D&D General Kobold Press Minis from Effincool Miniatures!

Check out the Kickstarter running now by Effincool Miniatures!
They are producing an entire new line of high quality plastic minis of creatures from off of the Kobold Press monster books (Tome of Beasts 1, 2, & 3 plus Creature Codex!)

Kobold Press Monster Minis from Effincool Miniatures

Check out just a few of the sculpts!!


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If you play non-PHB races it looks like it has bearfolk, ravenfolk, and more that get released like turtle and dragon in the Kickstarter. I also seen where they have had other Kicks and looks like they went off.

For the curious, here's a quick snap of the swolbold in plastic.

The detail is amazing!!

You can see the swolbold being painted in real time:

Pretty AWESOME news!
From the latest updates:

The manufacturer of our plastic injection machine is a company based in Spain. Yesterday they announced that they are a few weeks away from having a fully stocked United States warehouse. Until now we have had to order materials from Spain. This has greatly increased the costs of our molding material as well as the raw plastic for the machine due to everything having to be imported. The preliminary pricing guide that they have given us for US purchasing has greatly lowered our previous molding costs as well as taken a bit off of the raw plastic price.

So what does this mean?
We have unlocked ALL of the other Stretch Goals that are based on molding pieces for plastic injection. 13 more minis have been instantly added into the pool of available Ala Carte miniatures as well as the ALL IN pledge is now 93 miniatures with more huge and medium sized miniatures included!

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