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Jumping is a special type of movement and I would rule it is bound by the five foot max, that's a5e rulings not rules area and not specified. Like the extra damage for large weapon. The closest thing is the plus 1d4 included in enlarge spell, I'd use that

That's true that it is a ruling and not a rules area, but at the same time, you're having to give a lot to make the jump even possible, including a higher then normal strength score then what your typical ranger will have (at least in my experience, they tend toward Dex much more often then Str). Even then, you aren't gaining but 1 foot of movement for every 2 points above 10. In addition, you are having to use a spell to make it even possible. If you aren't allowing the jump spell, which does nothing relating to movement, would you also restrict the fly spell, which gives its own different kind of movement? To me it would be the exact same issue.

At a minimum, I could see a normal jump being restricted to the 5 feet, but I would absolutely allow the magical jump to proceed since you're using a spell to make it happen. That's the point of spells, so that abnormal acts can happen.

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bugbear in guardian form using a reach weapon has a 20ft mellee range

Wow… that is sickening for some reason. I LOVE IT! :lol:

First of all, love the new rangers get a bonus spell list. I think that leaves only the Beastmaster and Hunter without, and I feel it is good enough design I'm going to have to come up with lists for those as well.

Planar warrior does make dual-wielding more difficult if not impossible, but I think that is more because it removes resistance from the enemy for your attacks. I know a lot of games end up with magic weapons, but not all of them and you can fight creatures with resistance before then. IF we calculate that in, the Walker ends up doing close to double the damage the Hunter does, because the Hunter is stuck with 1/2 damage.

I might agree Portal Lore is too much of a ribbon ability. When it comes up it can be nice, but some other effects would be nice, like advantage on checks involving Planar lore or something? Not sure.

Is Etheral Step good? Going Ghost until the end of your turn... it's not a defensive ability really, because you come back before your turn is over, and it takes an action to end early. So you attack, fly away, and reappear? I like the idea behind it, but it seems kind of like a useless ability

Love Distant Strike and Spectral Defense. Awesome abilities.

Honestly, probably go Archer with Horizon Walker, though I could see a sword and board ranger for this as well.

Guardian Soul, first of all, someone mentioned playing this with a gnome. The Guardian form is always large, so that is amazing visual hulk out. The biggest problem with Guardian Soul is 5ft of movement. It is obviously the limiting factor for this ability, and this sub-class is just going to keep building up this single tool with more power. However, the moment the enemy is out of your reach, it's over, you will never catch them. So you'll have to drop the form and all your toys.

The Guardian really wants to be in melee, you get regenerating Temp Hp, bonus max hp, create difficult terrain, and have a healing aura for your allies. It makes me regret Ranger's don't get Great Weapon style, but it does encourage using Dueling or Defensive which don't get enough love.

I would see a spear wielding (I want to use the Spear Master UA) strength based Ranger for this.

Actually... hmm... It probably needs a once per fight limit or something.

8th level Guardian Ranger (for easy math), gets fireballed in an ambush. You run up, change:

You heal 16 hp, your max increases by 16, and at the start of every turn you gain 4 temp hp.

Enemy breaks, you drop form to follow. Next turn go Guardian again, you heal another 16 hp.

If a DM allows the transformation outside of combat (which I'm inclined to do so they can take advantage of Large size), they can just pop it on and off to heal x2 their level until they are back to full health. Which is not the intent.

They need to do something about Ancient Fortitude, because the entire subclass is built around the intent of going Guardian at-will, but that much healing is too much if they can spam it all the time.

Man, that is a glaring error and I don't see a good way to fix it and keep the intent of the power. That is really sucky.

I think Scout wins the "most expertise skills" award.

It is solid, looking at it again I agree that Skirmisher becomes harder to justify past level 5, but I could see a ranged rogue really loving the ability to get out without needing to use their bonus action.

Ambush master is nice, seems a little weak.

Sudden Strike is amazing, love it. Almost too good if the Rogue can double sneak attack. They hit hard when those types of attacks hit.


You wouldn't allow your players to carry a large weapon that they found as loot?

Why not? Even if it fit in encumbrance?

Have you ever let them carry large or bulky art items or other treasure?

As a player being told I couldn't carry an oversized weapon by fiat because it would let me make good use of a class feature would rather annoy me. Especially if I found out after I had picked the class.
No I wouldn't allow my players to carry around a ridiculous looking anime sized weapon.

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Typical UA stuff. That is to say I like what I see but it needs a little tweaking. I especially like the Primeval Guardian.

And to those mentioning the Scout knowing thieves cant and it not being thematic: you realize it's a ribbon ability, right? Your character needs to neither speak it nor understand it if that's how you envision the character. Now speaking for myself as a DM I'd give a player in this position their choice of relevant language for free, but if I were a player myself I've got to say I wouldn't care if my DM decided not to "compensate" me for the choice I made.

It'd be like someone having a gnome character whose story is they were raised by human parents... they'd have no reason to know gnomish, possibly, and just because the book says they ought to doesn't mean they'd have to.

Anyway, good stuff this article all the same.


That Horizon Walker ability to negate damage resistance is way too much.
Is it? They will probably end up with a magical weapon at some point in their career and losing resistance to other forms of damage probably isn't going to mean much in the long run. They also have to spend a bonus action each turn they want to use it. I personally think it is fine.

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That Horizon Walker ability to negate damage resistance is way too much.

I'm not sure, it only negates the resistance to the Walker's damage, for that one turn.

Powerful, but is really going to mostly be weapon damage, as Ranger's don't get a lot of elemental damage. Which I suppose could be canceled by multi-classing...



Horizon Walker mutli-class with Twilight Druid. Now your necrotic damage pool can hurt most undead for full damage.


Well here's my 2c.
Horizon walked pretty cool I like the idea of blinking around the battlefield seems mostly balanced. A few,issues with TWF but what doesn't conflict with TWF easy fixed.

The Druid won't ever walk again the ranger went from stepping on the druids toes, to taking a sledgehammer to his knees. That said I loved the warden and love this it is stupidly broken. I would need to self nerf to player this.

Its ok I guess very uninspired but does its job would play it I guess.


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Pretty happy with all of these offerings, and most only need a few minor tweaks.

I'd like to see the Horizon walker's bonus damage not eat up bonus actions.

I think the 5ft speed change on the Guardian is a bit much, it makes the core ability of the subclass really situational simply by virtue of needing a choke to be useful. Even when it gets the difficult terrain aura, it's still extremely vulnerable to ranged enemies.

Scout is great, I love the ambush master ability, I'd like to see more ways of gaining benefits for the whole group as a result of things like stealth and infiltration.

I'm also kind of enjoying the recent focus on additional damage options spread over multiple targets. I wouldn't want to see it everywhere, but it's a nice carrot to get away from the focus fire mentality, as well as getting martials some minor AoE effects.

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