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Playtest (A5E) Level Up Playtest Document #12: Bard

Welcome to the 12th Level Up playtest document. This playtest contains a candidate for the first 10 levels of the game’s bard class.


When you are ready, please take a moment and fill out the Bard survey!

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


So I realize this is way late, @Morrus, but I suddenly have a question, as I'm making another character (I'm kinda bored atm).

Art Specialty: so you have to be proficient in the instrument of choice in order to benefit from the specialty. And it's pretty obvious that if you want to have calligraphy as your Art Specialty, you'd have to be proficient in Calligrapher's Tools. Now what happens if you want to use the Visual or Voice specialty for something like singing or dancing?

Do you pick Dancing or Singing as your musical instrument (instead of, say, picking Lute)?

Or are they covered under Performance, and as long as you have proficiency in Performance, you can always use Dancing or Singing?

What about something like Light Manipulation or Shapes? Actually, what are those? Using things like minor illusion to let you cast other spells? Or something else?

If you wanted to do something like Puppetry, would that be a musical instrument or a tool kit?

Edit: An actually, yet another question: Do you choose your art specialty when you make your character, or are all available to you at any time? If so, what's the purpose of Key Change?
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