[LPF] Kaedyn's Quest


Thanks for the adventure, PM. Can we get a list of treasure, too? I don't think we ever figured out that breastplate that Rhas took.
All listed in the first post of the thread. It was a +1 Breastplate.

Other notable items:
Ring of Protection +1 (2000gp)
+1 Mithral Shirt (2100gp)
+1 Mithral Buckler (2005gp)
+1 Ransuer (2310gp)
CSW Potion (750gp)

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[sblock=ooc]Ru might be inclined to the ring of protection. I have to go back over his gear now that he's between adventures in general, though, since he's no longer proficient with most of the weapons he's carrying. :) [/sblock]

Satin Knights

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Looking over the numbers,
Lai Tai should have leveled on 2/7. That would give him an extra 78 XP and 78 XP for the 13 days at the higher rate.
Thuvian should have leveled on 4/5. That would give him an extra 114 XP and 99 GP for the 9 days at the higher rate.
Ru looked off, but then I found on his character sheet that he had spent DMCs mid adventure.

420 days for 29.4 DMCs. The Adventure Tracking page has been updated.

That's close enough for me to stamp the game APPROVED.
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[sblock] My goodness, that's a lot of gold! xD hahaha Nice! I really don't know what to get Damaris with all that! I'm always open to suggestions! Maybe I'll play with Galandra next. My schedule is still chaotic soooo.....

Perrinmiller! Thanks for the game! :D [/sblock]


With Umthirn returning to another player's control, I won't claim any items for him (and would have no interest in them for my characters in any case). So, anyone else can claim the items.

Thanks for a fun run!


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OOC: Rhas will swap the breastplate for the chain shirt. Ring of Protection is interesting, but I think there are better ways to spend my money for now.

EDIT: Taking the Ring of Protection. Turns out there are not better ways to spend my money right now.
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OOC: thanks PM for the adventure, and SK for final approval. Will probably be after I get back from vacation before I have time to sit down and shop. I'm happy to let anyone lay claim to whatever they want first, though. Like I said, have to reconsider how Ru's equipped now that he has a new class, so I'm happy to do that with what's left / shopping.

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