[M&M3] Astonishing Tales of Centropolis Vol. #3, Issue 1 ‘This Island Apocalypse’

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First Post
Silver Streak knew just the right way to manipulate the electricity in the air-lock door setting to stop if from opening more then a crack. There were shouts of anger and alarm in whatever chamber lay beyond. Behind them Princess Starlight and the Shadow raced around the slight curve in the tunnel and saw what appeared to a large oval shape transport of some kind. It almost completely filled the tunnel but was suspended in the air -- probably by those electro-magnets that Silver Streak had mentioned. The front of the vehicle had split open to reveal at least a dozen of the insect man carrying their fancy laser-rifles leaping down to the tunnel floor and the alien villain HERCULAN floating in the air!

The armored alien shouts something that almost sounds like buzzing and the insect man start pointing their weapons at Prince Starlight while his gauntlets started glowing as his gaze fell onto the Shadow!

GM: Initiative
24 - the Shadow
22 - Silver Streak
21 - Rumble
19 - Herculan
13 and 8 - the Leek (insect man)
11 - Princess Starlight

[sblock=Rolls & Results]The Leek (Rogue Gallery post 14) Initiative: 1D20+5 = [8]+5 = 13
1D20+5 = [3]+5 = 8

Herculan (post #15 in Rogue's Gallery)Initiative: 1D20+4 = [15]+4 = 19[/sblock]With group Initiative, Heroes go first! Actions and Rolls?? For Silver Streak to hold the door close costs him an Standard Action. You could do it as a free action but you would need to make a new Technology roll 20+ each round. You still have your full set of actions this round BUT next round.
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OOC: So each round if I make a 20+ Technology roll, I can keep the door shut and act, and if I fail, I can only keep the door shut? (Not that I can see anyone to attack now anyway)


First Post
OOC: So each round if I make a 20+ Technology roll, I can keep the door shut and act, and if I fail, I can only keep the door shut? (Not that I can see anyone to attack now anyway)

GM: You can spend a Standard Action to keep the door shut each round OR as a Free Action you can make a DC 20 Technology check to keep the door shut. Sorry for the confusion. If you fail you can't then spend your Standard Action to keep it shut but you could use Extra Effort to re-roll

"Brilliant Comet Birdie Sentinels," The Princess chants and dances in the air as a bunch balls of bird shaped light begin to dance around her in a pattern.

OOC: The birdies reflect incoming attacks back at the attacker. Her active defense is [roll0] + 11 + 10/0 = 26.
Reflected attacks hit DC [roll1]


The Shadow
Apocalypse Island
Saturday, February 11, 2017/Night
Round 1

“We have hostiles in the tunnel,” Shadow reported over comms to the others. Then the darkness seemed to flow from him and surround him, filling the entrance of the tunnel around him.

Then Shadow teleported, and the darkness moved with him, dropping onto Herculan as he came out of the shadows in the the chamber. He slammed his fists onto the villain and then disappeared back to the tunnel where he hopefully would block off line of sight to Princess.

[sblock=Character Tracker]
Shadow Character Sheet
Action: Teleport, power attack (favored terrain), return
Unarmed power attack favored terrain: 1D20+6 = [9]+6 = 15
Damage 29
Move: Darkness (hopefully blocks line of sight into the tunnel from the chamber, and thus protects Princess)
Reaction: Opportunity attack
Regeneration: 0/5r
Hero Points: 2


First Post
Rumble moved forward in the tunnel. He began sizing up Herculan but then had his view blocked by the inky blackness summoned by Shadow. He was about to swear loudly then remembered the goggles he swiped from a fallen guard. He quickly donned them and tried to size up the flying villain.

Ooc: Move 60ft with Speed.
Perception Affliction vs Will on Herculan.


First Post
The Shadow teleported onto the flying alien but his blow deflected off the man's armor. He then teleported back and veiled the area in front of Princess Starlight and himself in darkness and shadows. Silver Streak moved to the side of the tunnel while concentrating on holding the door closed. He could feel others working against him but he was confident that if he focused on it he could deny them! Rumble ran around the curve to get a good view of armored alien but then shadows fell across his field of vision*! Kitsune was looking around debating which way to go...

When suddenly she spotted Baron Havok stepping through the door while touching the shoulders of two she did not recognize. A four-armed mutated alien creature carrying four curved swords and a stocky Chinese man wearing a leather jacket and street like cloths. The four-armed alien raced at Silver Streak and slash the speedster with two of its swords while the other man leapted towards the ceiling of the tunnel to disappear in the shadows! Baron Havok shouted "The Doctor extends his welcome you fools!"

Down the other tunnel Herculan seemed to ignore the shadows and shot laser out of his left handed gauntlet that struck the Shadow while the incest man hesitated and pointed their laser rifles into the darkness...waiting.

GM: Initiative
24 - the Shadow
22 - Silver Streak
21 - Rumble
19 – Herculan, Baron Havok, Super Leek and the Prestige
13 and 8 - the Leek (insect man)
11 - Princess Starlight and Kinsue[sblock=Rolls and Results]The Shadow uses Turn About to move, attacks Herculan, and move down the hall. I gave him -2 to his Parry defense due to the partial surprise but that is still not enough to hit him so he missed.
Silver Streak can still move this round but uses his Standard Action to hold the door close
Rumble moves but there are shadows in the way. *However you have enough movement to get all the way past it BUT just as a warning you would be the ONLY target for the Leek as they can't see Princess Starlight anymore. Just as a warning. Now also there is stuff that happens after you action so I wonder what he would do before the other villains appear. IF he wants he can make a Danger Sense - Perception check. If you get at least an 18 I will let you realize something bad is coming from behind you before you race forward.
Princess Starlight use her Deflect Power.
Kitsune I am going to assume takes a Delay action to see what happens OR a Ready action but it has to be specific what you are going to do. As what is going to happen next I am going to say you Delayed.

Hercular fires at the Shadow; Ranged attack +9 if he hits: 1D20+9 = [19]+9 = 28, hit. The Shadow needs to make a Toughness save DC 24.
The Leek are either shooting at Rumble when he appears out of the Shadows or taking the Ready action to "Shot at any enemy who appears out of the shadow"
The Baron Havok, touching the Super Leek and the Prestige, walks through the locked door into the room (Using his Wraith Form sorcery that has the Affects Others extra). Then Perception roll: 1D20+10 = [4]+10 = 14, nothing special as he is mostly looking for someone specific ;)
The Super Leek takes its move action to run at Silver Streak and try to attack it; Close attack, damage +7 (multi-attack) if he hits: 1D20+11 = [20]+11 = 31, d'h critical hit! So Silver Streak needs to make a Toughness save vs. DC 22 +5 for the critical and +2 for the two degrees of success from multi-attack so 29! wow.
The Prestige moves and his action it to use Hide In Plain Sight Stealth check: 1D20+15 = [5]+15 = 20, people need a 20 on their Perception check to notice him.

Depending on Rumbles Danger Sense (the reason I am making you make a roll as they are NOT attacking you so just danger in general), and Kitsune who can still act this turn after the badguys.[/sblock]New Badguys are on post 20 of the Rogue's Gallery and you can view them now.
The Shadow and Silver Streak need to make Toughness saves. Actions and Rolls??

OOC: I didn't realize the shadow interposed darkness between the princess and the leeks. Can she have moved forward as part of her action since she goes after shadow and before the leeks

OOC: Spending my HP to reroll

[roll0] - Missed by 3
[sblock=Status]Injuries: -1 to Toughness
Conditions: None[/sblock]
Also: Don't forget Damage 3 (electrical) to the Super Leek.
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