Legal Settlement in the Year of the Flying Pig.


Agudo Archmage

Legal Settlement

A legal looking scroll has been tacked up on the boards saying the following.

I Agudo Archmage of Light and Headmaster of the School of Light and Magic.
Have been ordered by a Court Magistrate of the town of Beregost.
To post this parchment and proclaim the following.

I Agudo Headmaster and Archmage of Light!
Hereby swear that none of the School of Light fieldtrips, will be allowed unsupervised Gnomish outings; without a mature and preferably Non-Gnomish Teacher to watch over them.

The following is financial compensation too Farmer John the Halfling and his immediate family.

The School of Light and Magic will pay 1000 thousand copper coins, five pigs, 1 cow, 12 chickens, to the Farmer John.

For the following reasons….

On the third day of the spring harvest, in the Year of the Flying Pig.

Penelope DangerFly was testing a fiendish Gnome Contraption outside the town of Beregost.
When the giant Metal Ball given the name Experiment 121.
Accidentally pre launched from its ridiculously large Sling Shoot.
Landing on the Barn of Farmer John the Halfling, killing a shocking number of farm animals to the point of mass slaughter.

Some of the pigs were ejected from their pin, sending them flying over and onto the town of Beregost three miles away.

The School of Light and Magic, will pay the town of Beregost and its Mayor the following

233 Copper coins, 50 Silver coins, for roof repairs and other damages to the town Courthouse.
88 Copper coins and 23 Silver coins, to Lady Mayor Mc Dugle of the Dwarven clan Digger Dugles.
for the emotional harm done to her, when the “Back end of a pig” hit the Dwarven Mayor in her delicate face.
That severely scared an left a swine look on her bulbous nose.

The School of Light is herby ordered to offer free medical treatment, at the School of Light’s Infirmary for the rest of her natural life.


Off in the distance a blue and white robed Mage can be heard saying….

Lawyers! What next?
I bet they will have me responsible, every time a student spell goes wrong and accidentally turns herself into a chicken .

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First Post
A slender teenage boy with brown hair walks past this note and stops to read it. With a gasp of shock and a head shake he walks away mumbling

"And I let them fling me around in Model 178? Gods what was I thinking!"


Lucky Leprechaun

Let it Fly

Lucky came hoping by when he saw the legal note thingy.
"Maybe 179 be ready and I can send me pal Kheldar for a ride or two ;) "

He then hoped away laughing at the thought


First Post
A lady wearing all white walks to these boards to check up on her friends durning a pause from her travels. She see's this note and sighs.

"Agudo dear, sounds like you need a better lawyer. And to think I sent both my little brother AND my son to his school. Maybe I had better go check on them."

Shaking her head she leaves to do just that......

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