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D&D General Lvl 6 Cleric,46 Damage.


So I'm playing in Order cleric built around attack granting and control. I use the feats fae and shadow touched for more spells.

Some of you may remember me saying I'm opposed to at will attack granting in 5E. We have a rogue in the party. I have seen a battlemaster get used by a skilled player with a rogue.

So anyway CoS fighting a strahd Zombie. The rogue xant sneak attack no adjacent ally.

Deliberately trigger an AoO on one. This triggers the Rune Knights sentinel feat (sword and board 20 strength). 12 damage i get hit for 4.

I move beside the rogue bonys action cast bless on myself, the rogue and Rune Knight. This triggers voice of authority granting an attack to the rogue. He's using a +1 intelligent short sword. 4d6+6 damage. Today he's been rolling very high or very low. Hits for 24 damage. His low was 11.

Finally I cast a sacred flame for 2d8 damage rolling a 10.

46 damage total. 10 directly came from me.

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I have played two characters that had Cleric of Order as a subclass. I believe the class is fine as is, but would have been more balanced if the granting of an action attack had been limited to (proficiency bonus) number of timer per day. It is a bit strong as is, but not unreasonably so. I'd also have switched the 1st and 6th level abilities - I'd rather see bless as a bonus action at level 1 than granting free attacks on every healing word.

The first character was a Gloomstalker 5, Cleric of Order 1, Divine Soul 5, Battlemaster 4, Assassin 3, Divine Soul +2 at the end. She was a religious archer turned assassin. From level 6 on, most of her rounds were: Multiattack with bow as her action (at higher level augmented with action surge (going from 3 to 6 attacks on round 1) and haste (make that 7)), then bonus action a spell to grant a (reaction) attack to an ally, then reaction action spell to grant a (reaction) attack to another ally. She has been a favorite of mine in 5E (a Lawful Good Worshipper of Asmodeus who believed that Asmodeus' role in the Blood War justified his actions - which aligned with the lore of the world). The DM in this game, like me, has a list of thousands of Homebrew spells in their game so there were a lot more reaction and bonus action spells available.

The other was a Vengeance Paladin 3, Cleric of Order 1, Paladin +3, Cleric +5, Paladin+5, Cleric+3. Similarly, he'd multiattack and then use a bonus action on an ally targeted spell to grant that attack. That ally was usually a high damage rogue build for a second sneak attack. He was designed as a tank and could easily burn through all of their spell slots in a single combat between smites, bonus action spells, and reaction spells - even at the highest levels when they had up to 6th and 7th level spell slots.

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