Starfinder Little House In The Vast

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The man glances down the hallway and then makes a mad dash for the stairs leading up to the bridge. After scrambling up the stairs he bangs frantically on the door. "Hesala, let me in!"

OOC: Tara can take two actions when Charlotte posts. The rest of you can take another now.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"But you have such a great personality," Sobec deadpans as he rushes forwards, after the fleeing bandit. By the door the vesk corners him, keeping his solar weapon up and ready to strike if he does not surrender.

OOC: Moving after the bandit, readying an attack in case the idiot makes a move to attack anyone.

I suppose that he does not pose much of a threat, so RAW I drop out of photon mode. No more extra damage. :(

"It's okay Red, I still like you."

Skitter says this without out a hint of sarcasm. As he grins to the others he begins to gather up the fallen bandits weapons. Once complete he piles them in the center of the room and then turns to look at the door into the bridge.


The driver instinctively shrinks away into the doorway and raises his laser pistol as Sobec approaches. He seems like he is about to fire, but as the moment passes and the door has not budged, he suddenly drops his weapon and raises his hands. "I surrender," he says flatly, his mouth twisted into a frown.


OOC: Sorry about that! Neck deep in exams and lost track of time.

Tara has her rifle leveled at the shooter. She motions towards the pistol. "Kick it this way, then get down on the ground, face down."

Then she calls out through the door. "Hesela! We going to do this the easy way or the hard way?"


The man does as he is told. An intercom positioned next to the doors springs to life. "Funny, I was going to ask you the same thing," comes the eerily calm voice of Hesala.

"Turn off the comms," Zyzzy says. "How many people in there left you to die out here? What are they armed with? Answer these questions and we won't have to knock you unconscious."

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