Kalanyr Defeats Frigid Spleen



No Sash Interference
I forfeit the insult round

I'm on from 10 am- 3 pm GMT
And then from 11pm to around 3 pm at intervals tomorrow.

IC: Kalanyr walks forward keeping his hood down looking for a foe worthy of him. Coming to the top of a peak Kalanyr shouts "Come forth ye who desire to challenge me, If you are a villain I will teach thee a lesson, If thou art a Yellow Belt or a White Belt you will make good practice in my quest to rid this place of evil. "
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First Post
I declare this a two flag match.
The panther moves with the delta; conceals the quickening of the fire while the spider severs the prairie; avoids the onslaught of the dark sunbeam! *yen*
Frigid Spleen kicks the wall.
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The roaring panther fiercely cuts the canyon; dodges the speed of the weapon as it silences the energy of the ki!

Puzzzled by his opponents strange fighting style
Kalanyr nevertheless easily dodges his foes attacks since they are in his style and leaps forward like a panther striking at his opponent hoping to gash him and silence his ki!
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three black crows flutter down next to the combatants.

Two of them hop over to Kalanyr's side.

ROUND 1: Point to Kalanyr, 2 flag Kalanyr, 2 flags neutral

EDIT: Signature style!
The last crow begins to cackle, and suddenly a stream of human language comes out of her mouth:
The ancient masters have decreed this match to take place at the groto west of the Obsidian Tower on the day of the dagger.
finally, the crow coughs and spits out a single yen at Kalanyr's feet.

OOC: I don't know when I'm on today, but when I am, I'm happy to judge :)
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Well that was a short pointless match :)

Congragulations Kalanyr on a green belt

Berandor - why not give him the sig style of fang or claw? - it fits in with panther


Thanks Wicht.

I'll take a second sig style.

(I was hoping to get to red belt but looks like that will have to wait till after the reset)


...well, figures.

At first, I didn't see that Kalanyr had used panther style, too - when I noticed it, I had one flag neutral in mind, and changed the whole text :)

Ah, well.

Kalanyr: Frigid Spleen was clearly no opponent for you. You have easily overcome this newest opponent. As the short fight did not give you the opportunity to define a new style, you must rely on your excellence in the panther style; you have pushed your ability in this style so far, that you have managed to pounce upon your opponent like a pnther does. You now possess the signature style of CLAW, as well.
You are now a green belt 0.

Frigid Spleen: A stranger in a strange land, you have quickly learned to fear the masters of combat here. For now, this lesson shall remain with you, but only as a reminder.
Your chance to become a yellow belt will come back... next time.
You are still a white belt 0, albeit with a record of 0-1.


Welcome to Fight Club, Frigid Spleen

Meant to say this earlier: Welcome Frigid Spleen and better luck in your next fight!

Thanks for the quick correction Berandor. We all make mistakes.

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