Leaving for Gen Con in 1 Day...WHO'S EXCITED?

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fett527 said:
Didn't read this until now Rel, don't know if you'll see this. (I leave work at 3 and I went to the Red's game last night) I will be heading to an NTL get together as soon as I get in, I certainly will try and touch base but don't wait around for me. If I could PM you I would but I can't. And I won't hit CM at work.

No problem. I'll be around and leave me a note at the ENnies booth if you want to try and get together.


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Rel said:
No problem. I'll be around and leave me a note at the ENnies booth if you want to try and get together.
That's a definite affirmative. No way we're going to be in the same city and not get together for a bit. I'll leave my contact info at the booth, we should have planned ahead better mang.

EDIT: Of course there will be Friday night if nothing else.

Oh, and no Three Amigos costumes will be worn. Especially since it looks like only one of us will be there anyway. :(


Posting from Indy now; badges obtained; tickets recieved; bag picked up.

The Ram was packed this eve - lineup to get in was over one hour long. Ah well. There's always tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning - Dealer Room. Sort of like Christmas...


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i need to go get some sleep. :)

got to do two things tomorrow: 1) call and make sure my friend still has room on her couch and 2) call and make sure my mom will still take the kids for the weekend. ;)


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Damn! Where and when is this happening? I would love to play this but just now saw the post.


Less than 4 hours til I leave for my flight, still haven't packed or finished shopping! Or retrieved games from my sister's place...what am I doing here?!?!?!

Oh, I'm going to be hosting a Werewolves of Miller's Hollow game on Thursday night. For any of you that haven't played it, I guarantee the highlight of your convention. And we've run it for up to 27 people, my friend is a legendary moderator. I'll leave info at the EN World booth!

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