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[M&M3] Astonishing Tales of Centropolis Vol. #3, Issue 1 ‘This Island Apocalypse’


First Post
Princess Starlight flies off over the waterfall out somewhat out of sight and then directs her light powers into healing! The Shadow called down a glob of darkness that enshrouded a trio of the ‘scientists’ and then moved behind one to smash it to pieces. Kitsune, remaining hidden in the trees and invisible, called down another trio of bolts of laser fire down on three other ‘scientists’ (the bolts appearing out of the air from a different direction) but only managed to destroy one of them. Then Silver Streak’s lightning obliterated another. Taking a short running start, Rumble flew through the air to smash his fist into the flying man and was a bit shocked at not only how hard the man’s chin was but also that he was insanely hot! His burnt hand was worth it though as the man grunted loudly from the blow but remained in the air!!!

“Fools!” The man shouted in anger and rage “I am a creation of the man-god Apocalypse! I am not so easily felled by mere mortals!!” and then he unleashed a blast at Rumble but his aim seemed off and its simply destroyed a nearby palm tree. The man shuck his head with some confusion but then simply growled in frustration. The remaining ‘scientists’ moved about to gain better aim at the two remaining targets that they could still see – Rumble and Silver Streak. Rumble took a pair of laser bolts but the others can nowhere near the speedster!

GM: NOTE for [MENTION=6801311]KahlessNestor[/MENTION], when you spend a Hero Point to re-roll, a result of a 1-10 adds +10 to your roll so you got a 29 on your save so you are not Wounded. Just as an FYI
9 – Rumble
27 - Security Tea (all destroyed now), the Scientist (new group) and Mount Merapi
26 - Princess Starlight
23 - the Shadow
18 - Kitsune
15 - Silver Streak
[sblock=Rolls & Results]Princess Starlight successfully used Healing on herself to remove 3 wounds.
The Shadow enshrouds 3 "scientist" (noted I said they had spread way out), and hits one; Toughness save vs. DC 24: 1D20+6 = [15]+6 = 21, not good enough, its out!
Kitsune laser bolts 3 scientist (with Mutli-Attack); Ranged attack +9 if she hits: 1D20+6 = [4]+6 = 10
1D20+6 = [20]+6 = 26
1D20+6 = [17]+6 = 23
, one miss, one crit, one normal hit. The crit automatically destroys the robot, and Toughness save vs. DC 24: 1D20+6 = [19]+6 = 25, wow makes it.
Silver Streak also crit a scientist and destroys it. (that leaves 9 robot scientists left)
Then Rumble hits Mount Merapi; Toughness save vs. DC 33: 1D20+5 = [20]+5 = 25, failed by 2 degrees so -1 Toughness and Dazed. NOTE Mount Merapi’s Volcanic Skin (Damage 3, Reaction), so Rumble needs a Toughness save DC 18. As it’s a power that is more or less always on.

Mount Merapi attacks Rumble (he’s arrogant!); Ranged attack, +10 fire damage if he hits: 1D20+4 = [5]+4 = 9, then Will save; Will save vs. DC 19: 1D20-2 = [3]-2 = 1, nope. Hmm going to be hard to get over this :)
The 9 remaining scientists, two are in darkness and yes they both try to move out of it so the Shadow gets an Opportunity Attack against one (its Vulnerable so its Parry/Dodge is 13). Once out they will fire at people they can see. I will roll one of them separately in case the Shadow destroys it. So 4 move (impaired moves move of 30ft) and shot at Rumble and 4 will move and shot at Silver Streak. The last one moves and shots at Silver Streak if it is still alive…
Ranged attack damage +6 (multi-attack) if it hits: 1D20+6 = [17]+6 = 23
1D20+6 = [3]+6 = 9
1D20+6 = [18]+6 = 24
1D20+6 = [12]+6 = 18
1D20+6 = [4]+6 = 10
1D20+6 = [5]+6 = 11
1D20+6 = [6]+6 = 12
1D20+6 = [13]+6 = 19
, man I am just wailing on Rumble. One hit, miss, hit, miss. With the Night Vision goggles though this is not enough to deal extra damage so Two Toughness saves DC 21. Then four misses vs. Silver Streak. The last one, if it is still ‘alive’; Ranged attack damage +6 (multi-attack) if it hits: 1D20+6 = [6]+6 = 12, miss!![/sblock]
Heroes turn! Toughness rolls for Rumble, OA for the Shadow, and standard Actions and Rolls for the rest.

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Princess Starlight
HP: 2; Condition: normal

"My light disrupts the Shadow too much. I'll draw attention away from the others," The Princess thinks. She flies back to the fight, arriving behind the "scientists". She casts "Brilliant Comet Birdie Sentinels" and a flock of luminescent birds circle her form. "Hey, dimwits, why are you shooting at us?"

OOC: Deflect roll: 1D20+11 = [7]+11 = 18 That makes the Princess' active defenses a DC 28. If they miss, the bullets will reflect back at the shooter.


Merapi's flesh burnt a hole in Rumble's pants just at the striking point of his kneww, and his flesh sizzled like a steak hitting the grill.
"YOW!" Rumble cried out in pain. Favoring his wound as he landed he was unable to avoid the barrage of lasers coming at him. But again was he was able to twist his body to minimize the damage, suffering only superficial scorch marks.
"Alright! I've had enough of you punks!" and he launched himself at the so-called scientists.

Toughness dc18 : 1D20+6 = [10]+6 = 16
1 hit from Damage Aura
Toughness d 21 twice: 1D20+6-1 = [18]+6-1 = 23
1D20+6-1 = [8]+6-1 = 13
Woof...Don't feel like taking another hit AND Dazed. So HP for reroll
Toughness d 21 hp for reroll: 1D20+6-1 = [17]+6-1 = 22
So no more damage.

Rumble is pissed now. So he uses All Out 2, Power Attack 5 to Casual Attack the Minions Hitting Parry 17 for DC 28 vs toughness. Takedown 2 (30' with hindered speed)

Current Conditions: -1 penalty to save vs Damage (to be further knows as "hits"), Hindered (-1 spd) HP: 0
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Silver Streak turns his attention to the flying man, letting loose with a Lightning Flash.
[roll0] Dazzle: DC 19 vs. Will
[sblock=Status]Damage: -2 to Toughness saves
Conditions: None
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The Shadow
Apocalypse Island
Saturday, February 11, 2017/Night
Round 7

OOC: Ah, I didn’t realize it was +10. For some reason I read it as you can’t roll lower than 10. Thanks!

Opportunity Attack: 1D20+9 = [5]+9 = 14
DC 24 Toughness

Shadow lashed out at one of the moving scientists. These seemed to be robots, too, so he didn’t need to worry about hurting them.

The scientists had spread out now, so Shadow moved to keep at least one in his darkness and attacked the thing.

[sblock=Character Tracker]
Shadow Character Sheet
Action: Unarmed attack: 1D20+9 = [9]+9 = 18
DC 24 Toughness
Move: To a scientist
Reaction: Opportunity attack
Conditions: Hindered (Speed -1 for trees)
Regeneration: 0/5r
Hero Points: 1

OOC: The mechanic for defending and reroll is a consequence of the game using only 20-sided dice. Rather than say "Roll 1d10+10", they say "Roll 1d20, if the roll is less than 11, add 10". I find it a bit awkward in the rulebook. But I suppose at the table, it's no problem.


First Post
Seeing the beating that Merapi is dishing out, Kitsune decides to switch tactics for a second.

From the jungle comes something that looks a little like a monkey in a black jumpsuit. Howling, the weird little creature sails over to Mount Merapi and latches onto his head, covering his eyes in the process. One moment he's engaged in a pitched hand to hand battle with a powerful foe, the next he's got a flailing thing in his face, screaming into his ears!

Of course, there's no physical sensation from it...the weird little 'creature' is just a very aggressively projected illusion after all...but in the heat of the moment that was easy to overlook!

(Kitsune uses an Affliction on Mount Merapi! DC 19 Will defense or suffer Vulnerable/Perception Impaired - Defenseless/Perception Disabled)


First Post
The Shadow had destroyed one of the retreating scientists as Princess Starlight, glowing like the rising sun, returned to the area and drew all eyes towards her. He then ported towards anotehr and destroyed another robot-scientist with a swift kick to its body. Kitsune's illusion seems to do little more the annoy the flying villain and Silver Streak affect barely missed the man. Rumble charged into the greatest concentration of scientists and while leaping about and running as fast as he could he smashed four of the robots with causal ease.

"Your powers are nothing compared to the god-man Apocalypse little girl!" the flying man sneered as he blasted at Princess Starlight but his aim was clearly off. The remaining two 'scientist' also concentrated their fire against the Princess but they too did little better then fire blindly into the air!!!

GM: Initiative
9 – Rumble
27 - the Scientist (new group) and Mount Merapi
26 - Princess Starlight
23 - the Shadow
18 - Kitsune
15 - Silver Streak
[sblock=Rolls & Results]Princess Starlight seems to draw a lot of attention to her
The Shadow hit with OA (because the scientists are Vulnerable in his darkness even with their goggles); [/sblock]
GM: [sblock=Rolls & Results]Toughness save vs. DC 24: 1D20+6 = [12]+6 = 18, failed so destroyed. The normal attack vs. 2nd scientist and hits; Toughness save vs. DC 24: 1D20+6 = [18]+6 = 24, oh made it!
Kitsune hits Mount Merapi;
Will save vs. DC19: 1D20+2 = [20]+2 = 22 oh natural 20!
Silver Steak missed Mount Merapi's Dodge
Rumble hits 3 scientists again; they are minors so vs. 28 they can't make it even with a natural 20 so all three are destroyed!! This leaves 4 left.

Then Mount Merapi attacks Princess Starlight;
Ranged blast +10 if it hits: 1D20+8 = [5]+8 = 13
The four scientists also fire at her (HA, need a natural 20);
Ranged blast +6 (multi-attack) if it hits: 1D20+6 = [2]+6 = 8
1D20+6 = [17]+6 = 23
1D20+6 = [5]+6 = 11
1D20+6 = [9]+6 = 15
; all missing. Princess can make attack rolls to Reflect these attacks back vs. the target's Dodges.

EDIT also mistake me, only two scientist robots left
Hero's actions

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