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So, I recently was disappointed because I did not do enough research on an AP. I thought Signal of Screams was the Low level 3 book AP in variance against the High Level 3 book AP they released.

It is a lower level...but not the low level I was thinking about. It's starts at 7th level and probably takes characters up to level 13.

SOOOO....I did more research.

The highest level I like to play parties at are around 10th level in SF. Preferably lower than that. The sweet range for me seems to be around level 1 to level 7. Above that and I start having troubles giving the parties challenges without flat out murdering them (for some reason my ability to balance challenging encounters is warped in SF for some reason, and it gets more and more apparant the higher level I make the challenge. Either they walk through it like a breeze, or I make it too hard and flat out murder them with a TPK...there doesn't seem to be a middle ground at high levels for me for some reason I can't figure out).

Hence, the highest level I like to play is level 10 as after that, I start getting into serious problems (normally, it's that the group has no real challenge...we do have one or two rules lawyers in the group and they REALLY seem to know the rules. I'm the GM but I'm not an expert at SF rules, they correct me constantly...and they use the rules really well in the various encounters).

I just ordered the first 3 volumes of Horizons of the Vast. It seems from the descriptions that they are low level adventures, but also can be somewhat standalone if I want them to be (which is what I am after). I also noticed they have two single adventures now (Junker's delight and Locus-1) which I also ordered.

Any other ideas of stand alone low level adventures for SF currently (I prefer running SF with modules and adventures rather than making my own as it's far easier to at least try to have balanced encounters at low level with them...higher levels the party still steamrolls over).

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Future's Past: Edge Station (1 of 5) is for 1st level.

Awake in the Night is for level 3.

Redshirts Adventure in Absurdity is for 1st level.

Legendary Planets to World Unknown is for 1st level.

Extraction with Extreme Prejudice for 3-5.

Station on the Borderworlds is for 1-3.

Abbatoir 8 is for 1-3.

Wanted in the Wastes is for level 1.

Dead in Space is a horror adventure anthology.

Ashen Dash is for level 1.

Distress Call is level 1-3.

To Save a World is for level 1.

Earl Grey Hot is for level 1.

Added Value is for level 1.

Adrift is for level 1.

Rogue's Run is for 7th level.

Blockade at Karn is for 5th level.


WOW! Thank you! If I could give you multiple thumbs up I would.

It had never even occurred to me to look at Drivethru for Starfinder adventures. You have helped me find a bunch of material I didn't even know was out there.

This is great!

Thank you!


Dead in Space is a horror adventure anthology.
Rogue's Run is for 7th level.
These are my publications, though T. H. Gulliver was the author of Dead in Space. I was the author of Rogue's Run.

Missing from that list is my first module, Rude Awakening, which I published 1 month after Starfinder release based on a contest runner up entry in a One Page Dungeon Contest, I did. It's 1st level, survival horror and FREE (has always been). It's a bit dated though.

In almost every supplement I've released for Starfinder, includes a one-shot, though not the last one, called the Planet Builder. You can find the rest of my Starfinder stuff here... though the levels vary, nothing is higher than 9th, so far. The Planet Builder is for homebrewers, tools to create a Star System stat block (something I needed for my stuff). I had an astrophysicist working on the project, basically a series of tables and a Planet Point system, the tables allow you to create scientifically viable single/multi-star system, planets, moons, belts, trojans, eccentric orbits, planetary cores, everything and more. Planet points let you build resource stations that allow you to grow the technology and extra-planetary structures overtime to build a star system setting.

The next module I will be doing, is my Starfinderized version of the Circe story from the Odyssey, called Rogue Moon, it will be a month or more away before release though - that's 7th level.


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Not to brag, but Starships, Stations and Salvage Guide by Edward Moyer (and a lot from me) was kind of like our Starship Operations Manual, with rules for space stations (before Super Colossal existed, which kind of supercedes it) and rules for Salvage. It's got 47 bay options, some of which have Paizo versions, but not when this was released about 7 months after Starfinder release. It was the #1 Starfinder product on DTRPG for 6 months, and still a Silver Seller. I'm proud of that one.

One of the alternate rules I had to include was a more sensible way to handle cargo bays. What I mean is by RAW, a cargo hold only holds 25 tons, while this works for small/medium ships, maybe, for a Bulk Freighter that uses all 10 of it's available bays as cargo holds - this huge ship can only hold 250 tons of cargo (huh?) So what I did, created a formula to determine how much cargo by tons can be held based on the size of the ship. Another rule allows Tiny ships to have a bay slot, at the cost of speed and maneuverability, that is 10 x 10 x 10 in volume and can hold 25 tons of cargo. A Small ship can hold a 20 x 20 x 20 space per cargo hold, meaning it can hold 200 tons of cargo. So a Bulk Freighter with 10 bay slots for cargo can hold up to 50 x 50 x 50 space and up to 31,250 tons for 10 bays - that seems a lot closer to "bulk" to me.

Another rule is partial work-around to the limitation of Large ships and smaller entering, landing, taking-off and exiting a planet - anything bigger crash lands. I created Huge Landers, which are massive, single use drop pods - they can enter orbit/atmo, maneuver well enough to land on the opposite side of the planet if they want, with pinpoint landing capability. But once they're grounded, they can never leave, and become hardened storage or temporary fortifications. Used for dropping 500 colonists at a time, with another containing prefab structures and equipment - colony building, mining complex, military assault... many options. It's not cheating, it can't escape the planet, so doesn't break RAW... but requires colossal ships to carry them to the planet. (The Landers are on the flanks of this Colonial Dreadnought/Carrier, image below)

(I'm done plugging myself - apologies) [Really, it's been probably 5 years since I've been active on ENWorld, and a lot has happened - I got caught up in catching up, and I don't see many Starfinder threads.]


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Oh, I just noticed a Legendary Games Legendary Planet adventure - I did all the maps for the Legendary Planet AP, as well as all AP maps before and since. The last two APs another cartographer took on a third of the maps, as my publishing company is getting busier and I'm having less time to do freelance commissions. But over the past 6 years, I've created about 400+ maps for Legendary Games alone.

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