Just got the WotC 2008 Summer Catalog

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Uzzy said:
Also.. More Drizzt? FFS. How many different ways do WoTC have to package that guy.

As long as people keep buying it, they'll find ways to cash in.

Hopefully this new book isn't a "guide to previously published art & excerpts from books you've already read". That would be more than a little shameless.


Retired game store owner
klobbermeister said:
So, I followed all the links and found this:


Any word in the catalog about this one? What makes it Deluxe, beside the 100% price hike? :)
No, the catalog only covers May through August, and this is scheduled for October (according to Amazon.)
As others have said, "deluxe" probably means "leatherbound" gild-edged and a ribbon, just as the deluxe 3.5 core books were.

JoeGKushner said:
If it uses the tactical style, it'll present the basic info in one side and the 'combat' info on another side.

Takes up quite a bit of space.

But with the reduced stat blocks...
Don't forget that H1 will include a lot of rules, as it's kind of a preview. That in itself will take up many pages, probably leaving the adventure 'normal sized'.

Edit: beaten by mhensley. Read the thread before answering, read the thread before answering.....

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