D&D (2024) Last minute guesses about what WotC did with the Bard

My guesses, and I'll be optimist here, is they swapped the Divine, Arcane, and Primal Spell Lists for Cleric, Sorcerer, and Druid, but still have the basic Bard list with the unique Bard spells and spells they think should be universal choices. Or maybe they have multiple Bard lists. Or there is a power source feature that grants extra spells from a particular list. Expectations for tomorrow.

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Made it more selfish and less support-based, I'm sure. I expect attack + some bonus to an ally rather than having to sack their action to make someone else better mostly. And quite a bit more healing, coupled with their attacks.

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Same, I cannot wait for them over correct and make Monk suck majorly 🙃
that would be a first, the monk be more than a c- is a 5e first making it worse seems just pointless at that point they might as well admit they hate monk and want to drop the damn class
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