The Professor, Cross, and Arthena go shopping for magical supplies and potions of healing. (Note Lore update. Healing potions are done by herbs.) The group splits after shopping. Professor is going to find space to cast a spell. Cross and Arthena are going to update the mercenary company.

Arriving at the keep, Iiilar has to prove he is a knight by quoting parts of the 31 books of Oath. Becklin give him a room and access to his library. But the library is small and not mention of Draconian exist. And he is warned of the gnome flinger and don’t listen to Than the gnome tinker.

The end.

We will pick this up with the mercenary camp, and Kender puppet shopping trip next time.

End of Session 386


Rotten DM
Lore is going to be a major tripping point. The book allows PCs from other worlds. But some players have read or are currently reading the books. So we decided to hand wave stuff that does make sense due to "It is 5E and AL"
Also I overbook the table. I said yes to a possible nine knowing some will either miss sessions or decide they are not interested. We did agree not to game unless four pc sit down.
I did enjoy the player running the kender they had about half hour talk where they pulled in the whole table with their chatter.


Rotten DM
Dragonlance Session 2

Noble Causes

Chapter 3

Day 30 Afternoon

Brookgreen 2 592

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 5 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 0

Start Time 6:20 End Time 8:51

Story Award Noble Enemy. Arthena has ticked off Bakaris the Younger

I had a very weak group of three. Professor Fredrichstein Scribe Wizard Orc 2. Huck L Honeyberry Warlock 2 Kender. Arthena Paladin 2 high elf Squire of Knight of Solamnia Sword.

Looking around Arthena noticed all her party had disappeared. She knew Iiilar was reporting in to Becklin but the Kenders were missing. She excused herself from Mayor Raven. She went looking for the Kenders.

Huck, “Hey Professor, I see you opened your scroll. I going to open my scroll.” As he reaches into his pack, the scroll pops out and tries to run away. Huck grabs it. The scroll reaches into the kender’s pack and pulls out a switchblade. Snick. It tries for the eyes and Huck drops it. The Professor grabs and goes to open it. The scroll with about 18 inches long wrapped with the white, black, and red cords uses a thumb break and falls to the ground. Dusting itself off it charges Huck. Climbing up his ankle and back until reaching his head. Grabbing Huck’s nose hair, it tries to lead Huck away. And is making swiping attacks at the other mage. Seeing the nose trick is not working, it moves to grabs the ears of the kender. Huck is tackled by the orc and all three are trying to wrestle. The scroll stabs the orc and starts sawing off Huck’s top knot.

Professor, “Dispel Magic.” Huck and Fredrichstein see a mage cipher. Comparing scrolls, they figure out the places their names are but not the rest of the cipher. (DM Think Snoopy vs lawn chair for the idea of this scene.) The switchblade has the name “Bun Bun” engraved in the blade.

Gather in the duo, Arthena marches them two miles to the mercenary camp. Where they are not let in. She is getting more and more angry as the mercs use the chain of command not to let her in. Finally, she is able to talk to the owner of the Ironclad Regiment. A Hill Dwarf Name Cudgel (Grr if you going to introduce a character at least page reference the more detail) is the owner and her second is a half-ogre called Gragonis. (Hey we will give the name and races of extras but only the name of the boss, the first time in the book.) Cudgel has paperwork as they move out in a week after the reenactment of Battle of High Hill.

Gragonis, “Okay show me exactly where the problem you civilians thin is chapping your buttocks. Fred and Barney grab your wheelbarrow and shovels. You still will need to finish digging the latrine.” Arthena shows the detail the jammed and the Fred and Barney get to work clearing the stuck gate. She knows a code word was passed between the Lieutenant and the detail but not what. She marches him to the Mayor Raven to receive the report of the draconian and knights of Solamnia ambush. The LT takes the report and wanders back to camp.

Having done here duty, it was Miller Time. Um Time to met some of locals at the Fishbowl. This is a bar for the fisherfolk. Only the spouses and Uncle (the owner) are present. Huck had acquired some black incense from Gragonis. After insulting Uncle that the bar smelled he was challenged to the smelling game. The smelling game is you smell something foul and try not to gag. It resulted in a tie between Huck and the crowd. The crowd is not happy with Lord Bakaris Uth Estide the Younger. A young noble who father’s owns the Westide House, the richest and most ornate house in town. In just one year, both father and son have ticked off the common people. Having gotten a good buzz on, the group decides to talk to Jr. to give him a piece of their minds. (Great they going to take out a npc within hours of arriving in town.) Uncle opens book on who is going to get arrested.

Arriving at Westide House, a college age adult confronts them on the porch. Bakaris the Younger is such a snob that he causes Fredrichstein to break character of dumb orc and causes Arthena to throw hands. Hands with Cure wounds spell on them as she grabs him in a wrist lock. The Younger freaks out and breaks the hold. Slamming the door, he calls for the servants to get the cops. The group decides to be elsewhere.

End of Session 388


Rotten DM
What was actually funny is the dice love me. I gave them a +2 for the scroll, and with what ever the players were choosing to capture the scroll, I was out rolling them.


Rotten DM
Dragonlance Session 3

Intro to the Fire

Chapter 3

Day 30 Afternoon to Day 32 Noon

Brookgreen 2 592 To Brookgreen 4 592 Noon

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 16 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 0

Start Time 6:30 End Time 11:42

Promote to 3rd level, take 10 downtime days, and 100 GP

I had an average group of five Huck L Honeyberry Kender Hexblade warlock 3. Professor Fredrichstein Scribe Wizard Orc 3 with Awaken Spellbook. Cromisie Cross Celestial Human Warlock 3 with imp Scarlette. Juniper Honeyberry College of Valor Kender 3. Arthena Paladin 3 high elf Oath of Vengeance Squire of Knight of Solamnia Sword.

Juniper was talking to her cousin who wasn’t a cousin when she sees the merchant Foswin with a fish bone puppet singing Taking to river and drop me in the water. She is amused and the puppet starts talking with her like it is an enchantment. After she spends ten minutes, she buys for 10 gold and it bonds with her. (Fishy as in something Fishy is going on. Common magic item. You can 1 spell slot from the fish instead of you. Like a familiar but has to stay with you. DM note don’t remember which web comic where the bard had a finger puppet.) As she walking back to the mayor’s house, she sees an interesting human woman in plate mail with really sharp corners and glowing red eyes. Red Eyes is seeing the sights. But not the sights of upcoming festival but of the guards and guards’ post. Red Eyes is bad guy but how can a bad guy be a girl is bad girl a thing but human males like bad girls and is she really a girl with white hair which would make her old. Hmm maybe Juniper should talk to a guard. She does but no one believes her.

Cross has found an alchemy shop and is using a booth to make potions and stuff. (Note DM waive the calendar for the downtime.)

As the group slowing gets back together no one believes Juniper was tracking a bad guy who was girl but an adult with Army 760 dash 1 colon 3 dash 2 hairstyle. The group gathers on the pier as Becklin says some nice words. The river coffin is pushed into the Vingaard River and is caught by the waters and taken down stream (yes Juniper downstream is good word even if is down river. And you have to find a lore reason of why these bodies are not fouling up the water ways. Now the Kender has the writer writing nonsense.) As the body floats out of sight, Becklin announces the wake is at the Crusty um Brass Crab and the first round is on Ispin.

The Brass Crab is crowded and overflowing Yalme has set out kender size benches and tables outside, and stock some kegs with small beer nearby. Everyone is encouraged to tell a story just as Huck and Juniper about to tell their tale, an evil monster grabs them by the ankles and starts shaking them.

Becklin, “The true story. Ispin was visiting a friend when Juniper and Huck decide to help out with Greenshield’s colors. This one dyed Ispin’s red hair green!”

Huck, “That was Juniper. I was working on the horse.”

Becklin, “It took a year for dye to wear off the horse.”

Juniper, “But the mare matched the mustache!”

Becklin, “IT took six months for the hair dye to fade. Do you know how much Just for Men costs in this kingdom. For five years other knights were making fun of a lime green Jello knight and his horse.”

“But He was called Green Shield. Greenie need to match his colors. Besides we sold the idea of green snacks to a guy named Ham Solo and his big dog Chewie. They had a thousand-year-old falcon who they flew on.”, replied the Honeyberrys.

Other stories get told. Arthena sees a blue-skinned Silvanesti elf name Leedara who appears to be a young adult. Leedara did witness the Cataclysm and has working as bard ever since. The elves exchange stories with Leedara being unaware the Kenders are snooping in on their elven conversations. During the night Bakaris the Younger tries to heckle the crowd but the Professor threats to rearrange his mouth to his buttocks or something like that which causes the young punk to leave. At Midnight the wake is ended so people would be mostly sober for the Kingfisher festival.

In the morning they report to castle. Darrett Highwater squire to Becklin Uth Viharin Solamnic Knight of the Order of the Crown who during her early years adventured with Ispin Greenshield and the hill dwarf Cudgel Ironsmile is order to be the groups guide. Ispin will did leave so items to the group. The Kenders each got a one eight of an ounce of green water paint. But Arthena was gifted his +1 shield. (Note this story item which is not a story item because it goes to one pc.)

(DM Note. Sidekick Darrett Highwater Knight AC variable +5 to hit. Will help the party Initiative 1.)

After the gifts are given out, Darrett leads the group back to center of town to have fun at the festival. Various games are played from Fishing for the big one. Dagger toss with daggers so bad they only stick on a Nat 20. A bard off. Any paper mache prizes are given to Juniper who is soon decked out in various Kingfisher items. Around one Darrett gets his charges going toward the hill. At the bottom of the hill Sgt Carter hands them wooden swords and gives them their numbers. When your number is called while marching up the hill died heroically. Don’t swing your sword at people’s head. This only sword and board contact. The marching music starts. They march up high. People start dying from fake arrows. More people start dying from fake arrows and Ironclad Regiment has mixed well with the militia.

Cross, “Why are the people up the hill loading real arrows?” Suddenly people start dying from real steel. A real battle breaks out being led by the half-ogre Gragonis. “Quick flexing and kill your girl friend Professor!” After the battle half the Regiment has fled. Some the Regiment is still missing. Cudgel goes to back to camp after the group questions Barney who survived the battle. Gragonis left camp a few days ago out the west gate. She came back with lots of gold and a cunning plan of killing the militia during festival. Why, who, and what for, who cares, Barney got paid.

The group decides to investigate west of the merc camp. At a ranger’s house they find some strange tracks, draconian tracks and humanoid tracks. Following those tracks leads to a cliff over a valley where an army is encamped.

Juniper, “I wonder whose army they are?” She fells a tapping on her shoulder. “It her the white hair girl who is adult bad guy with glowing red eyes except.”

“Shhh. I am Kansaldi Fire-Eyes. General of the Red Dragon Army. Loyal to Dragon Queen. And why are you are spying on my troops.”

Huck, “Stabby Stabby Attack.” A fight breaks out with Fire-Eyes mocking the group. (Until the group does 100+ damage in under two rounds to her 27. Suddenly the DM decides to add back in the original encounter. The group is nearly beaten. Huck is given a scroll demanding the city of Vogler quarter the Red Dragon Army troops. They get away enough to take a rest and get back to town around breakfast time.

A quick town council is called which involves Becklin, Mayor Raven, Bakaris the Elder, and others. After an hour-long discussion, most of the town will flee down river to Kalaman. Various things are MacGyver to increased the fleet. (DM This pushes some decision onto players which should be just townspeople doing things.)

The End.

Okay I need a decision before the next game session. You can be Rear Guard to fleet. Or the Fighting rear guard for the Ironclads. The second decision will involve fighting right off the bat. Also have a copy of your character for level four and level five just incase you level during the game.

End of Session 389


Rotten DM
Dragonlance Session 4

Retreat, Pants, and Recover

Chapter 4

Day 32 Noon to Day 38 Morning

Brookgreen 4, 592 to Brookgreen 10 Morning

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 27 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 0

Start Time 6:30 End Time 10:17

Story Award. Second Loony. Juniper, Professor, and Huck. You are in the Army now. Okay you have accepted the special services squad rank in the Kalaman service Darrett Highwater will be your control.

Sidekicks Available. Darrett Highwater Knight. Remind me to introduce the other side kicks and post them. Notes Healer type sidekicks are currently just using super advance healer kits for sake of the story.

DM Note Various builds have things they can do during downtime. If your pc is not in a scene for at least half a calendar day, build what you want. This is more of an accounting problem with your log sheet. This will also apply if you miss a session and some days pass. I will assume the lab types were too busy in the lab to take part in the adventure.

I had an average group of five Arthena Knight of Solomnia Oath of Vengeance Paladin 4 High Elf. Juniper Honeyberry Kender Drunken Monk 4. Professor Scribe Wizard 4 Orc. Cross Human Celestial Warlock 3 Divine Soul Sorcerer 1. Huck L. Honeyberry Rogue 1 Hexblade Warlock 3 Kender.

As the group is the last boat out of Volger the Wharf main office erupts in flame. A red dragon has walked up to the building and flamed it. Only Arthena sees it is available. Suddenly Juniper starts rocking the boat. Juniper, “I got it. I got it. Why is two gnomes?” Two gnome tinkers fly through the air hitting the boat.

Juniper, “Can I use my deflect missiles to catch one.” A discussion starts around the table.

DM, “Embrace the krazy Kender Opposite check.” One roll off later.

Than, “Thanks for the catch. Private Than of Gnome Flingers Squad Reports. Gnome Flinger Version 3 Accuracy is 100 percent. Cloth Arresting Device of Descending Version 2 did not deploy. Permission to pass out. Thanks!” The gnome passes out. Meanwhile the other gnome has knocked Professor and Cross into the river.

Jeyev, “Jeyev. Private of Gnome Flingers Squad one. I have report of Becklin and Captain Cudgel. Gnome Flinger Version 3 Accuracy is 100 percent. Cloth Arresting Device of Descending Version 2 did not deploy. Um what does bubbles in river mean?” Professor quickly tosses the gnome into the row boat and pulls Cross to the surface. Jeyev reports that Becklin and Cudgel called a retreat and were going to fall back to Kalaman.

During the trip down the river, the group discovers. Kender cannot row straight. Kender cannot get the oar into the water. Kender should not be allowed to row at all. As dawn breaks the group sees the cliffs and walled city of Kalama. The refugees are being directed to land east of city. The gates of the city are not open. The group starts to get some organization started and Mayor Raven asks them to report in.

Arriving at Castle Kalaman mass organized chaos rules. They are directed to the council meeting only to be blocked briefly from entering due to Bakaris the Younger. Who is slammed against the wall, head butted to the knee, and nearly tossed off the second floor. (DM. Players remember ONLY MELEE weapons do subdual damage.) A guard helps the Younger now the steps to prevent any more falls.

Entering the council meeting the group is introduced to Governor Calof Miat, Marshal Vendri, and Volger’s leader Lord Bakaris Uth Estide. Who is assaulted by Professor with a suggestion spell.

Governor Miat, “Look ugly dude. I don’t know what an orc is. I don’t care. Professor I will let the Black Robes handle your spell casting on a NOBLE. No don’t speak. I will only allow Arthena and Juniper speak. Scribe take the others OUT. And get their report. But take them OUT.”

(As Professor starts slinging spells and disrespecting the whole town council, DM is wondering if an adventure can end with the party and town TPKed.)

Huck makes a plate and takes a chair to go to deliver to Sgt Bob who let them in the gate. Cross and the Professor are debriefed at a local bar. With Secretary Sam finding to find who this half bottle of Jim Beam belongs too. Because he will be too busy to hear AND RECORD of the number of laws broken if he does a full debrief. After finding out it his half bottle, Sam returns with twenty questions for the adventurers. The form is filled out by the scribe wizard who follows Sam back to castle. Sam has become a legend in the scribe community on becoming drunk on duty, and ghosting the whole day while debriefing a group of adventurers.

The debriefing of the calm group takes half a day and they are told to report for a dinner briefing. The result is Volger refugees will be placed into a tent city just outside Trade Gate and some food will be given to them. But the fishers and hunters will be drafted to help feed the refugees. The farmers will need to talk to local farmers for work. Since it is spring just before planting, some food is in short supply. One or more of the team need to enlist in the Kalaman special services squad. If they enlist they will get a badge which gives them the rank of lieutenant. Service members will be given lodging in the castle and 5 GP per week. (Over and above session gold.) Leaving the building, a small Red Cross wagon train is waiting for them. This is the first of many.

The next day they make decision to enlist or not. Professor, Juniper, and Huck enlist. Darrett Highwater will be their control. And with enlistment comes privileges. Like free stuff from the armory. It takes twelve seconds for Darrett to realize he just set two kenders loose with permission to take stuff. (DM Giggle and a few minutes later while the players loot.) Darrett will have their first assignment tomorrow.

Castle Notes. First floor. City Government offices, armory, event rooms. Second floor Military office. Darrett office. Third floor Enlisted barracks. Fourth Floor. Crash space for the enlisted adventurers otherwise empty. Towers Empty. Basement Storage with some Long-sealed doors.

During the day the mages visit Wyhan’s Apothecary. Huck is nearly dragged out his tent and is used like a horse by his scroll. The Professor’s book back talks um write him directions. Cross sees glowing dots like a video game leading the way. They don’t arrive at the same time but do get the same questions. They all answer honestly to “Did you open the scroll?”. The other questions are all personal and none of the reader’s business. (DM scrolls and mage supplies are here. Discount is whatever I told you was.) All three qualify as Red Robe Candidates and will be notified by Wyhan or their scroll later to report for their final test.

The next day they get their first assignment. To go to the gnome tinker’s Tatina Rookledust and escort her back. Too get in the mood, Professor casts the illusion of him wearing Red Robes, while forgetting he is not allowed to do that yet. (Also game and lore wise mages only wear the robes at official meetings.) While walking to gnome’s house they have two encounters. One with a burned out farmhouse which was burned due to a faulty chimney. The second with Trapspringer a kender skirmisher who is hunting dragons and think the group are silly to run away from Fire Eyes.

Arriving at the workshop, about a dozen goblins with a hobgoblin leader are attacking the shop. Tatina is defending her home with clockwork chickens and teeth. The group destroys the red dragon forces. Tatina agrees to report back to town and gifts the group with her latest invention a Fargab. The Fargab is as big as a modern full military knapsack. It is a mechanical SENDING spell device.

End of Session 391.

Notes. Make sure I post and print off the sidekicks just in case we need them. While druids exist in Krynn, they are rare and made not be able to help with the planting.


Rotten DM
Thought the Professor was going to get the whole party killed by casting magic in the council meeting. He wasn't paying attention and has not recognized I will kill his pc if the story demands. it.


Rotten DM
Dragonlance Session 5

Sneaky Missions

Chapter 4

Day 38 Morning to Day 44 Morning

Brookgreen 10 Morning to Brookgreen 16 Morning

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 49 Villains Captured 1 Villains Escaped 0

Start Time 6:13 End Time 10:20

Magic Item Driftglobe. GP what ever you found. `

I had a strong group of six. Huck L Honeyberry Rogue 1 Hexblade Warlock 3 Kender. Arthena Oath of Vengeance. Juniper Honeyberry Drunken Master monk 4 kender. Professor Scribe Wizard 4 Orc. Ililar Shivrotsk half dwarf half elf Order Cleric 4. Cross Warlock 3 Sorcerer 1 human with Scarlette imp.

Darrett, “This mission should only take two days. A farmstead about 18 miles out has been overrun by Red Dragon Army Troops. Find the farm. Capture one of the soldiers and any written orders. Don’t die.” With the journey taking most of the day the Special Squad do let their guard down. Three kenders approach and while they are talking to Juniper, she signals something is off. Suddenly the kenders become Sivak Draconian who have the ability to steal the form of the last humanoid it kills. The group is slightly surprise but is able to take out the enemy patrol. About a mile after the encounter, they find the bodies of the kender who were trying to make their way to Kalaman.

Arriving at the farmstead the group low crawl up the hill to take overwatch. Various plans are discussed. The Professor’s brilliant plan is to kill the second shift guard, take his plan. Then as he goes off shift “Suggest” the Dragon Army Sergeant follow him up the hill. Then bag and tag them. The murdering with six to one odd nearly goes south as half the squad fumble trying to stab the lonely hobgoblin. Professor throws on the illusion on the squad member. He wakes his relief and gets relieved. Shaking the Sgt awake.

Professor, “What is the plan sergeant?”

Sgt, “The plan is for you to go to sleep troop. We will advance toward Kalaman in the morning.”

Professor, “Right oh.” He pretends to be asleep until the sergeant falls back asleep. He sneaks back up the hill. “They are going to advance toward Kalaman in the morning. We have their plans.” The group looks at them.

Arthena, “Didn’t you forget someone. What was the brilliant plan again?”

Professor, “Kill the guard. Did that. See I have marked in my book. Take the form of the guard. Did that. See I have it checked off in my book.”

Arthena, “Keep reading off your BRILLIANT PLAN Professor.”

Professor, “Note High elves are rude in the morning hours. Wait till my relief. See it is checked off in my book. Wake the sergeant. Did that. Cast suggestion to have her follow me up the hill. TKO the sergeant. That were you guys’ job. So why didn’t you knock out the sergeant? Can’t you follow a simple plan?”

Arthena, “Read the plan back again. Hard to follow the plan when you did not follow the brilliant plan.”

Meanwhile Juniper had gotten bored. She slips down the hill and set the barn on fire. The yells of fire arise from the barn.

Professor, “It was a brilliant plan if you were just following it.”

Arthena, “It hard to knock out someone. When the planner of the BRILLIANT PLAN forgot to execute it.!”

Huck, “Mom. DAD. Why is the barn on fire? Was than in the plan?”

Both, “WHAT! That was not in the plan.” A few minutes later with the sergeant captured and the barn burning down, the group decides to sleep in in the morning and take their captive back to town. During the briefing with Marshall Vendri, she cracks up. She then orders Darrett to handle future debriefings and notes in the Professor personal file not suitable for advance training.

While the debriefing is happening, Cross has gone on a spending spree with the squad’s money and got plenty of ingredients to make potions of healing. Darrett second mission is to check out the crossroads near the Estwilde border. Just go to Raiding Rill crossroads. Capture or kill any nearby enemy patrols. Since the distance is about twenty miles this mission should only take three days. The group is attacked by a barbarian dragonborn who cast spells and does some nice breath weapons too.

(Ok. I did blow most of this encounter with the new draconian. Also. Arthena is expert on draconian. If I am doing an info dump on them, pretend it is coming out her mouth.)

Arriving at the crossroads they find two abandon wagons. Using the imp for high combat air patrol, they spy a small squad of Dragoncians. Being very sneaky, they ambush the patrol and loot their bodies. They return back to castle for the debrief.

Note Do you want me to use the fast travel in certain locations? Or role playing walking back.

Note I just looked at close at the small map. You are either in Kansas or Forest. Each Hex is 6 miles. I will post that map. And do a print.

End of Session 393

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