Just drop the backgrounds.


I feel like, without the unifying theme of a background, this assortment of free choices will tend towards oatmeal, especially the choice of feat. The published feats aren't very flavorful as representations of a character's life experience and are a poor substitute for background features, IMO.
then I guess they will have to make all feats be worth equally and be worth losing +2 to primary ability.
also skills.

yes, hard work...

also, all feats could be expression of characters origins;

Fey touched/shadow touched are self explanatory, same as Telekinetic/Telepathic. An innate ability born with.
Sharpshooter could be and English archer that was trained in longbow since being 10 years old.
Magic adept could be someone that hang around spellcasters all his puberty or a spellcaster that really went that extra mile in learning.
PAM could be a Spartan that trained in formation fighting since he was a kid.
Lucky is just stupid and should be deleted.
Mobile could be a tribesman just trained for delivering messages as a kid.
All racial feats could be just inborn abilities that some members of that specific race are born with.

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