[LPF] Kaedyn's Quest


Quest to recover artifacts to combat evil outsiders for the church of Helerion.

DM: Perrinmiller
Judge: Satin Knights

Ru Brike (jkason) - Human Ninja/Ranger
Damaris Beiryn (soulnova) - Human Bard
Umthirn Hammerfist - Dwarven Monk (Martial Artist)
Rhas Ironeyes - Dwarven Fighter (Weapon Master: Crossbow)

Amien Thrus (Det) - Human Barbarian
Lai Tai Liu (Systole) - Human Magus
Tyrion Thankirk (jackslate45) - Human Fighter
Thuvian Darklight (sunshadow21) - Tiefling Wizard

[sblock=XP]Clock Starts on 18 Oct 2013 (17 Oct in the tracker) & Ends ___
Amien started at 7846XP; Leveled 5th on 18 Dec (10010XP); Ended on 26 Dec 2013.
Lai Tai Liu started at 6150XP; Ended on 3 Feb 2014.
Tyrion started at 6352XP; Leveled 5th on 26 Dec (10112XP, spending 2 DMC); Ended on 3 Feb 2014.
Thuvian started at 9092XP; Leveled 5th on 18 Nov (10596XP); Ended on 14 April (15,292XP)
Ru started at 3408XP; Leveled 4th on 26 Dec (6258XP, spending 2 DMC); Leveled 5th on 17 May 2014 (10662XP); Leveled 6th on 29 Aug 2014 (15024XP)
Damaris started at 5902XP; Leveled 4th on 24 Oct (6007XP); Leveled 5th on 20 Feb 2014 (10005XP); Leveled 6th on 2 Jul 2014 (15801XP); Leveled 7th on 28 Oct (24393XP)
Umthirn started at 10000XP (On 26 Feb 2014); Leveled 6th on 2 Jul 2014 (15628XP); Leveled 7th on 28 Oct (24220XP)
Rhas started at 10000XP (On 26 Feb 2014); Leveled 6th on 2 Jul 2014 (15628XP); Leveled 7th on 28 Oct (24220XP);
Mfloyd3 Started running Umthirn on 7 Sep 2014

Enc1: Owlbears = 4800XP (800 each) - 18 Nov 2013
Enc2: Forest Giant = 600XP (100 each) - 24 Dec 2103
Enc3: Fight outside Elf’s tree = 2400XP(480 each) - 3 Feb 2014
Enc4: Gnoll Raiders = 3200XP(800 each) - 17 May 2014
Enc5: Gnoll Fort = 5200XP(1300 each) - 2 Jul 2014
Enc6: Sonic Trap = 600XP (150 each) - 16 Jul 2014
Enc7: Tieflings = 4000XP(1000 each) - 30 Sep 2014
Enc8: Half-fiend & Company = 9000XP(2250 each) - 28 Oct 2014
Enc9: Hrandeth's Reward = 500XP (125 each) - 10 Dec 2014
[/sblock][sblock=Treasury]Enc1: None
Enc2: None
Enc3: Valued at 7130gp Total (1462 each) - Includes +1 Amulet of Natural Armor, +1 Mithral Shirt, Lai Tai's Spell Book, and Handy Haversack. +1500 for 3 Flasks of Demon Bane
Enc4: 4 x Studded Leather Armor (100gp),2 Mwk battleaxes (620gp), 2 Battleaxes (20gp), 4 Javelins (4gp), 12gp = 756gp
+1 chain shirt (1250gp), Mwk falchion (375gp), Mwk composite longbow (+2 Str) with 40 arrows (602gp), 18gp = 2245gp
Enc5: 6 x Studded Leather Armor (150gp),2 Mwk battleaxes (620gp), 2 Battleaxes (40gp), 6 Javelins (6gp), Splint mail (L) (400gp), Mwk battleaxe (L) (620gp), 2 Javelins (L) (4gp), Mwk breastplate (1400gp), Mwk greatsword (350gp), Mwk composite longbow (+4 Str) with 40 arrows (802gp), CSW Potion (750gp), 26gp = 5168gp
Enc6: None (TBG)
Enc7: 4 Chain shirts (400gp), 4 short swords (40gp), 4 Lt Crossbows & 20 bolts (148gp), 8 daggers (16gp) 16gp = 612gp
Enc8: 4x Mwk Greatsword (1400gp), 4x Breastplates (800gp), 12 Chakrams (12gp), 20gp = 2232gp
+1 Breastplate (1350gp), Mwk Morningstar (308gp), Mwk Darkwood Light Shield (203Gp), 5 x Javelins (5gp), Spell Component Pouch (5gp), 9GP = 1880GP
Acid Flask (10gp), Ring of Protection +1 (2000gp), +1 Mithral Shirt (2100gp), +1 Mithral Buckler (2005gp), +1 Ransuer (2310gp), Gold Armband (300gp), Spell Component Pouch (5gp) = 8430gp
End of Adventure Reward: 500gp
[/sblock][Sblock=Final Awards]
Amien gained 2488XP & finished at 10,334XP & Earned +1798gp
Lai Tai Liu gained 3778XP & finished at 9928XP & Earned +4187gp
gained 5332XP & finished at 11684XP & Earned +4459gp (includes 2 DMC on 26 Dec for 1320xp & 1500gp)
Thuvian gained 6200XP & finished at 15,292XP & Earned +6819gp

Ru gained 19567XP & finished at 22975XP & Earned +21394.75gp (includes 2 DMC on 26 Dec for 900xp & 1020gp)
Damaris gained 21283XP & finished at 27185XP & Earned +22787.75gp
Umthirn gained 8726XP & finished at 18726XP & Earned +8762.25gp
Rhas gained 17012XP & finished at 27012XP & Earned +16588.75gp
Mfloyd3 gained 8286XP & Earned +7826.5gp

[/Sblock][sblock=Adventure Rules]* I will use group initiatives, rolling them myself. So in combat you must post your actions within 48-72 hours of the players turn coming up. Unless stated by a character that their actions are to follow another character, they will be resolved in posted order. After that time, if there was no communication with the DM, I will NPC the MIA player and move on.

* Dice rollers can be Invisible Castle or http://www.coyotecode.net/roll/ on-line dice rollers for the players. The DM will use his own purple dice at home or an on-line random number generator.

* Please use the exact BBCode link Invis Castle provides. This requires an Account at Invis Castle to add. I want to see what the roll is for and the target designated (ie. "Bite vs. Orc 4") in the description block that is provided when you are logged in. Including the modifiers that make the bonuses different than normal can also be included. This example would be ideal: Spiked Chain vs. Orc 4 (Kn Dev & -2/+4 PA) (1d20+11=12, 2d4+10=14)
I would appreciate not having to take any extra time to click any links during my updates.

* Any absences for longer than 2-3 days should be communicated to the DM. If you do not post for a week or more without having informed the DM, he reserves the right to remove you from the adventure giving you your share of the XP and treasure earned as well as time XP and gp to the date of your last post

* If your character gets enough XP to level, generally you may do so immediately once combat is finished. Subject to DM approval if the timing is okay. Regardless the date of actual leveling will not change even if use of the new level is delayed in IC action.

* Leveling up mid-campaign: This grants the extra hp, but does not heal damage, and grants any additional spell slots, but not spells prepared. A caster capable of spontaneously casting could use these slots normally, a cleric could only use them for cure or inflict spells, a druid for summon nature's ally, etc. Prepared casters may prepare spells in these slots as if they had left the slots blank for the day, if they are able to do so. They can go through the appropriate spell preparation as if they had already rested if applicable.

* All characters need an appropriate character picture, head-shot preferably, for token on the tactical grids. Also a mini-stat spoiler block that includes a link to your character sheet will be required in every IC post.

* Game Mechanics should be placed in a sblock, leaving only IC content/narration & a character avatar in the meat of a post.

* Do not quote another person's IC content in your post narration.

* Tactical Grids will be using Ditzie, the players will be updating their movements themselves in combat and posting up the new URLs. Whenever you post IC, include the latest map even if your character did not move. This way everyone knows you are done with it. There is no limit to the number times we can update the map. Instead of editing a map link (unless you are the last post), please post a new link if you update again.[/sblock]

Map of Thornbury:
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Kaedyn shrugs ruefully, almost disappointed in the young warrior.

"While I appreciate your bravado, please understand this situation is not so frivolously easy. Keeping the barghest in our dungeons until we determine how best to interrogate it is something I am working on. For now we simply keep knocking the blasted thing out. However, it regenerates and recovers faster than a person."

"But the forces of evil are very deadly. We have learned a name behind our troubles. A devil called Varrantu. His flying fiend that was part of the plot against stealing our patriarchal sword is still out there somewhere. She escaped the last adventurers that faced her."

"However, the worst of it is Father Kedric's... death."
The man bows his head and a tear runs down his cheek

Without looking up, his voice is low and cold, "We could do nothing to stop it. A few of your kind were even there and could not stop it. I arrived too late. They just appeared in his office. Teleported in. The bitch erinyes cut off the priest's head and popped out again. This is why I cannot leave the Chapter House undefended."

The paladin wipes away the tear with the knuckles of his right hand and looks up. There is fury in his eyes and a challenge in his tone as he looks at all of you.

"So, do you still want to help? Tell me why I should take a chance on putting faith in you."


First Post
The warrior most challenged by the question drifts into an uncharacteristically humorless state, shoving his mug away and leaning forward over the table almost confrontationally, holding up a finger to point, "Because, quite frankly, you need a man like me. A man that, if he does die, will not be remembered, celebrated, or mourned while the people you do care about live on. I'm not going to delve into my past, but let's just say that this adventuring business is the only way I can justify living at all."

He starts to pull back now, his features starting to return to his more relaxed state, "Besides, eventually somebody is going to have to step up to help in your problems. I may as well be 'that guy' so it is done sooner than later, don't you agree? I won't ask you to have faith in me, but just know that I terrify myself sometimes."

Leaning back fully now, he slouches slightly and looks between the others that have joined the table, feeling a little embarassed now, "I'm.. sorry about that." He waves an arm to allow others to speak for themselves now, "I can be a blabbermouth sometimes.", he says in reference to how he's talked to the potential employer the most now.

[sblock=OOC]I really have been posting a lot, but I always end up being on while others aren't so I figure I might as well.[/sblock]
[sblock=Mini-Stats]Character Sheet Page

Weapon in Hand:
HP: 54/54
AC: 15
AC Touch: 12
AC Flatfooted: 13
Initiative: +2
Fort: +6
Reflex: +3
Will: +0
CMB: +7
CMD: 19

Glaive Attack: +7; Damage: 1d10+4 (+9, 1d10+7 under Strength Rage); Crit: 20/x3, Slashing, Special: Reach
H. Flail +1: Attack: +8; Damage: 1d10+4+1 (+10, 1d10+8 under Strength Rage); Crit: 19/x2, Bludgeoning, Special: Disarm, Trip
Sling Attack: +5, Sling Damage: 1d4+3
- Sling Bullets (06)

Handy Haversack
- Trail Rations (12 days)
- Wand of CLW x1
- Potion of CMW x3[/sblock]
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Thuvian suppresses a grim smile as he listens to the warrior; at his turn, all jest is gone, and his tone is pure business. "The man has a point. You need us, whether you like it or not, because if we fall, there will be more than enough warm bodies willing to fill the gap left behind; that cannot be said for members of your own order. Likewise, we can provide some skill sets that you cannot find in your own order. You yourself mentioned how you had no arcane casters, and yet so far you have mentioned three extraplanar creatures that wield magic quite effectively; I imagine there are probably more with the ones already mentioned. To counter that, you will need magic in turn. I, and to a lesser extent, this young lady here, have the capability to fight magic with magic, making it possible the warriors to do there job with less interruption. In the end, your faith is your business, but the matter at hand is such that a strong fighting arm and a well placed spell or two are equally important important factors that will determine success."


First Post

Lai Tai Liu looks confused. "It appears one has wandered into a difficult situation." He ponders the matter for a moment. "One came to Venza to pursue arcane studies, but yokai cannot be permitted to wander freely. This is anathema. One's path is therefore clear." Holding his quarterstaff out before him, the young monk bows before Kaedyn. "I offer the Staff of Ten Storms and the hand that wields it to help remove this threat."


"Alright, I guess I can help you out. I might be able to do provide with anything from basic healing, distractions, some knowledge and ranged support. I would certainly need to get some stuff first..." Damaris face's turns serious and in deep thinking. She will try to recall useful information about these kinds of creatures.

"Oh by the way, I can cast healing from a wand... so if this is going to get bloody, I highly recommend you all to have one I can use on you."

Knowledge Planes, Knowledge Religion (1d20+6=23, 1d20+6=8)
[sblock] Has Damaris heard of the weakness or immunities of these creatures? [/sblock]


[sblock=Question] I think I'm a little confused. We are going to look for this devil called Varrantu and get the sword back, right? Is the Erinyes that killed Father Kedrics Varrantu's "flying fiend" or that's another devil altogether? [/sblock]


First Post
Ru Brike, rangerish human ninja

As things in the inn became especially hectic, Ru sat back and let the others do the talking, deciding it did him more good to get a feel for his potential co-workers than it did to be the center of attention (much as he enjoyed the latter). He raises an eyebrow and appears about to say something as Lai Tai Liu offers the services of his staff, but Damaris speaks up much more sensibly, and he chooses to let the moment go.

Finally, however, it's clear the time for observation has passed.

"I'm not a saint. Not even a little," Ru says. He catches the newer people at the table with his eye as he says, "Ru isn't just a name, it's sometimes how folks feel, especially if they cross me. I'm not afraid to do ... a lot of things of which I suspect you wouldn't approve. But if they get the job done, I'm happy to get my hands dirty in the process. Whatever stains don't wash off, you can always cover or trash, you see? And they're my stains, not yours."

Here he gives a playful wink, then continues.

"I'm not as keen as Goldilocks--" here he jabs a thumb at Amien "to say I'm a good choice because I make a pretty corpse. Though I do, because I make a pretty everything. Shadow here is right, though," this time the thumb points to Thuvian. "What we have are the elements your order doesn't have. Can't have. But they're what you need when you're fighting people who are nasty and unscrupulous. I can sneak, I can work a trap, and while I can't cast a spell, I have a few other tricks that aren't what you'd call normal. And, like I said, I know how to stab the tender spots, and I'm more than willing to do that while you concentrate on fighting the good fight to keep your temple's integrity. Most importantly, I like to think I'm reasonably ... discreet."

He pauses just a moment, then gives a charming smile as he finishes: "Provided the pay's right, of course."

[sblock=ooc]Ru never argued with being called a hooligan, after all. ;)

Okay, also, Ru's got a bit of a schtick for giving folks nicknames. I think it's part of that 'everyone's buddy' thing he tries to do as a trained spy, and it's intended to be all in good fun. I realize, though, that it might be annoying. So, if anyone feels that way, whether it's the nicknaming in general or about a nickname in specific, let me know, 'cause it's not a schtick worth annoying other players with. :) [/sblock]

[sblock=mini stats]

Ru Brike
AC: 18 (Touch 14, Flatfooted 14)
HP: 30/30

Initiative: +4
Perception: +6 (+7 Traps) Sense Motive: +5
CMB: +2 CMD: 16 Fort: +5 Reflex: +10 Will: +2
(conditional: +2 vs. divination effects)

Wakizashi: +7, 1d6
Wakizashi (TWF): +5/+5, 1d6/1d6
Nunchaku: +6, 1d6
Shuriken: +6, 1d2
Conditional Attack mods: +1d6 Sneak Attack (when denied Dex), +1 Dirty Fighter (flank), +2 Attack / dmg vs. Ranger's Focus (1/day)

Conditions: Ioun Torch (in darkness)

In Hand: None

Ki Pool: 3/3 remaining
Ranger's Focus: 1/1 remaining
Shuriken: 9/10 remaining[/sblock]


First Post
At this point Tyrion smiles and says "Not normally used to convincing people who need help. But, as I am sure you don't want any more death on your mind, I can vouch for 3 people sitting at our table who could get the job done. The only thing going for me is like what Pretty Boy said " Tyrion jerks his head at Ru "I aint afraid to have blood on my hands."

"That being said, I found faith to be irrelevant. Miracles can only occur if you take a step forward. Thinking about it aint gonna do nothing."

[sblock=mini stats]
Tyrion Thankirk
AC: 20(Touch 12, Flatfooted 18)
HP: 46/46

Initiative: +2
Perception: +5 Sense Motive: +1
CMB: +8 CMD: 20 Fort: +7 Reflex: +4 Will: +6

Conditional Attack mods: Power Attack (-2/+4), Furious Focus (Ignore first PA Penalty), Overhead Chop (+2 to damage rolls w/ 1 attack)

Conditions: Ioun Torch (in darkness)

In Hand: None
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