D&D General Lore contributions from players into a campaign

Casimir Liber

However, there's been a lot of character activities over the years that ended up getting incorporated into it since I first put things together. It's hard to pinpoint any one specific example, but one of the ones I enjoyed was when a player designed a flamboyant mask-wearing pirate/wizard for one of my campaigns. It "turned out" that all the south sea pirates normally wore Mardi-Gras style masks, which the various likenesses (many based on likenesses of the Gods or demons) bore various enchantments to disguise or enhance different abilities when out operating.
That's really cool - I like that ....maybe my pirates will start wearing masks too (chuckles evilly)

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Dusty Dragon
I used to be a bit of a "lore tyrant", but now I try to leave gaps, cracks for the PC's creation.

Say that I have a vision for a setting (Yoon Suin) and a player really wants to be a certain race that doesn't "fit" in the Yoon Suin setting. Maybe this race is from a far away land? So the player may be the only one of their race in the area, for example. There are ways!

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