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[M&M3] Astonishing Tales of Centropolis Vol. #3, Issue 1 ‘This Island Apocalypse’

"I have to say it or it doesn't work," Starlight whines at Rumble while stamping her feet like a six-year old. Flustered, she gathers herself and tries again. "Cage of the Stellar Lord": she sings out in rage and determination, hoping to strengthen the cage. Then she flies back 30 feet back and up out of range of the spider.

OOC: All-Out Attack [roll0] vs DC 19, her defenses are 6/6 until next turn CRIT
Spider must make DC 24 [-]19[/-] Will save or become (3rd degree) Paralyzed

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Rumble laughs, inwardly impressed by the sheer power displayed by the young girl.
"Kid, I don't care of ya sing Taylor Swift's greatest hits backwards as long as your Sparkly mumbo jumbo keeps working!"


The Shadow
Apocalypse Island
Saturday, February 11, 2017/Night
Round 3

Finally clear of his surprise, Shadow rushed up. The spider bot was entangled by Princess, tripped up, so Shadow moved to take advantage of its vulnerability and smash his fist into the metal beast.

[sblock=Character Tracker]
Shadow Character Sheet
Action: Unarmed: 1D20+9 = [20]+9 = 29
DC 20 Toughness save, and increase the success level for Shadow by 1 level.
Reaction: Opportunity attack
Unarmed: 1D20+9 = [7]+9 = 16
DC 20 Toughness
Conditions: Hindered (Speed -1 for trees)
Regeneration: 0/5r
Hero Points: 1


First Post
With a triumphant shout, Princess Starlight struck the giant spider thing with all of her magical might and this time the creature was frozen in place!!! It let loss a screeching roar or mechanical rage but was otherwise helpless before the heroes!!! The Shadow, Silver Streak and Rumble all smashed into the creature at once and this time its metal shell was no use against the heroes might and it was smashed pieces that littered the area!! Kitsune did not attack as it as she noticed something out of the peripherals of her perception (being blind and all) – a dozen or so humans, wearing advanced security armor and carrying rifles had just appeared over the cliff near the waterfall and ran quickly into the clearing with apparent hostile intent!

As the robot was littering the ground one of them points his rifle at Princess Starlight and shout in heavily accented English “Halt where you stand!! You are on private property and subject to immediate arrest!! Drop your weapons and surrender now!!!” The others were pointing their weapons at Princess, the Shadow, Silver Streak and Rumble. No one appeared to be looking at Kitsune...

[sblock=Image of the Guards Uniforms] SecurityGuard.jpg[/sblock]

GM: Initiative
27 - Robot Spider (destroyed), Security Team and Unknown (acting next round)
26 - Princess Starlight
23 - the Shadow
18 - Kitsune
15 - Silver Streak
9 – Rumble

[sblock=Rolls & Results]Continuing Round 3
Holy Cow – 3 critical strikes this round!!! Well…

Princess Starlight – Critical hit with her cumulative affliction; Robot’s saving throw - Will save vs. DC 19: 1D20+3 = [16]+3 = 19, well he would have made it, but now it is Paralyzed. As this is 3rd degree it does not get a saving throw for 1 minute (10 rounds) unless I spend a Villain Point (grant Princess Starlight an additional Hero Point). Maybe we will see what happens with the rest of the round.
Shadow – Critical hit vs. Robot Spider Toughness save vs. 25: 1D20+7 = [10]+7 = 17, failed by 2 degrees. -1 to future Toughness saves and Dazed this round.
Kitsune still NPC, so she is distracted by something (see above!)
Silver Streak – hit the robot, Toughness save vs. DC 24: 1D20+6 = [19]+6 = 25, made it
Rumble – Critical Hit vs. Robot spider Toughness save vs. DC 28: 1D20+6 = [4]+6 = 10 and that destroys it!!![/sblock]
[sblock=Security Guards for Kelper Research Team]STR 2, STA N/A, AGL 2, DEX 2, FGT 5, INT 0, AWE 1, PRE 1
Power: Athletic Build (Speed 1 [60ft], Leap 1 [15ft]) ○ 2pp; Unliving (Immunity to Fortitude Effects 30) ○ 30pp
Equipment: Advanced Laser Rifles (Blast 6, Multiattack) ○ 18ep; Body Armor (+4 Toughness) ○ 4ep; Communicators ○ 1ep; Mono-edged Swords (Damage 4) ○ 4ep; Night-Goggles (Sense 2: IR Vision, Night Vision) ○ 2 ep
Advantages: Equipment 6
Skills: Athletics 5 (+7), Expertise: Tactics 4 (+4), Intimidate 5 (+6), Perception 2 (+3), Range Attack: Laser rifles 4 (+6), Vehicles 6 (+9)
Offensive: Initiative +2, Unarmed +5 (Damage, Close +2), Laser Rifle +6 (Ranged Damage 6, Multiattack), Mono-Swords +5 (Damage, Close +6)
Defenses: Dodge 15 (+5), Parry 15 (+5), Toughness +6/2, Fortitude N/A, Will +3
Total: Abilities 16 + Powers 32 +Advantages 6 +Skills 13 + Defenses 8 = 75 points.[/sblock]

Actions? We are still in Initiative order. The Guards are taking the Ready Action BUT Kitsune can React before them AND as far as she can tell they are not aware she is around!

Also everyone should make a Perception check, results…
[sblock=DC 15]There appears to be a glowing reddish light from deeper in the jungle moving this way. Its coming from the opposite direction of where the guards came from.[/sblock]
[sblock=DC 20] There appears to be a glowing reddish light from deeper in the jungle moving this way. Its coming from the opposite direction of where the guards came from and it is up in the tree. You think it is also roughly man-shaped![/sblock]
[sblock=DC 25]You see a glowing man flying through the jungle tree-tops moving this way. The glow is an angry red almost fire. He is coming from deeper in the jungle, the opposite direction of where the security guards came from.

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The Princess assumes a defensive stance. "Whoa, whoa, whoa," she says. "That's no way to treat the personal guests of Dr. Apocalypse. Why, just thirty minutes ago or so, he personally invited us to enjoy a leisurely stroll along the beach to his home in the volcano to the east," The Princess floats slowly forward, still defensive, as she continues. "He himself told us to take it slowly across the island and enjoy the scenery. I don't think he'd appreciate you pointing guns at his guests."

OOC: Perception [roll0]
Persuasion (I'm not deceiving am I?) [roll1] (-4 for deception)

If they ask about the dead spider, she adds, "Oh this automated system. They sometimes go rogue. We totally understand when an automated system goes rogue. But you guys don't seem automated. So think carefully about what you do."


First Post
"Doctor Apocalypse?" the guard says with some confusion in his voice as he continues to point his rifle at Princess Starlight. "I know not whom you speak woman, but we work for the Kepler Research Institute, providing security for their scientific team here. We don't want no trouble from you mutant scum though!"

Princess Starlight
HP: 2; Condition: Normal

"How rude. Do your superiors know you talk like that?" Starlight continues. "I'm not a mutant. The embodiment of starlight blessed me with my powers. Never assume. You make an ass of mostly just you." Her voice is particularly cute and girly as she says this. "As a security officer, you should know not to escalate a situation by calling people you don't names. Who trained you in security?

"And don't you have Internet access out here?" She doesn't pause for answers to these questions. "Dr. Apocalypse has been in the news the last few days. He threatened to blow up Centropolis. Bad dude. And certainly a bigger fish than some two-bit research company. I suspect you are provoking us because you're bored. Especially if you have no Internet access."

OOC: Starlight will continue to babble until something happens.

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