D&D 5E Look at all this Draconic Fizban art!

Here's a bunch of art from Fizban's Treasury of Dragons! Fizban himself has a new look from Nikki Dawes, and there's a gorgeous spread of the full wraparound cover art by Chris Rahn.


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Erdric Dragin

omg they finally give love to the GEM DRAGONS! D&D Mythos always had a triumvirate, and for too long the Gem Dragons get either quick rundown or are completely ignored (it's freaky to realize it's been since 2002 they had been published in D&D!) Good, Evil, and finally Neutrality!

I know the main reason they get excluded is because they have natural Psionic ability. But so what!? That's no excuse! It's long overdue they join and enjoy the spotlight as much as the Metallic and Chromatics, and then we can see some cool stories maybe around Bahamut/Tiamat/Sardior

That dragonborn art is really good. It's very refreshing seeing some support for them, both because they're a favorite of mine and because, even with essentially no extra support and a bad basic chassis, the dragonborn race has been consistently top 5 IIRC on D&D Beyond, and climbing with time.

I doubt it will unseat half-elf or elf as the 2nd/3rd most popular race even with Fizban's, but nudging past Tiefling is a genuine possibility and that's awesome. (IIRC, Tiefling has remained consistently 4th or 5th place throughout D&D Beyond's data, but I'd have to look it up to be sure.)

It proves that new additions to our hobby can be positive and productive, rather than detrimental.


I didn't see the end of the show, but wasn't the premise that they were counting down to their extinction?

Pretty much the ice age happened due to them screwing up majorly in getting rid of an extreme overgrowth of vines and the last scene we see of the family is huddled together in their house as the entire area/world is covered a dark and bleak looking ice age.

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