Starfinder Little House In The Vast


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Sobec keeps running, using the grenade blast's momentum to propel himself, and his fist, into the other vesk's face. The sound of the bandit's painful grunt and the satisfying crunch of impact, are music to Sobec's ear holes.

The tiny star around him starts to elongate somewhat, taking a vaguely axelike shape but far smaller than a real weapon, as if waiting for Sobec to grab it and fulfil its potential.

OOC: Alright, since the vesk is still too far, Sobec makes a move action to reach him, then makes an unarmed attack (with natural weapon): [roll0] versus KAC, for [roll1] lethal bludgeoning damage.
That means next turn the solar weapon will form (move action).

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
OOC: Forgot that Reflex save: [roll0]
So current stamina points: 7/8
Current hitpoints: 13/13

And I forgot that "at the start of your first round of combat", I must choose to enter one of three stellar modes: graviton, photon, or unattuned. Since I did not mention it, I assume I have been unattuned, so starting this round I will gain my first point in: photon mode. Which grants me +1 insight bonus to damage rolls. So 1 more than described in the post above.


OOC: He could maybe duck back behind the 'curvature' of the ship and still get a shot off on one of the humans while getting cover from his present nemesis.

Skitter curses as the bullets strike his armor. He moves to place the ship between himself and the ysoki with the rifle. Hoping to gain some cover from the move he takes aim at one of the humans. Sparky stops moving and a before unnoticed weapon mounted to his shoulder takes aim at one of the humans. The weapon fires an arc of electricity towards the now burning human at the base of the ramp.

OOC: Moving into cover behind the ship.
Laser pistol shot and fire damage: 1d20+2 22 1d4 4. That is a critical so Critical Hit: 1d4 1. So the human takes 5 fire damage and will take an additional 1d4 Burn damage at the start of his turn.

I think Sparky should be within 30ft of the enemy. If not ignore the attack and let me know.
Sparky reflex save: 1d20+4 18.
Pulsecaster shot and nonlethal electricirty damage: 1d20+3 22 1d4 3.

Zyzzy takes a shot at the other human with her "wrist" spell. Then she ducks behind the rock for cover.

Attack [roll0] Damage [roll1] (acid)

OOC: The die roller hates androids


OOC: Reflex Save (DC11): 1d20+3 20

That's a success, so Tara only takes 1 from the grenade; she's down to 3 Stamina, 11 HP.

Tara grunted as the blast hit her in the armor, which caused her to stumble - but she pushed through the pain and leapt out of the way of the grenade in time to avoid the worst of it.

She rolled and came up behind the rocks, leveling her rifle and aiming at the one who threw the grenade, on the basis that he probably had more.

OOC: Laser Rifle attack/damage (fire vs. EAC): 1d20+5 24 1d8 8

Nice roll!


Even over the din of blaster and gun fire there is a distinct sickening crunch as Sobec's fist makes contact with the other vesk's face, sending him tumbling backwards. When he goes down Tara loses her intended target, but behind him the ysoki gunner is revealed. The Azlanti soldier lines up her shot, and unlike Skitter he is not in a position to move out of the way at the last second. Tara's laser blast burns a hole right through his chest, and he slumps over with his rifle clattering to the ground. The human man is likewise overcome by laser fire, just leaving the woman who scurries around to the other side of one of barriers to try and find some cover before taking another shot with her pistol.

The woman's shot pings off Tara's armour again and Skitter is pretty sure the deflected bullet just whizzed by him. Everyone is mildly surprised when a blazing ray suddenly emerges from inside the cargo hold, striking Sobec. "You lot should have stayed in town!" comes a voice alongside it, though it is not sounding confident.

OOC: Tara takes 3 and Sobec takes 4 damage. Three of the enemy combatants are dead or down, leaving just the woman and the newcomer. Vlad, you can post an alternative action for Sparky to have taken place this round along with his action for the next, as he would not have been with 30 ft. of the woman. The inside of the hangar is kinda dark, as the light of Pan's sun, Ixo, is coming from the other side of the ship.

Zyzzy uses Psychokinetic Hand to grab the dropped laser rifle and pull it to her.

OOC: Can you post a list of enemies and their status? I've lost track of who is where and who is wounded? Who is in melee with whom?
Status doesn't have to be sta/hp, it could be just "wounded", "Hit twice"


OOC: Vesk, was at the top far corner of the ramp, was hit by Sobec's laser pistol and then his fist, dead.
Ysoki, was sitting on a crate or barrel more or less beside the Vesk, was hit by Tara's laser rifle, dead.
Male Human, was at near bottom corner of the ramp, was hit twice by Skitter's laser pistol, dead.
Female Human, at far bottom corner of the ramp with partial cover from the barricade, would prefer to remain not dead.
Unseen Assailant, inside the cargo/hangar bay, not currently visible, not currently dead.

Also, the dropped rifle is a hunting rifle, not a laser rifle.
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Tara is looking a little banged up, but not actually down and out. As she soaks attacks, though, she almost hesitates - before psyching herself up. She lets Sobek take point on the move into the ship, and instead fires a warning shot close to the female human behind the barricade.

"Surrender, or the next one goes through your chest."

OOC: Tara is firing a warning shot. The intent is to get them to surrender without filling anyone in the group full of holes.

Intimidation attempt: 1d20 17


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Sobec is disappointed in the other vesk when he does not rise after being punched in the face, but he has no time for wittiness because of the sudden attack from inside.

"And you should have killed me when you had the chance," he roars in response, grabbing the by now fully formed weapon made of pure starlight and charging inside towards the unseen threat.

OOC: Form the solar weapon, in the shape of the traditional vesk weapon doshko, then move inside. I'm afraid that's it for this round...

Current stamina points: 3/8
Current hitpoints: 13/13


The woman ducks down behind the barrier, but a second later she tosses something over that clatters when it hits the ramp - her pistol. Now inside the bay with his glowing solar mote, Sobec can see roughly the layout. The bay is quite large as one would expect for a vessel of this size, with the walls only vaguely visible beyond the edges the dim light. But parked in the centre are two exploration buggies, one of which is definitely the one he saw the bandits driving earlier. The other looks similar, but it appears that it was painted bright red underneath before the bandits got a hold of it.

Sobec sees what looks like the outline of a door just as another streak of laser fire whizzes towards him, though it is intercepted by the frame of one of the buggies. It is followed by a short whirring sound distinctly like a door closing. Whoever the other person was, it seems they are retreating.

OOC: End of combat, I suppose, unless you guys really want to keep moving.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"They're retreating!" Sobec shouts, alerting his allies to the situation inside. Then the vesk steps outside to check if the others are coming or if the fight is still going on.

If the fighting seems finished, Zyzzy will pick up the tossed weapons. She will keep a pistol for personal use.

OOC: on the assumption that we are woefully unprepared to handle prisoners

Zyzzy levels the pistol at the woman, "Lead the way up the ramp. Who many of your crew are left on the ship?" When they get into the bay, she says, "Do we have a way to restrain this one? And how many people did you see retreat?"


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Not sure," Sobec says as he drops his backpack and with one hand takes out a simple pair of binders. "Didn't see anyone, but I suspect only one. Ask the woman."

Releasing his weapon, which reshapes into a mote of starlight and starts orbiting around the vesk once more, Sobec walks up to said woman and binds her wrists behind her back.

OOC: Dropping out of photon attunement.

Skitter follows the others inside the ships hold. As he goes he taps something on the small display on his prosthetic arm. Once complete Sparky bounds off around the side of the ship. Skitter speaks softly to the others.

"Sparky is going to see if he can get in through the hole in the engineering bay. If he finds anything he'll let me know."

Skitter scans the hold, keeping his weapon out but pointed towards the deck.

"They are probably falling back to a more defensible position." He turns to their captive waiting for her response. "What sort of defenses and traps have you setup inside?"


Tara walks onto the ship, weapon ready but not sweeping around, as she works to secure the area. If given a moment, she'll rest up and regain lost stamina.

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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