Look what those sneaky Swiss Wizards invented!

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First Post
Only the Canadians could concoct something so contrived. If it was Swiss, it would also be covered in chocolate and have the serial numbers filed off.



Limit Break Dancing
Be sure to get it in halfling-sized (or smaller). No sense carrying around a 25# multi-use arcane focus, when you can get the same effect for 1/4 the weight...

Thornir Alekeg

I'm just waiting for the Korean knock-offs that cost only 20% of the Swiss version. Sure, once in a while the tomewandorb staff might burst into flame, but at that price, I'm willing to risk it.


First Post
The wand should be able to change angle relative to the book. The way it is would be fine for laying down flat. However, if you want access to all 4 effects immediately in battle, then the wand should be perpendicular to the face of the book. Then the caster can immediately go from reading the Tome to sighting down the wand simply by raising his eyes.

Alternatively, casters employing dynamic staff styles could align the wand with the shaft of the staff. Either go front to front to enable wand use with direct thrusts, or reverse the wand so it works like a double weapon. Of course, this style wouldn't work so well with the book, but since that's been dropped anyway...

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