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L4W Tavern Patrons


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Adventurers are regularly found sitting in the Hanged Man. Here are those that stand out to others entering the establishment.

At the Bar:
Artemis Harks (FourMonos) - Human Hexblade 4
Brenwar (Rapida) - Human Paladin 7
Corragan (Medina) - Elf Druid 1
Dina (Son of Meepo) - Deva Artificer|Warlord 1
Dirge(Don Incognito) - Revenant Assassin|Battlemind 1
Earth (Voda Vosa) - Warforged Warden 8
Gil (CaBaNa) - Human Artificer|Wizard 4
Joy (pathfinderq1) - Human Ardent|Bard 5
Maroohk (jsb420) - Half-Orc Assassin|Monk 1
Martelai (Neurotic) - Half-Elf Warlock 6
Nikolai (TardiS) - Human Paladin 1
Runt (twilsemail) - Human Fighter 3
Shale (Someone) - Shardmind Psion 5
Silver Starling (covaithe) - Human Sorcerer 6
Zerin Kolus (DalkonCledwin) - Longtooth Shifter Paladin 1

Just a Table:
Haruka Sato(TwoHeadsBarking) - Human Warlock 10

Table in a Shadowy Corner:

Table by the Fire:

Table in a Shadowy Corner by the Fire:

Waiting in the Wings:

Garnuk(garnuk) - Half-Orc Binder 1

Role Call:
Controller: 4 (Corragan, Gil, Runt, Shale)
Defender: 3 (Brenwar, Earth, Zerin)
Leader: 2 (Dina, Joy)
Striker: 5 (Artemis, Dirge, Haruka, Maroohk, Silver Starling)

This is a list of PCs I've seen in the Tavern recently. I'm attempting to keep groups sorted out by table. We'll see how that works out.

Waiting in the Wings: If you have a PC that's waiting for adventure and don't feel like putting them in the thread for RP but do feel like having them listed in my handy dandy post. Reply in this thread or PM me and I'll adjust the roster.

Role Call: I'm still sorting out how to execute this... Suggestions are welcome. Many PCs don't seem to fit the role they're class is generalized as. If I list your PC incorrectly, feel free to hit me. Alternately, you could tell me as much and I'll alter the post accordingly.
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Shale is currently adventuring and not available. However, Prime (warforged fighter 1, defender) has been there without moving so much time that people think is part of the decoration.

As for how to manage the thread, I suggest you simply edit the OP with the updated info and people post here to correct any errors, offer input about his characters, and the like.

A tag on those characters that have not been active for, say, a month or two would be welcome, too.


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Thanks for the heads up. I removed Shale and added Prime (preferred font color?).

In LEB I've been editing the Patrons thread to update for a while now. I figured that'd be how I went about it here as well. I'm still not sure about the Role Call. I think it'll be useful in the long run, but I'm not at all sure. Much like LEB, Strikers make up half the bar.

I'll add an asterisk to the PCs that haven't posted in a while but still have active players. Those that just plain haven't posted in a while are probably going to be deleted. They can be re-entered if the player returns.


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I like the ideaof this thread.

However, Eraden is no longer by the bar but has moved to Lord Mallaby when he introduced himself and should be at the "fabulous" (very funny) table.


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Thanks for the heads up. It should be easier to keep track of as soon as I'm updating from the thread instead of catching up.

Pathfinderq1, I stuck Mina at a table on her own. I was under the impression that's what you were going for. Let me know if "Shadowy Corner by the Fire" works for you. "Shadowy Corner" was already taken.


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Is Ardens a Controller or a transroleite? Most Pyromancers I've seen have been strikers in Contollers' bodies.

Also, thanks for the heads up, I'd missed him.


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I like your description. He's definitely more of a striker in a controller's body. The extent, of his control is leaving areas of fire burning on the field, discouraging enemies from standing where they were previously.

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