Low Fantasy - Best Systems?

Argyle King


I've got lots of Prnce Valiant actual play posts over the past couple of years. Here's the most recent, which also happens to have some mass combat and a grim confrontation with the angry spirit of a dead king.

I think it will give you a good sense of how the system works. Quite different from the GURPS (? have I remembered that right?) that you lean towards - but in that thread there is a discussion between me and another GURPS player that might be helpful for you.

Yeah. I play GURPS quite a bit. I still enjoy it, but I would like to try a few other things. I had thought that Dungeon Fantasy* would be a product that would fit what I wanted, but it went a different direction than I expected.

(*It's still a very good product line, and it does attempt to find a middle ground between what GURPS does and what something like D&D does, but it appears to be geared toward trying to approach finding that middle ground in a very different way than I would like to. I've taken ideas from it, and it's certainly worth looking at for worked examples of how to build certain things.)

I have also explored Genesys more. Though, I'm not confident in my ability to build things using that particular game engine yet. The worked examples in the core book don't offer a whole lot of valuable insight.

I picked up some of the 2d20 Conan stuff. I do not yet have an opinion on the game as presented. Honestly, I'll likely get more out of reading the books as someone who loves R. Howard's writing and world than I'll get out of it as a gamer.

Thanks for the link to your Prince Valiant game. I'll check that.

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I don't know Genesys excep by reputation. But that reputation suggests that it mandates a fair bit of intricate narration coming out of resolution.

Prince Valiant is very simple opposed-roll resolution. It's the expectations around scene-framing and consequence-narration that differentiate it from (eg) RuneQuest or Pendragon. I like it because of how simple and flexible it is. But I've got a lot of experience with that sort of GMing.

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