[M&M3] Astonishing Tales of Centropolis Vol. #3, Issue 1 ‘This Island Apocalypse’


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Though various means -- Rumble and Kitsune "clinging to the walls", Princess Starlight flying, the Shadow Teleporting and Silver Streak running down the side of the walls, the heroes make it to the bottom of the elevator shaft. At the bottom the chamber opens into a larger room of some kind and was empty beyond one sealed door on the northern facing wall. Silver Steak announced there was an alarm and lock on the door but that he could easily disable them both if the group wanted too.

GM: The door is locked and 'sealed' (vs. atmosphere). Silver Streak can sense (without a roll) the security lock and sensor scanner embedded within. The system seems very familiar as the one above so it takes no roll for me to disable the security and open the door's lock.

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GM: Silver Streak could probably lock it but if anyone comes along they would be able to try and re-route or by-pass and the Doctor could probably do it remotely. Someone could try and force it remained locked or shut though but they you could not retreat this way if you wanted...


The Shadow
Apocalypse Island
Saturday, February 11, 2017/Night
Round 0

“This entire island has his eyes. I doubt there is a way we could go that he wouldn’t know we were coming. At least this way he is partially blind.”

They made their way down the shaft and to another locked and sealed door. “We could try and fry the door electronics,” Shadow said, “but that might lock us off from retreat. But let’s give it a try.”

He waited for Silver Streak to open the door.

[sblock=Character Tracker]
Shadow Character Sheet
Reaction: Opportunity attack
Regeneration: 0/5r
Hero Points: 2

"That air seal concerns me. We have no idea what the air is like on the other side of the door." says Silver Streak. Still, he overloads the sensors and unlocks the door, taking a deep breath first and holding it..


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The speedster once again disables the security scanners and unsealed the large door which slide back into the wall. As it did so a great gust of wind blew into the chamber where the heroes had gathered meaning that the area beyond must have powerful ventilation to move air around. The area beyond was revealed to be a great tunnel leading off in two directions. The tunnel was oval shaped and at least 20 feet across at its widest and 12 feet high. It was also dark and stretched off in both directions a great distance -- or at least beyond what anyone could determine.

Silver Streak did sense powerful elctro-magnetism built into the wall and if they were similar to magnetic train lines found back in Centropolis but much more advanced.

Getting their directions it appeared one tunnel lead towards where the Doctor had told you where he was waiting and the other stretched back the way the team had come, maybe even back to where they had arrived.

"We're obviously going that way," The Princess indicates toward the Doctor. "I just hope we don't run into one of the trains that use these tunnels. You say these are mag lev trains. If you disrupted the magnets, how far would the train continue to travel until it stopped?"


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GM: Anyone could make a Technology roll to figure it out...
[sblock=Technology 10+]If the electro-mags were disabled it depends on the safety features and size of the "trains" that move through this tunnel but most likely all it would do is stop them. Maybe if the "trains" are small it could cause a crash.[/sblock][sblock=Technology 15+]It appears there are some safety features built into the system just from observing it, so most likely it would just stop a "train" moving down them, even at high speeds[/sblock][sblock=Technology 20+]There were some obvious features built into the walls that would just make a "train" stop but if you 'tricked' the system just right you could probably set up some trap that would cause a "train" crash! It depends on how fast it was moving down the tunnel and the railline back in Centropolis could move pretty fast. If this is more advanced. If you wanted to do this, you can explain it to anyone you wanted and they could make a Technology check to 'set a trap' as it were[/sblock]


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Kitsune paused to check out the rails there, her natural curiosity taking hold for a moment.

Technology [roll0]

"Huh...might be able to mess with them, but they'd probably just kick some circuit breakers or something and shut the system down," she opines. "I'm no expert or anything, but when you have a big train moving that fast, you don't leave things to chance."

"There are definitely safety interlocks that would stop a train if a section fails. I may be able to bypass the interlocks so that a train would crash instead of stopping safely. But if there are people on the train, we'd be putting them in serious danger."
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The heroes made their way into the tunnel and headed towards where the so-called Doctor Apocalypse awaited them. Princess Starlight provided light for those that could not see in the darkness with a glow to see by and Silver Streak knocked out any sensors that he detected as the group proceeded. Traveling at a good pace for almost an hour the team noticed a sudden change in the air flowing through the tunnel. Silver Streak sensed a powerful electrical change moving towards them from the way they had come when suddenly it stop --- maybe 500 feet behind them. As this was happening lights appeared in the tunnel ahead that revealed another large sealed door at the end of the tunnel (about 100 feet in front of the team). The door suddenly started opening...

GM: I am going to give everyone a chance to do something here IF they want to --- Try and stop the door from opening, race back to see whats behind (which is pitch black and around a slight curve in the tunnel), or anything else you might want to try.
IF you don't want to do anything... Initiative! please

"I was far more concerned that you could stop the train before it slammed into us." The Princess says (before the lights go on.)


"I'll check behind us," The Princess says as she flies back a few hundred feet, hugging the inner wall.

OOC: Initiative [roll0]
Perception [roll1]

OOC: Hold on. The area 100 ft from the door is lit, GK said lights were turning on. The area behind us is not. The Princess was going to check out the area behind us because she can light the darkness. I assumed silver streak would do something about stopping the door from opening.

OOC: I missed the part about the lights coming on ahead of us near the door. I just saw that the Princess (our primary light source) was leaving (splitting the party).
Can I shut the door?

OOC: She's also pretty fast so she felt she could check out what's behind us quickly, now that the lights were on. And Kitsune can generate light, too.
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GM: Silver Streak can try and shut the door with this Electro-sense but needs a Technology skill roll of a 20+ (and he can tell its going to be hard to maintain).

I am going to wait for a few more heroes I hope to post their actions and initiatives

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