D&D (2024) Last minute guesses about what WotC did with the Bard

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I wouldn't expect much any change. The point of 5.5 is to change just enough to sell all the books over again. Its like spaceballs 2, the search for more money.

As for monks? Bleh, 3rd ed made them such an awkward and garbagy class. They cannot use armor and most weapons, which is just anti-dnd. You advance your character through gear, with weapons and armor being the most important.
Monks are designed to not allow you to use most of these important upgrades. Its just less fun. Give a monk a pile of money and they just can't do as much to be effective as most any other class can. That never feels good. Paladin or wizard iwth cash? They can never get enough. Monk? bleh...
Plus they're about the only mad class that exists. 5th ed is SOO zeroed in on maximizing your primary stat. Monks need wis for resists and dex for everything else. They cannot max them all, so they just always such compared to other classes.
Monks are a sign of their inability to really design well.

I would it were so.

I am 90% confident there will be a bard list, but I would be a giddy schoolboy if there were a small sidebar (for both the Bard and the Sorcerer) saying with DM's permission you can choose from the Bard, Cleric, Druid, or Sorcerer list.

They won't do that for Sorcerer, steps on the shoes of the Divine Soul.

Take another look at the new Monk, Dance Bard bullies Monks like Eldritch Knight Fighter bullies Wizards 🤣, the new Monk is so supped up, what the Dance Bard gets is just a taste of it.
While also having all the powers already at Bard's disposal, effectively giving itonly things it lacked before to just be able to do any concept people would want to pick up Monk for, but better.

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