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[M&M3] Astonishing Tales of Centropolis Vol. #3, Issue 1 ‘This Island Apocalypse’

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Princess Starlight
HP: 2; Condition: normal
DC 23 toughness: 1D20+5 = [15]+5 = 20: 3rd wound

Feeling in bad shape, the Princess flies toward the water and follows the coast line about a 500 feet from the fire fight. There she calls upon the unseen sun to grant her health, "Light brighter than rock," she sings out as the healing warmth of the sun rolls over her.

OOC: HP to change her light array into a healing power. That's 4 degrees of success, so she's cured her 3 wounds.

Healing: 1D20+12 = [17]+12 = 29


The Shadow
Apocalypse Island
Saturday, February 11, 2017/Night
Round 6

Toughness: 1D20+9 = [10]+9 = 19
Spend a Hero Point to reroll that.
Toughness: 1D20+9 = [10]+9 = 19
No love for me, apparently.[/sblock]

Shadow grunted as one of the laser blasts from the scientists caught him in the side. He felt the burn, though his armor took the worst of it.

“You got him?” Shadow asked the others, pointing to Mount Merapi where he floated above them. Shadow couldn’t get to him, so he would focus on those he could, the scientists.

Caleb charged up on the three scientists that had shot at him. When he reached them, he dropped darkness around him and them. He could already feel his body absorbing the shadows to heal his wound.

[sblock=Character Tracker]
Shadow Character Sheet
Action: Erect shadow bubble to catch as many scientists inside the 15’ (I assumed the three that shot at him were close together). This should blind 3 of them, and if they move away, he gets an opportunity attack.
Move: To engage the scientists that shot at him.
Reaction: Opportunity attack
Unarmed attack: 1D20+9 = [19]+9 = 28
DC 24 Toughness save
Conditions: Hindered (Speed -1 for trees), -1 Toughness
Regeneration: 0/5r
Hero Points: 1

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