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Possibly a Idiot.
Lets get to cracking on this one:

Extra Attack (UA Ranger Only)
Well, that's kind of disheartening. Though I guess it is to be expected that going forward, any new ranger subclass isn't going to get any cool form of alternate damage, like their pet, or sneak attack dice, because they can't retroactively make the UA Ranger the Default Ranger.

Horizon Walker
Protecting the Prime Material from Invasive Species.

Planar Magic
Handy list of stuff that is useful for fighting alien threats. Alter Self is a bit weird, but I suppose it is useful if you are trying to adapt to a different plane.

Planar Warrior
You get to ignore any targets damage resistance and deal 1d6 extra damage as a bonus action. Multi-class Sorcerers are drooling for this to make sure they don't get damage-screwed. For a single-class Ranger though? It's mostly just 1d6 extra damage, with a side of not having to get a magic weapon.

Portal Lore
Kind of a weak ribbon that gets weaker once you note that it's only 1000' range, used once per rest, and can be totally shut down by absolutely any kind of magic that obstructs information about the portal. They would have been better off getting a "Find the Outsider" detection ability.

Ethereal Step
Etherealness is the level 7 spell that just loves to be given out as a t3 ability to subclasses, and I don't know why. In theory, a level 7 spell for free each rest is really powerful, but this one ends after 6 seconds, and takes your bonus action to use. Making it more like a slightly beefed up Misty Step.
Still, it is handy, so long as you aren't on one of the numerous planes of existence where the spell simply doesn't work.

Distant Strike
Oh, wow. I am sure this was intended for melee rangers, but seriously, this is just trivializing combat for bow-using rangers. Never again will they be threatened by a melee combatant. Additionally, they can always pick the best place for cover, even alternating between a few spots to give the illusion that there are multiple archers raining down on the enemy, or even using it to "jump" up to some higher ground.

Spectral Defense
This is just Uncanny Dodge, with a new coat of paint.

The level 3 ability is potentially abusable, but not likely to outdo a Warlock in sustained damage, or an Evoker targeting an elemental weakness for burst.
The level 11 ability though, that's a game changer for any proper Ranger.

Primeval Guardian
This is what "Circle of the Sun" for Druids could have been, and they had to go and toss it to the Ranger. :(

Guardian Magic
Some Druid spells, they are ok.

Guardian Soul
It's more flash than substance, but it's workable, and interesting at least. You get 5' extra reach, temp HP each round, and large size, the downside is your movement becomes 5'. But if you are a UA Ranger you can use your bonus action to dash at level 8 and get 10' of movement~
You could use your large size to bypass some hazards or obstacles, maybe move a really heavy rock, but it doesn't do much for damage. Handy for Small Folk who want to use a greatsword or longbow at least.

You could theoretically make a Ranger Defender with this, they do have the hit die for it, and they do get shields (medium armor still isn't that good). Additionally you could use a whip, or alternatively a pole-arm for extra-extra reach to make up for that 5' move per turn. It is something to consider if your DM uses the optional Marking Mechanic in the DMG at least. Maybe just talk your DM into doing only dungeon crawls, tight spaces are to your benefit with this subclass. Or just use a Bow, Rangers get bows you know, it's not like they have to be a defender, they could just be an extra-resilient artillery.

But any way you slice it, this ability needs more speed. 15' is where I would say the sweet spot is.

Piercing Thorns
Less useful than Planar Warrior. HOWEVER, it doesn't require a bonus action, letting you dash to your wooden little heart's content at level 8. Or maybe dual wield I guess. I get the feeling there should be some kind of harassment rider on this ability.

Ancient Fortitude
It's a way better Second Wind. It heals for more, and raises to HP cap so you can Pre-buff. If you don't want to level dip into fighter for your self-healing needs, this will more than cover it.

Rooted Defense
This is much to late for a defender mechanic. Fortunately, it also works as a defensive mechanic for those tree-rangers who decided to keep using their bow. Unfortunately, tree-rangers are still stuck with 5' of movement.

Guardian Aura
That's actually quite a bit of healing for free. The main concern, however, should be how players can keep getting knocked down to 0 or less hp, then spring up fresh as a daisy for the next round of combat, perpetually Tubthumping their way though any fight. This should be an AoE temporary HP bonus simply to avoid problems with providing a source of eternal healing. Or they could scrap it for something else, like some kind of Amber-Sap-Blood that traps enemies when they strike the Ranger. That's a thing trees do.

This should be a Druid Circle. It's too slow. It seems to be a defender, but doesn't get any real defenderish abilities until level 11. The AoE heal has problems. And where is the ribbon that lets the PC photosynthesize?
The thought of a PC turing into a tree is cool enough on it's own. Gnomes becoming large and in charge is hilarious, and something exotic like a warforged getting in touch with it's inner organic parts could be an interesting character arc.

Rogue: Scout
Joining the list of ill-chosen subclass names, this subclass goes the extra mile and shares a name with a different subclass for the Fighter, which is also a Ranger-light. Making it the most confusing out of it's shared-name piers.

Two more skills for the Rogue (Nature and Survival) and the Rogue automatically gets double the proficiency bonus in them. This is similar to what the Fighter gets (3 skills and they get to use superiority dice on them). But the most interesting part of this ability is that it can potentially stack with Expertise. Why would you want to? I have no idea, neither of those two skills have any kind of DC that would require such a high number.

This isn't as useful for a Rogue as it would be for another class. Uncanny Dodge, and the highly coveted OA compete for the Rogue's Reaction. While Cunning Action lets the Rogue Disengage as a Bonus Action during their normal turn should they need to get away. That said, this can save you from being surrounded by enemies, but such an event is too rare to warrant making an entire class feature around it. Natural Explorer (what the Fighter and the Ranger Proper get) is a much more interesting and useful ability.

Superior Mobility
+10' to speed, but only for walking, climbing, and swimming. Aarakocra can go lay an egg. It's ok, but other classes get it earlier, better, and with better movement type coverage. All told, a bit boring and overly restricted.

Ambush Master
An interesting take on ambushes. Instead of damage, your entire party gets a speed bonus if you can get the drop on your enemies. Useful, fun for the entire group, and doesn't create highly situational and absurd DPR spikes in a few encounters. I rather like it.

Sudden Strike
At level 17 the Rogue can double their DPR, but only if they are fighting two targets and use their bonus action to do so. This, is kind of nuts, considering they have access to bows. Granted, it doesn't do nearly as much against a single boss monster fight, but who runs single boss monsters anymore?

The Scout(Rogue) suffers from a plethora of problems. It is easily confused with Scout(Fighter). It isn't mechanically interesting until level 13. And it's a beast at level 17.
But, by far and large, the worst problem with this subclass is the implication that it's the only idea that they had for the Rogue. I know the Rogue has an expanded selection of existing subclasses to pick from. But having only one thing (which is a variant of something they did for the fighter already) makes me wonder.

Then again, this could just be something they had left over from the Kits of Old UA, and stuck it on to the Ranger document so they could pad it out a bit. We will see next week.


I know the Shadow Monk has killed the roguish Shadowdancer and stole their mojo, but I was somewhat surprised that there was not a classic shadow-themed archetype for the Rogue, especially since this appears to be common, if not popular, subclass for rogues on DMsGuild.

Lets get to cracking on this one:

Rogue: Scout
Joining the list of ill-chosen subclass names, this subclass goes the extra mile and shares a name with a different subclass for the Fighter, which is also a Ranger-light. Making it the most confusing out of it's shared-name piers.

I agree. They should of called it Pathfind... er, wait. :D



now to play a decent ranger that is best in survival and nature as a ranger should be, I only need 3 levels in rogue class :lol:


Horizon walker seems like a ok start for a new ranger subclass, but the primal guardian doesnt belong there. It should have been a druid subclass. The scout is a trap right now. Its level 17 feature is nice, but thats a long way to go for some love. Im not sure the rogue really needs another subclass at this point. Not a great article.

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