Kulan: Knightfall's Crisis in Bluffside Game [IC]

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Tim nods, in knowing sympathy. "Aye, I've been in your place, lad. I still am, in a sense. I was a noble, by birthright, although illegitimate. My mother, a noblewoman, wife to the king's royal architect, was captured in a raid, and held captive by an Ogre Chieftain named Morgrath (as his "special prize") for 14 years. When I helped my mother escape, and returned her to her husband, he adopted me as his legitimate son, although I will never hold the title that my (younger) brothers do. My stepfather, more out of a sense of decorum, rather than any genuine affection for me, decided that I would not fit in among genteel society, and that I would be happier in a setting where my strength would serve me to good use. So he paid for 3 years of instruction, in the areas of reading and writing (a good soldier must be able to receive and understand written orders), ettiquette, horseback riding, and heraldry. Then he purchased a 4-year officer's commission for me in the ranks of the Knights of the Scarlet Cross, the lowest of three orders of knighthood, whose members were not required to be of noble birth. This career was decided for me, and implemented without my consent, nor was the option of consenting or dissenting ever implied. My fate was decided by my betters. It was as simple as that. My interest in architecture was never relevant to their thinking.

So, my point is, don't let the loss of your Page position rattle you. You said "we" decided, so I assume that you had a say in the giving up of your post. If so, you are luckier than so many others. So many people never get to have a say. Sometimes, fate does not allow you the option of having a choice.

I did the best I could with the hand that I was dealt. I exceeded everyone's expectations. I have a feeling that you will do the same. I sense the kindred spirit of determination between you and I.

As for your temple, speak with them when you can, but trust the will of Tyche above all else. It will give you comfort, and it will set your paths straight. Since coming here, to this world, I have been truly alone, in the spiritual sense; but my faith in Syvatagor has not wavered, and I can feel his smile upon me, even now. That matters more to me than the word of any priest, even the word of someone high-up and well-trusted, like Brother Duncan, or Brother Kerl. A priest is supposed to gather the flock, and preach to it. Protect it. Lead it home when it wanders. But the relationship between you and your goddess goes beyond that, and it matters far more that you follow the word of Tyche, rather than the word of one of her priests."
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth



World of Kulan DM
They stood in the half-empty room. He looked at an old framed map of Ticinum that hung over the small fireplace. It was one of his favorite pieces of 'art'. "Can I take that as a souvenir? I'll return it when I come back....
Amphion looks as though he's going to shake his head 'no', but then he smiles and nods.

TaranTheWanderer said:
Vitus took the letter, a bit confused but nodded in appreciation and then, unexpectedly, wrapped his arms around Amphion in a bear hug. "Maybe I'll see you around at the Market or something." He waived, and half-smiled then turned his back on the embassy.
The half-satyr is surprised by Vitus' hug. He hadn't expected the youngster to do it. He is a bit embarrassed by Vitus' shoe of affection. He tries to remain stoic as Vitus leaves but he waves back.

Akos dislikes the priest almost immediately. You don't behave like your power is yours in any way and while he can understand taking money for powerful spells, that should also come with the understanding that it is the power of gods that flows through the priest and his personal feelings should give way to dignity.

The show only angers the volatile loremaster more. But he cannot (yet, he reminds himself) perform such miracles himself and he isn't about to offend the powerful priest of another faith. He waits impatiently as the man finishes his performance.

Smiling at the first words of the brave captain he nods
"We did, indeed, win. And spectacularly at that. But as always, more work awaits. Welcome back."
"I'm glad to hear it," the captain says in a hoarse voice. He tries to sit up but only rises from the dais with Oakfirst's help.

The lord commander steadies him to a sitting position and hands the man a waterskin. "Easy Valentine, you need to take it slow."

The captain takes the waterskin and drink down the entire container. He sits for several minutes and looks at the Exemplars and the other guards arrayed around him. "I'm glad to see you all." Then he notices lady Pomander. "Mi 'lady!" He tries to stand and salute.

"None of that, right now," she insists. "Reginald is right, you must rest. I order you to rest!"

"Yes Mi'lady," Camburn nods. "I feel like I could sleep for a week."

"Unfortunately, you won't have that much time," Oakfirst says.

TaranTheWanderer said:
"I'm Vitus Paccionne. I am the former Puer of Praefectus Casca of the Ticinum delegacy." Vitus' use of the past tense when mentioning his title is not lost on the Exemplars. Only a few hour earlier, he was inviting them to the Embassy. "I was nearby and I felt it was my duty, as a cleric of Tyche, to help in any way I could."
Vitus waits and watches until the captain is brought back from the Beyond before introducing himself.

Tim's right eyebrow arches upwards in curiosity, "Former? Has something happened, my good lad?"
Vitus didn't want to talk about it but he was a bad liar. Fortunately, he was not a bad diplomat. He spoke loud enough to address all present,

"We felt that, in order to do my duties as a Priest that it would be easier if my duties as a Page did not interfere. Ticinum, is very concerned about the recent attacks and decided that they could better serve the city if people understood that I was not working on their behalf or for some other agenda. I will note that I am, currently, not working on the orders of my Temple either. I haven't had an opportunity to inform them yet. I'm currently acting of my own accord and on my understanding of the will of my Goddess."
Lord Commander Oakfirst listens intently as the young man introduces himself. His demeanour is calm as Vitus tells them why he has left Lord Casca's service. The head guard of all the guards of Bluffside nods silently just as Tim begins to introduce himself and tell the young Ticin his story. The commander smirks. It's a good story.

"Ticinum's loss is Tyche's gain, young man," Oakfirst finally says. "Bluffside is glad to have your help. And, it seems, you are already known to the Exemplars."

"He saved my life," Vincenzo says.

"Did he now?" The commander says with a smile. "Well then, Bluffside owes him a great debt, both you and the Wizard Council."

Oakfirst glances towards Falen. "Perhaps Mr. Falen and Sectarian d'Lucio will sponsor you to become one of the Exemplar Knights."

"You're really going to disband the Regulars?" Ela asks. "Even after the troubles at the barracks?"

"No," Oakfirst looks towards Lady Pomander. "The Five are completely against the idea, but they have given their approval for the creation of the order of knights.

"There will be a complete review of the Regulars... and Elites by the lord commander, however" Lady Pomander says. "In truth, it began some time ago. Even before the Renegade became a problem." She sighs and looks at the chapel's ceiling. "I've been pushing for the review of the Regulars since I helped create the Dark Lanterns."

"That, I did not know," Ela says. She is shocked by the revelation.

"Very few know of my connection to the Lanterns," Lady Pomander says. "As part of the agreement for the creation of the Exemplar Knights, I had to agree to hand over full leadership of the Lanterns to Lord Commander Roose Simonis. And, the Lanterns must become a more visible presence to the people. While they will continue to work from the shadows at night, they must be more visible during the light of day."

"That's going to be hard for a lot of them to accept," Custodio notes. "One in particular."

"I've already sent word to Terger," Lady Pomander says. "And to Simonis." She sighs again and shake her head. "If he agrees, The Five have asked, as part of the agreement, that he withdraw his brother's name as a candidate for the open seat among The Five."

"What happens if he doesn't agree?" Camburn asks.

"Let's hope he does agree," the lady replies. "If not, well, I don't want to think about it."

"Also, as part of this agreement, I will no longer be the commander of the Regulars," Oakfirst adds. "I will retain complete control over the Elites and have oversight over the Exemplar Knights, but it will be you who leads them."

The commander looks at each one of you. "At this moment, you no longer temporary Elites," he says loudly for all to hear. "I offer you a place as Captains of the new order of Exemplar Knights. While I cannot force you accept, I hope that you all will accept. If not, I will not take your group's name from you. The knights will be given a different name." He looks at Tim. "If some of you accept and the others do not, then we will have to decide how best to handle it."

"I wish I could offer you a place in the Lanterns," Lady Pomander says to Falen and Tuck. "But it is not my choice to make anymore. Even if Lord Commander Simonis rejects The Fives' offer, I have promised to sever my ties to it. There is no going back. I have given my word."

"The Exem-... the new knightly order will be run out of my old childhood home. I tried to convince The Five to allow Stormgrove Manor to be the headquarters, but Lord Blander objected strongly to choosing the residence of a Lantern and your current residence in Old City for the location. Stormgrove is still yours, Sir Tymbeck, as per Terger's wishes, but if you all accept my offer, then it cannot be where official Exemplar business is conducted."

"What about Custodio?" Camburn asks. "He's become quite popular among the Elites, well, the rank and file, at least."

"He's been dismissed as an Elite and has already agreed to be come a Lieutenant in the new order," Lady Pomander replies. "There will be many Elites who wish to follow his lead, I think."

The lady moves to Camburn and puts her hands on his shoulders. "You have been chosen to become a commander within the Elites. Or, if you wish, lord commander of the Regulars."

"But, I was hoping for an early retirement," he says, his eyes wide. "I was hoping to teach full time."

"The people love you too much," she replies. "It's either this or you accept a nomination to become one of The Five."

"No, no, anything but that! I- I'm no politician... Fine, I accept. But not the Regulars! Let someone else be their lord commander."

"Very well," she hugs the man.

Oakfirst looks towards each of you, again, "What say you? Do you accept?"

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Race: Human
HP: 52/52
20; FF:17 T:14

[]Cure Minor; [X] Detect Magic; []
Detect Poison; [] [] Light; [] Mending
Will: +11
Refl: +5
Initiative: +3
Melee: +7/+2 (+1)
1st [6+1](DC16) [ ]Bless; [ ] Command; [ ]Comprehend Languages; [ ]Endure Elements [ ] Sanctuary; [] Lesser Vigor
2nd[5+1](DC17) [x]Consecrate; [ ] Benediction [ ] Gentle Repose [] Remove Paralysis [X] Lesser Restoration
3rd[4+1](DC18) [ ] Mass lesser Vigor []Dispel Magic; [ ]; Invisibility Purge; [X]Status (Extended)
4th: [3+1](DC19) [X] Restoration
DEX: 16+ 3
CON: 14 + 2
INT: 14 +2
WIS: 20 +5
CHA:15 +2
XP: 28,000/36000
->= studied
1: >[]Sanctuary; []Longstrider
2. []Shield Other; >[] Locate Object
3: >[]Protection from Energy; [] Fly
4: []Spell Immunity; >[] Dim Door

As Vitus listened to the Warrior's story, he began to cheer up.

"Thank-you, Sir, that means a lot."

Once conversations regarding the appointment of Knights began, Vitas remained quiet and listened. The various compliments sent his way made him even more confident he had done the right thing.

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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Oakfirst looks towards each of you, again, "What say you? Do you accept?"


Tim bows before Commander Oakfirst, going to one knee, drawing his sword as he does so. With the blade pointed down, and his hand around the crossguard, he bows his head, touching the top of his head to the flat of the blade.

Tim vows, "You have my blade, no reservations. I live to serve."
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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Akos listens to the offer, shaking his head even before she finished. When she is, he answers in a short speech.
OOC: this assumes no 'normal' guards or even elites are around, just management, otherwise he waits until he can speak only to the commanders

"I was hoping to speak to The Five before any of this comes to fruition. We saw the result of multiple branches of law, of different levels due to status, heritage, or ability in case of Sectarians. All this multiplies levels of politics, potential corruption and increases the ability of enemies to create distrust and chaos. My advice would be to create single organization Watchmen, Guards, however you want to call them. And to instil into them 'Bluffside first' mentality from the start. There will always be conflict of interest when a noble guard needs to do something against his family. But that is true for every organization ever.

Showing Dark lanterns in the light is also affecting their function, they should NOT be seen, not be recognizable in public."

He makes a pause gauging the reaction of those around him, but he continues immediately, not letting anyone speak
"We can command the new order, but if we start too soon, the duties will detract from the mission. And we, as a group, are very diverse, there would be different knights with different abilities falling under different commanders. Those of the warrior bend are more likely to listen to Sir Tymbek and Sir Breva than me. Same goes for other knights depending on their abilities.

I accept the responsibility, with understanding that I have split loyalties between Bluffside and my goddess, much like young Vitus here. I don't see that as essential conflict, one begets loyalty to people and the place, the other just requires following her tenets and living full life."

he holds up a finger "I will join the political game. And this might bring changes in time. Which not everyone may like. Such is politics."


World of Kulan DM
OOC: Cut and paste from Discord for SDWjr.

Vinny is torn between the prestige of being a knight exemplar and his already swore duty with the wizard guild. His previous commitment wins.

"Commander Oakfirst, it is truly an honor to be asked this of me. Having said that, I already hold a position in the Sectarian Guard and that would potentially be a conflict of interest. I will have to regretfully turn down this most gracious and noble opportunity."

He is visibly saddened by this decision, but has no intention to change his mind.
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Rockhorn is, was, used to shamans doing a performance, and in later years, the crowds loved a good show, but this level of power was something else.

He stands quietly on the side of the room.

When the offer is made, he remains silent, this is not something he feels invited in, given his recent arrival. While his ideas of the rangers and guardians may have some merrit in the ruins, the chasm or the wild, within the city monstruous guardians might be too troublesome.

But other ideas, aerial patrols, intelligent mounts, and similar should work. And maybe he would be finally left alone to train beasts and people, and not having to traumatize poor Spritewing again and again.

Aust Thale


Leaving his room, he stepped down the stairs and corridor into the great hall of the Manor Stormgrove. The Dark Lanterns intrigued him, and he watched them as he attended to his hunger. Disciplined. Alert. And decidedly not noisy.

A bowl of hot porridge, some nuts, a pickled egg, a potato, an olive or two, a few grapes and an actual banana, and some bread. Comfort food as much as survival food. He took some of the nuts and some of the bread and placed into a pouch to snack on later. He had a single small cup of red wine and several cups of water. Refreshing.

He was mulling spells over in his head, ones he’d seen but wasn’t quite there yet for himself, as well as some he’d researched. He was careful not to look as obvious as a wizard.

He informed the Dark Lantern commander of the watch as well as the estate manager what Oakfirst had asked of him to tell the others, that he would see them after dinner. Falen asked that they inform others as they found them, especially Sobla and Mutt, and to remain close to the manor. Falen asked the estate manager whether the estate maintained a leathersmith. Wise choice, as they kept one on retainer, and as fate would have it, he was finishing his day at the manor working on a saddle. Falen asked him if he could provide a potion / vial bandoleer as well as leather straps to anchor sheaths to his backpack or his belt. The magical properties of either presented a challenge, but the leathersmith said he would return shortly with the bandoleer and several leather straps that would tie on to his belt or backpack as well as his arrow quiver to the backpack. He would purchase the leather goods upon the leathersmith’s return, assuming he could come to an agreeable price.

A courier arrived with a partial inventory of the captured items for the Exemplars and their comrades to pick from. He removed the magical “dancing dagger” from his person, and he hailed the courier to remain. Studying the list, he marked items he was interested in, provided it to the courier, and told him to take it to every Exemplar on the grounds, and then back to the palace or armory holding the material.

He summoned the estate manager again and inquired as to where he might find purveyors of less available magic weapons. He also requested some cleaning rags, some grime-dissolving diluted lye, a wash pot of boiling water, and the use of one of the fire pits outside. He set about cleaning the Bane Dagger thoroughly. The magical poison properties exhausted for the day, he wanted to clean some of the filth from the blade without hurting himself. It was an ugly weapon. Not even the most righteous and thorough cleaning would fix that. It smelled as well of poison, despite its magical origin. Reptiles would often musk a predator; it was not terribly unlike that. Fortunately, once sheathed, it masked the odor. And when properly cleaned, it was bearable in polite company. He thought seriously of putting it back into the treasury; however, he hadn’t fully made up his mind. Perhaps the estate manager would become a valuable contact in finding less common and more interesting things. Nevertheless, he scrubbed it for an hour, thinking of several things going on around him.


At first opportunity when Vitus returned, he motioned for Vitus to visit with him, “I hope that my disappearing did not create consequences with the Delegacy or Casca. My intent was to not involve others until I understood what was happening. I got a little side-tracked alongside the Exemplars.”

He speaks to Vitus, but in earshot of others in case they can add some clarity.

I need to see Lady O Nazaria regardless, and I could use support in that regard. Perhaps others might come also. I believe that the Rising Swords and the Dusk are in league in killing Avitus. I can’t be entirely sure to what end, but I have a working theory on the how, as in how the killer accessed the Delegacy. We noticed tunnels connecting the candle shop and the warehouse, no? I wonder….

Commander Oakfirst:

Commander, my regards to Captain Camburn.

As to your query, my first oath is already spoken for. As you shall recall, I’m here by errand of Max Thale, Earl of Ravenhill to provide message to the late Legatus Avitus. I serve at the behest of my mentor, and I remain eternally loyal. It appears that Bluffside’s enemies are responsible for Avitus’ demise, and it is part of a larger plot afoot that we find ourselves entangled. To that end, I am your humble servant, and I can offer my experience and counsel in assistance. If you can accept that allegiance, I indeed offer it. I must tell you, though, it is not righteousness that guides our fight, and I need to make sure that you are not under that illusion, or we’ll endanger many more people.

If the people of Bluffside, both aristocrat and commoner, are inclined in the slightest to regard this as rebellion, then something must have provided the soil in which that grew, with or without Waldo. That must be voiced. However, in this particular situation, I’m inclined to ask several things of this Rebellion: How much of all this is righteous? Where is the money? And how much of this is magical thrall? What I saw at Crossed Candles may have started as a payroll, but when we encountered it, it was much more.
Did you see this?

While on the subject, who the hell is this candlemaker, and is he even real? Tuck and I captured papers, ledgers, and the like that are too perfect.

Falen allows Commander Oakfirst to digest the disparate parts of the conversation. Assuming a proper response, Falen continues: “Commander, I request that you place Maggard Vonner’s guard unit under watch by your men. Particularly, by those that you know are loyal and as well, outrank and can outfight Vonner definitively. Watch the unit’s movements, both public and private. Don’t interfere. Also, find a reason to pull Romanus Dacus and reassign him. I’d like him assessed as a fighter and leader. Vonner is a thug who works for money. That is a path to figuring out the money. I witnessed Dacus show discretion and good judgment while still following orders. If suitable, I’d like him among us. And I’d like a liaison to the Dark Lanterns. Several hours into their care, and I find myself quite taken with them.

Falen makes no attempt at explaining the Dacus or Vonner situation. Falen wants to return a favor and reward behavior that is good for Bluffside while slowly and inexorably knee-capping Vonner and his merry band of brigands.

And finally, to nobody in particular, and everyone in attendance when the most of the Exemplars et al are present, “Would anybody be able to provide me with more information about Lady Nazaria? She is related, evidently, to Legatus Avitus. However, something about this doesn’t fit. I’m tardy in her receiving me, and I’d like to know what I might expect.

Aust Thale

Falen: (cont.):
Regarding Vitus (alone):
Sense Motive Falen Making Sense of Vitus’ Predicament : 1D20+7 = [11]+7 = 18

Falen senses some pensiveness from Vitus. He can’t put his finger on it (perhaps a bit too much porridge). Present when Vitus shares his expulsion from the Ticineum Delegacy, Falen consoles Vitus. Falen is surprised by Casca’s actions. He nudges Vitus, “Young Cleric, tell me specifically what happened, with narrative. Leave nothing out.

Falen is incredulous that Vitus would be summarily forced to leave. Casca is either a supreme turdnugget himself, or he did Vitus a kindness. Falen wonders if the latter.
He continues his conversation with Vitus.
(How much of Casca’s revelation does Vitus share? Post pending after knowing this.)

Additionally, “Has anybody felt, heard, or seen anything that might lead one to believe we’ve been scryed or otherwise tracked? So far we’ve been a step short.”

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