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Rotten DM
Dragonlance Session 6

Something Fishy

Chapter 4

Day 44 Morning to Day 53 Morning

Brookgreen 16 Morning to Brookgreen 25 Morning

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 59 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 1

Start Time 6:18 End Time 10:50

Leveled up to 5. Take 10 downtime days. 500 GP plus whatever you found

Magic Item Your free 5th level one. Plus, your trade baits. `

I had a strong group of six. Huck L Honeyberry Rogue 1 Hexblade Warlock 4 Kender. Arthena Oath of Vengeance with Yrrin Scared Lion Steed. Juniper Honeyberry Drunken Master monk 5 kender. Professor Scribe Wizard 5 Orc. Ililar Shivrotsk half dwarf half elf Order Cleric 5. Cross Celestial Warlock 3 Divine Sorcerer 2 human with Scarlette imp.

During breakfast of the beautiful spring day of Brookgreen Vogler Vengeance Squad have messages delivered to them. The Professor has a lunch meeting with Wyhan. Bubbles um Cross and the Kender are ask by Than and Jeyev. The Knights Solamnia have a dinner date.

The lunch meeting is in a small middle-class restaurant. The maître asks them to follow her and Juniper mocks her. Only to be mocked right back in her voice. “I used to think I want to be bard.” She sassed. “A monk is a no toned bard who is handsy,” replied the maître. In the reserved robe are one white robe, three black robes, and three red robes. And only one open seat.

White robe, “Professor and a plus one. Juniper will have to sit your lap. Both of you will behave. My associate will take over.”

Wyhan in her raven feather black robe, “You not any trouble. But you are not in major trouble but you are in trouble. The Society has gotten a report from Governor Calof Miat and Marshal Vendri. It seems you cast some offensive magic in a meet and Miat asked the Black Robes to take care of you.” The Professor goes to defend himself.

Black Robe, “Was that just a suggestion of SUGGESTION” emphasizing the arcana word. “Oh, the second. Why the Black Robes allow various mundane officials to believe we are the society hit squad to take out wayward mages we are not.”

A whisper in both their ears, “But the squads do exist.” With that Professor leans forward removing Juniper from his lap. She crawls under the table and see shiny buckles. Black Robe continues, “Please tell Governor Miat that we have punished you. And the robes do remind you, governments can kill you. Please follow the laws in cities you find acceptable but their will be no cavalry to help you if you burn.”

Red Robe, “Please look around. What do you see? Yes, White Robes, Black Robes, Red robes, all MAGES who have pass the test. Not a mage fresh out of the school with less than two months experience. Wear the robe. Don’t wear the robe in public. But….” A brief scream as Juniper gets Shocking Grasp to her forehead. Black Robe, “Little one gets nasty shock. Oops.” Red Robe, “But no official robes, or designer knockoff before the test. Now enjoy your dry chicken breast and lukewarm peas.” After lunch Professor starts talking to Wyhan to trade his Driftglobe for something. The conversation with his book is not recorded.

The Kender and Cross meet with Than and Jeyev. Jeyev talks with Bubbles. “Bubbles. Glad you going to be our assistance lab animal name Bob. Bob was not a lab animal but took care of the lab animal who were rabbits. Bob lost arm when automatic rabbit cleaning cages suffered a small failure. The rabbits were cleaned too. Cleanly mashed against the ceiling. We had rabbit stew with a little pork flavoring for weeks. Now that we have gotten you into the Bubbles Bounce to top of river floatation device number. You will not float. PULL the Cord. Why am I holding the cord. YIPE.” With a strong push Bubbles um Cross is pushed off the cliffs of Kalaman and into the river Vingaard. Still holding the rip cord Jeyev follows. Halfway down the yellow life raft and personal floatation device deploys mostly. (Think Indiana Jones 2). The vest mostly keeps Cross’s head above water but Jeyev is being used a fishing lure and the two knucklehead trout are hunger. The first two strikes miss.

Meanwhile on top of cliff, Than with his Gnome Flinger and with new Retrieval section is trying to aim down stream to recover the brave lab assistant Beaker. Just as the raft vest is about to sink, Cross uses Necrotic magic to kill the two trout. But the weave warps.

Story Award Something Fishy Going on. The two undead knuckleheaded trout are stalking Cross. Dolphin Lundgren and Sarcastic Lumpsucker will raise a fishing army and hunt Cross down. (Thanks for creating the fish during the session. I allowed the two Kender players to play the fish. Then I allowed Arthena to take over and handle the gnome pop up tent version 3 while I used the rest room.)

As the Professor enters the tent city, he sees a flying tinker gnome land into a tent. About five minute later a happy Huck ride into the tent on a pogo stick (Vehicle approved) with a flour faced Juniper and wet and cross Cross who does not want to talk about what happen.

During the dinner date, Arthena is officially welcome as a Knight of the Sword and takes Greenshield’s coat of arms as her own as a legacy. Ililar takes a turtle combatant as a device. (You are both considered lieutenants around other knights. If during the adventure you come across any loose members of Solamnia you can command them. ) During the after party Ililar discovers some factions in the knighthood. Some dislike Kalaman. Some don’t believe what was reported about Vogler actually happen.

The next morning Darrett is confused does he bow or salute the knights before giving them the mission. He does both the mission is find a scout outpost and find out why it has quit reporting. Along the way, Arthena charges down a soldier of the dragon army but the barbarian dragonborn um Aurak Draconian dimensions door away. The group dogpiles the paladin until she calms down. Once she calms down, she follows the mission. Finding the outpost is difficult. And once they find it, it has been over run. At least one trooper is dead. The other is being question by Baaz Draconian. Arthena charges in. And remembers why this draconian need to dealt with at range. As she is slowly being turn to stone, the group takes out the other enemy. Rescuing the scout, he urges everyone to take notes. The Red Army has split into three. Dragon Army has split its forces to attack communities across Hinterlund and Nightlund. The army seems intent on isolating Kalaman from the Solamnic cities of Maelgoth and Palanthas in the west. The group drags into the city around eleven pm and takes a day off.

Two days later they are order to see if the approaching army is the Red Dragon Army. Getting close Huck face plants off his pogo stick. Half the army collapses in laughter. Six of the troops dog pile them while Becklin pours green paint on him. Shouting in a hoarse voice that paint does not make good rations. Cudgel reports that 58 of the company and militia have survive.

Story Award Pogo Go Go Huck is now a mascot of Cudgel’s Company.

A few days of rest, resupply and delivery of magic items and plate mail, Raven asks the group to be advance scout. The Red Dragon Army has split again and taken over an outpost just in the lands of Estwilde. Raven and Cudgel will be eight hours behind the group and set up camp in the forest one mile from the Wheelwatch outpost.

During the recon, the familiars and some members get an actual of count of 20. Horns are in each corner tower. And why are the kenders using the pogo stick to get into a tree. A few minutes later a squad of six appear near their position. They are looking for the kenders.

Professor, “You want the Kender. Over your dead body. Fireball!”

Arthena, “I thought the plan was wait until they were in fireball formation. You know close enough so we would not have to charge!”

Juniper low crawls back toward the forest because the parents are fighting again. Less than half a minute the squad is wipe out to man. And hobgoblin.

Cross, “Now what do we do. Our cover is blown!”

Huck, “And parts of it are on fire.”

DM Note we pick up next session here. No rests of any sort. You have your intelligence. The is about a mile behind you. The outpost alert status is unknown.

End of Session 395

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Rotten DM
Dragonlance Session 7

Professor’s Cunning Plan

Chapter 4

Day 53 Morning to Day 60 Noon

Brookgreen 25 Morning to Yurthgreen 4

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 87 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 3

Start Time 6:05 End Time 9:14

Story Award. Pogo Power. Huck L Honeyberry Saved a Kalaman Patrol. Word of his Heroics spread. As Reaction you can order a Kalaman soldier to attack.

Story Award Knights Don’t Die. Arthena was dead. So was Ililar. Or so Raven’s army believes.

Story Award Raven Silvered Sword. She was only mostly dead. She is now a healer sidekick.

I had an average group of four. Huck L. Honeyberry Hexblade Warlock 4 Rogue 1 Kender. Cross Celestial Warlock 3, Divine Soul Sorcerer 2 Human with Imp Scarlette. Ililar Shivrotsk half dwarf half elf Order Cleric 5 Knight of the Rose. Arthena Oath of Vengeance 5 with Yrrin Scared Lion Steed, high elf.

Juniper, “Hey the tree is burning. And the screaming has stop. You think anyone will notice.”

Professor, “I have a cunning plan. Fall back to the woods.”

The group falls back into the woods and means up with Raven, Becklin, and the Vogler first company. Arthena takes charge. The army will split into two forces. Becklin will take the south gate. Raven will follow behind the group and take the north gate. No one notices Juniper and the Professor are still falling back. (Players couldn’t make the session.)

Just before dusk they attack. The fort goes to high alert and even before bow range, the dragon army soldiers, two Baaz Dragoncians, and others man the wall. Raven’s Army starts to lose people starting out with only 51. As arrows and spell cross, Cross decides low crawling is the best option.

Scarlette the Imp dies first among the allies. A dragon army dragonnel and its flight officer attacks the Lion Knight Arthena and continues flying toward Raven. Killing Raven, they fly off. But Raven does not die. Some say one the mages stuff a potion down her throat, others disagree. But Raven wakes the next morning.

(Ha. You will now have some one to avenge. You will be the Kalaman Avengers. What do you mean you are healing a named NPC. I had a cunning plan of vengeance. Fine. Fine. See Story Award. DM Sticks his tongue out at his players.)

The Turtle Knight Ililar and Lion Knight Arthena breach the north gate. Becklin and her forces are nearly about to breach the south gate. A Sivak Dragoncian runs from the office and attacks the knights. They flank left and right and leave Huck in the darkness spell to take care of it. Arthena dashes up the north east stairs only to be javelin off her mount. Ililar dashes up the south west stairs and uses sanctuary to blow pass two soldiers.

NPC Soldier, “No so fast knight. I made my wisdom save. Nat 20 DM. I stab him in his Ass.”

Ililar, “Well that drops me.”

Becklin Troops breach the south gate and kill the NPC soldier. The other one tries to flee out the north gate. Raven troops overrun Arthena but she is mostly dead. Or is she dead. The troops take out the remaining forces. Ililar stands up and casts revivify on Arthena.

Ililar, “That is not what happen. And I cast revivify on my turtle.”

DM, “You pulled a fast one. Which I did not catch until just now. You stabilized but then hopped up and cast two revivifies. Or am I remember it wrong. If I am, I wondering what the wife put in the cupcakes.”

Cross, “No I cast healing word. And he is taking credit for my work.”

DM, “Y’all argue over in the comments.”

Two prisoners are found during the cleanup. Lanal “Not Flannel” Brint who begs to either be shot, killed, or released but please shut up Kender Elgo Duckditcher. Elgo know cousin Flannel is not right in the head as he thinks he is human, and a guard. Elgo briefly talks to Huck and swaps some black incense for the pogo stick. She leaves because it is duck season and ducks are deadly. Lanal was up a drunk and disorderly charge when the Red Army attack. He was supposed to be send to behind the lines for more questioning. But more questions can be answered in the morning.

In the morning Raven and Becklin decide to hold out with the remaining 26 troops. They create a message to send back to Kalaman for relief from the Knights Solamnia. But a messenger arrives with the following information from Darrett. Parts of Red Dragon Army seen south of Vogler. All knights and squires of Solamnia left to engage with small company of Militia. Hours after you left. I am only remaining squire here. The group leaves the outpost around noon.

About evening they intercept another messager. One message is for them. Small detachment of Red Army seen near Brushbrook River and Vingaard. Governor Miat ordered Marshall Vendri to intercept with three companies. They decide to bed down for the night. And move out in the morning. About nine in the morning, they ride up on a skirmish of Red Army versus Kalaman army patrols. With the Huck killing the final two Red Army troops, he is carried briefly on the patrol shoulders until he waves the black incense about. The patrol and group return to Kalaman.

Sgt Chairborne Bob, “Head immediately to HQ Darrett has left a message for you. Curfew is now at nightfall. Only authorized groups allow to go out.” Arriving at HQ a sealed coded message awaits. Arthena decodes as Bastard Bakaris. But Ililar decodes as Supply convoys seen just north of castle Dargaard. Rally point at Steel Springs. Speaking with Andrew the Armorer, they get more information. Lord Bakaris demanded the rest of Kalaman military ride out to attack the supply convoy. Bakaris has been doing a lot of back-room politics while they been gone. Bakaris and son are the leaders of the assault and Darrett is serving under them unwillingly. They are going to ambush the convoy at the Inkwater crossing called Steel Springs. It will take over a day to get there. The group leaves immediately pushing their horses. A bad rest in the middle of morning does not help them.

Cresting a hill, they see Steel Springs.

And we will pick this up next week.

End of Session 397.


Rotten DM
Dragonlance Session 8

Curing Curate Carries On

Chapter 4

Day 60 Noon to Day 61 Evening

Yurthgreen 4 to Yurthgreen 5

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 104 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 3

Start Time 6:00 End Time 10:40

Promote to level 6. Gain 10 down time days.

Story Award Divine Healing. Ililar and Arthena use divine healing in and out of combat. People noticed. You may get approached to do healing.

Sin of Soth. You opposed Lord Soth’s plan. He knows your name. His minions occasionally attack you with advantage.

Story Item. Tip of the Spear. You recovered a Dragonlance lance. The wood fell off but the pointed end is still good. Maybe.

Magic Items. +1 longsword. Mithral Breastplate, Kagonesti Forest Shroud, and Favor of Heroic Steed. (Two legendary Warhorses find you worthy. This charm has 2 charges. As an action you can expend 1 charge to summon a warhorse in plate AC 18. It will serve you for 24 hours. Then vanish.

Downtime Correction. Take 20 downtime days. Cross correctly pointed out in version 13 rules you get 10 days per session even if you didn’t level.

I had an average group of four. Cross Celestial Warlock 3, Divine Soul Sorcerer 2 Human with Imp Scarlette. Ililar Shivrotsk half dwarf half elf Order Cleric 5 Knight of the Rose. Arthena Oath of Vengeance 5 with Yrrin Scared Lion Steed, high elf. Professor Scribe Wizard 5 Orc.

As the group rises over the hill to Steel Springs the remains of Vogler Army is in retreat. Eight footmen are falling back toward them. Darrett and Lord Bakaris are riding doubled. A skirmish line just feet behind him and along the total of the left flank is slowly collapsing around the springs. The group charges but find the slope, kudzu, and stream are all difficult terrain. They kill a Dragon Army Cavalry man and two of foot men double up on it. Arthena takes out another member of the cavalry but their horse flees back into the battle. She flanks behind Darrett.

Ililar, “That footman just moon me. I going to kill him.”

Professor push his glasses up his nose, “Well actually, I think he was bending over to kill one of our infantry.”

Ililar, “I don’t care. Firebolt.”

Dm takes of glasses. “Okay. You do know unless you attack something in the fray it is generally just going to ignore you?”

Ililar, “I don’t care. Firebolt.”

As the group is leaving the field, with 10 rescued troops and the two main npc. Professor, “Cool Beans 12 rescues to 14 kills. We are good.”


Ililar, “He was only mostly dead. HEALING WORD FOR THE WIN.”

DM takes of glasses. (Occasionally you have to embrace the table madness.

The remains of Vogler Army make camp. Which throwing cloaks over limbs for shade, while they share their MREs. Darrett, BEEP BEEP BEEP. A few minutes later.

Darrett, “In the morning I will have reports for all you to take back to Kalaman. Take the war horses.”

Professor, “But I like my riding horse Sprinkles.”

Darrett, “YOU WILL TAKE ANY WAR HORSES YOU NEED. YOU WILL OBEY. DON’T GIVE ME THE SIDEEYE. Or Sprinkles will be dinner for the troops and I will but my number ten boot up your backside so hard, you taste what flavor of bubble gum I stepped in two weeks ago.”

Professor, “You should take better care of your foot wear. But I love War Sprinkles.”

The group laughs. Darrett, “Lord Bastard and Young Bastard fell for a trap before the scouts returned. Big Bastard is out of it and is nearly comatose. Young Bastard is MIA and I hope they keep him. I know Marshal Vendri is falling back to the town. Get some sleep. And you will be on the road by 0700.” But some could not get some sleep. The suffering called for healing. Ililar tried sneaking out healing but was caught by one his patients. Peter said he would keep quiet. But he didn’t.

Arriving around noon the next morning, the north gate is shut tight. Sgt Chairborne is heard trying to quieted down a mob. About ten minutes go by and the party starts thinking of climbing the wall, when the gate partially opens.

Sgt Chairborne, “You knights over here. About an hour ago a dozen of you Solamnia arrived. The leader was called Caradoc. Never seen him before. And his armour was not well maintained. He had a message for the governor and ordered the gates closed. We were already doing that. But I had no updates for the castle. This is unusual.”

Arriving at the castle, it is too quiet. The court yard is empty. The main door is guarded by two knights. Arthena, “Why is their armour out of date? Those are not.”

Ililar, “Those lines died out with in years of the Cataclysm. We lead. You two stay back. Hey well met. BOB? ROB?”

Bob, “Hi Ililar. You still own me 50 GP from 304 years ago. Let see 50 GP at ten percent interest compounded quarterly. Let see carry the two.

Rob, “I think the first 100 years would 973,904 GP.”

Arthena, “MATH Discussing math with two undead charge!” A few seconds later as the second undead falls, both heraldry shifts.

Professor, “I am confused. Two people four sets of armour. And I wanted to use fireball on them but you were in the way.”

Arthena, “Sigh. The undead used disguise self on their victims. The arrogant used their own coat of arms but when we kill them, the real coat of arms returned…”

“Hey undead could be ahead of us. Charge!” yells Professor. As they enter the council chamber seven members of the council including Governor Miat is dead. Caradoc greets them. After an invitation to a beach party and kegger at Dargaard Keep. The group attacks. During the attack the Professor lets go with a fireball which hits Caradoc and the two healers. When Caradoc drops, Durstan is released from his possession. Professor tries to attack him but is grabbed by the ankle and body slammed to the floor. When the healers, Durstan, and Professor are arguing, Scarlette points out a blood trail leading to the next room.

Leedara from Greenshield wake, “Fools. He has entered the vault. Follow me.” The group keeps arguing but Cross follows. But he loses Leedara a turn. He enters the vault and the rest catch up with him. As they explore the vault explodes in purple flames, and they start see the story of Soth. Arriving at the main chamber they encounter Sarlamir.

Sarlamir, “Sarlamir the name. Soth is playing games. Kicking you butts I am game. But the game is afoot in the Northern Wastes and the City of Lost Names.” The group wins but as he dies again, “Knights of new, requisition from knights of old. Don’t forget the old stick. And to all a good knight.” As the group leaves, various of the knight corpses offer the group items. They climb the chamber back into the castle.

End of Session 399.


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Rotten DM
I you look at the picture with the pawns and tokens, this is why they kept attacking for no reason. I threw some extra white tokens on the board just to represent dragon army troops. The party still attacked them even after I said they didn't have too. And would activate if fired upon. But this session they gave me some great role play feed back I could use to pad out the write up.


Rotten DM
Dragonlance Session 9

Chapter 5

Day 61 Evening to Day 71 Morning

Yurthgreen 5 to Yurthgreen 15

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 123 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 3

Start Time 6:10 End Time 9:45

Magic Item Habbakuk’s Blessing Supernatural Gift (Charm)

Habbakuk blesses your travels through the Northern Wastes. This charm grants you advantage on Wisdom (Survival) checks made to notice the Wash’s waters filling chasms.

Additionally, while traveling, you and up to 5 other creatures with you ignore difficult terrain outdoors in the Northern Wastes, allowing you to move at double the pace listed on the Northern Wastes Land Travel table. 4 hexes per day. Useable once and active for 24 hours so you may want to only have one active at a time.

I had a strong group of six. Ililar Shivalik Order Cleric 6 Half dwarf half cleric. Cross Celestial Warlock 3 Divine Sorcerer 3 with imp Scarlette Human. Huck L. Honeyberry Hexblade Warlock 4 Rogue 2 kender. Arthena Oath Vengeance Paladin Knight Solamnia high elf Yrrin Lion Mount. Professor Orc Scribe Wizard 6. Juniper Honeyberry Drunken Monk Kender 6.

Darrett really did not believe that undead knights of Solamnia attacked the castle until he was taken for a tour of the crypts. The City of the Lost Names was a fable or was it. He gave the group five days of R&R. The group during the morning would research the northern waste, Lord Soth, and the City of the lost names. The mages had other things to do. The scrolls wanted them to visit Wyhan. She gave each of them different jobs and to report back to her in 3 days at 4:30 in the afternoon. Huck had to get seven herbs and spices. Professor six roasted chickens. Cross two fresh knucklehead trout.

Enlisting the aid of the tinker gnomes Than and Jeyev was mistake as their net flinger did not need ballast but bait ballast. His remember he couldn’t swim just one second after launch. The bottom of the fish net slowly sank to bottom. He was slowly push upright but suddenly felt two nibbles at his feed. Dolphin Lundgren and Sarcastic Lumpsucker undead knucklehead trout are about to dine on Bubbles um Cross. But Cross gets cross cast scorching ray which blinds them. He then pumps them full of necrotic damage. (Suddenly 1E Rules break into the weave and story.) The Undead Knucklehead trout are healed and they multiply. There are now ten of them. (Undead Knucklehead Trout. Same stats but Necrotic damage heals them. Radiant damage is double. Undead Fortitude. When ever Cross enters the water or is on the water 1 in 20 chance of the school showing up. When Cross gets tired of the joke, the school is out.) Cross jumps on the top of net and pumps radiant damage into the water dismissing the school of fish. But the net does haul in thirty trout.

All three mages arrive on time. The meal is attended by Wyhan as a black robe, the red robe and white robe don’t give their names. Wyhan thanks the mages for providing supper and gives them a seal (DAMMIT HUCK I SAID SEALED.) scrolls from the Head Mage Par-Salian. They are now official red robes and their tests have been put off to later. Like after the Red Dragon Army is defeated. The mages mention they are going to ground (no not like plants Juniper how did she get in here. One ejected kender later.) Wyhan will be the only mage staying in town. Lord Bakaris is bad talking the party, so beware.

Two days later Marshal Vendri calls the meeting. She lets Lord Bakaris rant for a minute. He is blaming them for the lost of his son and the failure of the army. She then ejects him from the council.

Marshal Vendri, “Lord Bastard and Younger Bastard would be greater help if they join the Red Dragon Army. I am giving Darrett two ships. The remainder of Cudgel’s Company and Vogler Army. I have recalled Raven from the outpost. The Vogler army will make land fall near Wrecker’s Edge as the dragon army controls the area north of the river from Anglerend to the west. You will be his scouts and due to the terrain horses will not be a help. Go luck you leave with the morning tide.”

(DM NOTE random d20 for encounter per day. On a 1 flash flood or when the DM wants to. Then follow the chart. And after seeing how Cross rolls. He will be rolling the random encounters.)

Later the next day a row boat is lowered for the group, and Professor rolls to shore at an old smuggler hide out. The pier is in good shape and it is deep enough for both ships. But a strange ship is being guarded by a two air elementals. The Professor’s hawk tries to get close but disappears when punched for 20+ damage.

Arthena, “That is a home ship. Make for shore. Make for shore Now!” Realizing she is speaking in elven she switches to Common. As she leaps for shore, Dalmar a Silvanesti elf appears on deck.

Dalamar, “Girl Cousin. Why are you with Kalaman troops. A knight Solamnia? I have questions and you have questions. Let’s us talk and I will need to tell my stuck-up boss about these developments.” The group agrees to follow him to the Elf Camp two days away.

Dalamar participated in the ill-fated defense of Silvanesti against the Dragon Armies. His desperate actions were part of the reason he and the other mages were sent to the Northern Wastes. Despite resenting his people’s small-minded decisions, he sees this mission as a chance to prove himself and potentially strike back against the Dragon Armies. Dalamar studied pre-Cataclysm magic long before being sent here, and he believes something of magical value might be hidden in the region. He wants to find it swiftly, return to his people, and continue working toward joining the Mages of High Sorcery. Dalamar is surveying the coast for ancient ruins. He knowns there are none here, but his leader, Zhelsuel, wants him to search thoroughly anyway.

Once a beautiful woodland nation with sculpted trees and towering spires, the elven land of Silvanesti lies in ruins after being invaded by the Dragon Armies. The elves struggled to defend their homeland and were ultimately forced to retreat to the island of Southern Ergoth to seek a new home.

The elves here in the Northern Wastes were among the defenders of Silvanesti. When they failed to protect their homeland, they were sent on an expedition to the wastes following centuries-old legends of Silvanesti magic lost in the region. They hope recovering such magic might help them save their homeland and redeem themselves in the eyes of their people.

Zhelsuel, a once-respected member of House Mystic—an elven clan known for magical prowess—is reaching a venerable age even by elven standards. He’s keenly aware this expedition is a fool’s errand analogous to exile, and he believes his homeland is lost to him forever. But if he must spend the rest of his days in this bleak expanse, he’s determined to spend them as an exemplar of thoroughness and scholarship. He drives his subordinates to catalog every foot of the Northern Wastes in search of the barest scrap of Silvanesti magic.

Ignoring orders from Zhelsuel, Dalamar agrees to share information. (I have a punched-out map if you want me to transfer the locations to your map show up early next week. I am also including the letter so I can find the encounter faster.) C is the Blue Phoenix Shrine a sea god. D is the Sunward Fortress. E is Wakenreth an elf Mausoleum. The group decides to check out the sea god shire first. Along the way they fight giant scorpions, avoid and attack some dragon army patrols.

The Blue Phoenix Shrine is guarded by some sea elves. But their priest Stargazer will let them enter if they are respectful and agree to rescue some sea elves from, I Camp Carrionclay and their leader Yearkal from D the Sunward Fortress. Entering the shire most of the group is respect but Stargazer thinks Juniper cannonballing into the holy tub was a bit much. In each room, Stargazer says multiple prayers and the group do their best. After four rooms of praying and nothing interesting Juniper gets bored and notices a secret door. She wanders off into the offering chamber.

In the offering chamber the well is deep and has a oily sheen to it. She pokes the oil with her hoopak it starts dissolving and is yanked from her hands. The group notices Juniper is missing and the secret door is open. They hear an “Oh Cool Beans” echoing from the stairs. Climbing the stairs, they find Juniper trying to hide.

Stargazer, “Little one hiding in the corner and saying the oil can’t see me does not make you hidden. Let me recite one more prayer.” He goes over to the living acid pool and starts a prayer and pours 2,000 GP worth of pearls into the acid. Mouths gape open and various words which are nearly profane are said. But at the end of the prayer everyone receives Habbakuk’s Blessing.

The group breaks bread with the other sea elves and will decide where to go and what to report in in the morning.

End of session 401.


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Rotten DM
Cross has pointed out that the Sidekicks have issues but we are going to let them stand. He also rolled an encounter per day. After 3 encounters I just advanced to the next written encounter.


Rotten DM
Dragonlance Session 10

Chapter 5 Egging on Trouble

Day 71 Morning to Day 72 Morning

Yurthgreen 15 to Yurthgreen 16

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 138 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 3

Start Time 6:30 End Time 10:11

GP 150 each

Magic Item +1 wand of the war mage

I had a strong group of six. Ililar Shivalik Order Cleric 6 Half dwarf half cleric. Cross Celestial Warlock 3 Divine Sorcerer 3 with imp Scarlette Human. Huck L. Honeyberry Hexblade Warlock 4 Rogue 2 kender. Arthena Oath Vengeance Paladin Knight Solamnia high elf Yrrin Lion Mount. Professor Orc Scribe Wizard 6. Juniper Honeyberry Drunken Monk Kender 6.

Juniper used Habbakuk’s Blessing to help the adventurers get to the Spires of Dawn and the Sunward Fortress. Except for the merrows which wanted to use the little girl kender as minnow bait the walk to the site was uneventful. The site appeared to be an empty archelogy dig.

Sending the hawk and imp familiar they discover it was a Red Dragon army site and that the DM can’t decide if familiars can read or not. Arriving at camp it confirmed the Red Army pack out quickly two days ago. Juniper getting bored hops through the hole to the crypt entrance. But it is not a crypt but a shire to Sirrion.

Sirrion Passionate and impulsive, Sirrion is the god of alchemy, transformation, serendipitous creation, and flames. He embodies momentary excitement, flaring quickly into fiery passion and smoldering long afterward. Sirrion’s followers embrace extremes of emotion as forms of divine expression. Professor activates the shire by lighting the candles. And no one really cares about the red fluid dripping from the altar until the imp Scarlette starts lapping it up like a cat.

Scarlette, “Hey boss. I can breathe FIRE! Burp. Rats. It turned off. These shire shrine moon shine things don’t generally reactive right away. “

Being bored again Juniper finds the old dorm which has not been used in 300 years. But while most of the dirt and dust has been removed. This placed was not searched by the other temple looters. She does find a sparkly, a 150-gp pearl. ( Note I will place Loot at the bottom. It does not duplicate. Feel free to take what you want.)

The second level is only lighted by the party’s drift globes and dark vision. Lots and lots of boxes are present in the center chamber. Some prisoners in a room to the right. And only four frog light kapak draconian. Which strangely hop over parts of the party to get to others. All but Ililar are tagged during combat. After combat is over Huck talks with prisoners.

Yearkal, “Oh my gawd. We are saved. By a freaking Kender?” The acolyte reports she was taken captive a month ago with the human scout Rone who is sick now. She, Rona, and Kapak were diggers at the site and uncovered a 7 cm by 6 cm by 5 cm by 4 cm by 2 cm by 1 cm. (By let see if the dm can find the real size) red stone. Virruza a magic using draconian learn the stone could transform people into draconians. Arthena uses locate object to find out the stone is below them.

Cross discovers Rone has a parasite growing in his chest but a lesser restoration gets rid of it. The group with the two NPCs following up in the rear decide to explore deeper. Entering the final level, the npcs are killed by a fireball. But the dm finds out his mistake before the end of the round and reverses himself.

Virruza has morphed into a Green Slaad, and others of his remaining crew are Red Slaad, and tadpoles. Virruza sets the two bridges on fire to protect his 9 foot long orange gem. Arthena summons her lion and leaps the chasm. The rest of group fight on the top side of the map while Arthena takes care of Virruza. She leaps back after taking some damage and the group does suck a fireball. The bridges fall so the pop shots and cantrips got back and forth until Virruza dies.

Arthena and Juniper mount up again on the lion and leap across the chasm again. Arthena decides to dismount and has her lion charge the gem.

“Weee,” Juniper, “FASTER KITTY.” A thud is heard as kender forgets to hold on and smacks face first into the gem. The gem weights a ton has AC 12 HP 100 with a threshold of 15. (Quick DM conference). Since they can’t destroy the gem, they loot the chamber. Reports from Virruza to Belephaion mention the spawning stone. And the fact it gives anyone who touches it the CHAOS PLAGUE.

As the group exits the shire, they decide to bury the entrance and contact Darrett. During this time Cross casts 4 lesser restorations curing everyone but himself. He will take care of that in the morning. Using the Far speaker, Darrett agrees to move the army to the fortress and destroy the stone.

DM NOTE. Juniper is still affected by the Chaos Plague. This will trigger at noon the next day. Everyone who was tagged by melee by a Slaad may have a parasite but Cross has this covered.

I do need to know which direction you are going to go. Take the sea elf back to the shine. Take the scout to the army. Or elsewhere. Other questions put them into the chat as it was after 10 and we had no more brain cells. You move 4 or 5 hexes per day with the blessing.

Loot 3 bullseyes lanterns. 6 flasks oil. 100 feet hempen rope. 4 vials of Acid. 3 mason tools sets. 2 sets of manacles.

End of session 403


Rotten DM
Dragonlance Session 11

Chapter 5 A Horse with No Name

But a City with a Name

Day 72 Morning to Day 79 Noon

Yurthgreen 16 to Yurthgreen 24

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 158 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 3

Start Time 6:40 End Time 10:50

Advance to level 7, 10 downtime days, 3,400 GP

Magic Item +1 Cloak of Protection, +1 Dancing sword.

Story Award. City Folk. You met the Silvanesti Elf Jentida. She and her sister (Tendaria) were part of a delegation to the Istarian city Onyari. The City of Lost Names is Onyari. If you mention Onyari to old farts it may help.

Story Award. Tale of Two Cities. Dalamar using the ley lines has discovered two possible locations of Onyari. It could be near the Cliffs That Drink, or Giant’s Spine. (Note reworking some stuff to make story sense.) Dalmar will accompany you.

Story Award Dead Folk Tale Tales. Huck L. Honeyberry. You borrowed the wrong silver pieces. Any elf undead you come across has a 1 on a d6 to know you were naughty.

I had an average group of five. Huck L Honeyberry Hexblade Warlock 4 Rogue 2 kender. Professor Scribes Wizard 6 Orc. Cross Celestial warlock 3 Divine Sorcerer 3 Human Scarlette imp. Juniper Huckleberry Drunken Master 6 Kender. Arthena Oath of Vengeance Knight of Solamnia Order of Protection 6 High elf with Lion mount. (Note even with only five pcs, the group appear strong. I may start treating you as such.)

The group contacts Darrett about the gem and ask the army to swing toward the Blue Shrine to pick up Rona. On the way back to the shine Juniper falls into a coma due to the Chaos Plague. But with help from the shrine’s priest Ishvern Stargazer, Cross decides to cast Lesser Restoration to cure the plague. Yearkal is happy to be among her fellow Sea Elf clan. A quick march the next day gets Rona dropped off with army. The group travels north to Stormstep and the Wakenreth tower.

However, the wild life and Red Dragon Army are tracking them. They were able to ambush a foot patrol but the next day Juniper nearly dies from an air patrol using the fly by attack. (Note I am going to start using mounted combat tactics for air patrol. Aka I am stealing Arthena’s tactics.)

Arriving a Wakenreth, Huck exclaims, “Why is the tower mostly floating? How com I see into the tower? Why is the door spinning? Oh, I am spinning. Doors normally don’t spin. Why is that statue look angry at me. I didn’t do nothing yet.”

Elf Mojo has kept the tower together somehow. The tower looks like it has been stopped in time as it disintegrated. The first floor is light by continual light (Flames. It is now continual flames spell DM.) Arthena notices the tower guardian. It is a death guardian which protects the crypts of Silvanesti burial sites. The custom is to leave a silver piece when you visit your beloved dead. All but Huck leave a silver piece. He drops a gold piece.

Arthena, “Drop them!” as she sees Huck picking up nine silver pieces.

Huck, “I just making change. Really it not like the dead need the money for ice cream. I would really like it if we had ice cream. Chocolate ice cream. Watermelon Ice Cream. Vanilla Ice Cream. I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream.” He drops the silver from his right hand but continues to make change with his left. “Who going to go up the stair first?”

Professor flexes, “I will go first because I the biggest.”

Arthena, “No this tower if my people I will go first.”

Huck, “Mom and Dad are fighting again!”

Juniper, “Good. EXPLORING INTO THE GREAT UNKNOWN. Hey get you mutts off me. Did you have a mutt when you were a child Professor?” While the Professor is tucking Huck under one arm, Arthena takes the lead. Arriving on the second story, three crypts await them. One in the center is broke open the body of a White Mage of High Sorcery is exposed. Strangely the cloak is clean. Professor starts to drool. Juniper tickles him to get him to drop him. As Huck starts toward the open crypt three wraiths arise from their rest.

Wraiths, “THEIF. THEIF. THIEF. STEALING FROM THE DEAD. DIDN’T YOUR MOMMA TEACH YOU BETTER.” Huck gets his face slapped but duck the two other blows. (RATS no instant specter.) Cross leaps in front of the kender, “Ladies gentleman, the kender is just stupid. He will NOW GO BACK DOWNSTAIRS and return the change?”

One wraith starts back toward Huck, “Jentida. Wait. Go upstairs and calm down.” Orders the older wraith. The two wraiths confer.

Wraith 1, “We should kill him he stole from our sacred dead? We can then flee from the living wrath.”

Wraith 2, “ Do you want to be living your undead after life for eternity with an undead Kender Specter. We could never get rid of him. We could throw him from the tower and he would still return. Can you see us is five years. A Disney Haunted Tower attraction? Come see the falling Kender Ghost. Shows at 10 AM 12 Noon 2 PM 4 PM. With midnight shows on the fourth of July and Christmas?”

Wraith 1, “I don’t know which is more horrifying. A Kender Specter or being a Disney Attraction!”

Wraith 2, “We give the stupid kender leave to go back down the stairs and return the silver pieces he stole. And not touch anything else downstairs.” Huck is about to make a smart aleck comment but common sense kicks in as most of the party would help him become dead if he didn’t behave.

The Professor tries to talk the wraiths out of the cloak but is told it belongs to Jentida who just went upstairs. The group scrambles over the destroyed pulling Juniper back in as she starts using a part of the floating wall as a merry go round. Arriving on the third floor, Jentida the wraith is trying to pick up sword. But she keeps failing.

Huck, “Let me help you.” He sets himself just right so it looks like the sword is being picked up by the wraith. Jentida is confused. Arthena talks with Jentida while being interrupted by the whole group. Jentida has to be convinced that she is dead. Jentida was part of the honor guard to a delegation to Onyari. She thinks Arthena is a kid who was suppose to be part of the supply train. Tendaria a diplomat is not in the tower and when missing from the delegation. The tower had a portal on the floor above which could port to Onyari. She tasks Arthena to find her sister in Onyari and gives her blessing for Arthena to take the sword and cloak. Before she fades away, she said, “Give the kender a good smack on the bottom as necessary.”

Arriving on the final floor the portal is mostly active. Five dragon carving can be shifted to a dial in a location. Juniper dials in a location.

Juniper, “I did not order the ghost of Christmas Past. I want the city. Or Candy land. I like candy. Especially the black licorice daddy Professor gives me. It makes my heart race. I think the ghost wants to talk to mom and dad. He is look cross at me. Not cross that Cross but cross like angry.”

The Ghost Veriel, “Speaking of cross. Time for you to cross over. Welcome to the other side. Welcome to the other side. Welcome to the Shadowfell. Now. Why are you trying to dial the blue box number. That number been disconnected since the sixth doctor. If you are trying to dial for Onyari. Just.”

Interrupting the Professor, “Parent meeting Arthena we have to talk about the kids.” He moves away, the kender follow. “Alright Time out. Time out. Get behind.” He raises is left arm to point.

Juniper, “You mean time out behind the ghost Veriel who brought us here?”

Huck, “Or time out behind the undead werewolf who just bit your arm off?” A few rounds of combat with lots of smites later the wolf is dead and Veriel gives the code to the city. However, the code does not work, but does closes the portal to the Shadowfell. As they are leaving the tower Dalamar just happens to show up. He asks for two days of study to study the ley lines. After two days he comes up with two possible locations of the City of Lost Names. Cliffs That Drink. Giant’s Spine. The group chooses the Cliffs That Drink. Around noon of Day 79 they spy the cliffs.

Darrett Army is two hexes west of the Spires of Dawn and has destroyed the gem.

I need to know where you going after the Cliffs that Drink. Camp Carrionclay to rescue the other elves which is north of Sky’s Tears. Giant’s Spine. Or any other location on the map.

End of Session 405


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