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D&D 5E Magic Missile. Better as a cantrip?


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The cantrip is still way too good. Here, it is essentially a 1d6 damage cantrip with a long range, exotic damage type, the ability to split damage, and the ability to auto hit.

It's nearest comparison in this iteration is Eldritch Blast, as that cantrip has three of the four benefits presented here: the same range, damage type, and damage splitting. The difference is that you are trading an average of 2 damage per damage die for the ability to automatically hit.

Do you really feel that trading two points of average damage for the ability to auto-hit is an even trade?

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It was an atwill in 4th edition that used an attack roll at first. They then changed it in essentials back to a autohit. First they got alot of backlash from 4e haters from having an attack roll. Then they got alot of backlash from 4e players from actually making a change in the CB that made the phb wrong. Thats when I dropped paying for the CB because it wiped away the option to play core 4e using it. Its also one of the changes I feel that killed 4e, because essential didnt bring players back like it whas supposed to, it split the brand.

I remember that magic missile change, it messed up a fun elemental magic missile build I'd made since it meant a number of feats no longer interacted with it due to the change from Hit to Effect. I guess in the long run it didn't matter since my friends and I never really had a chance to get into 4e due to life getting in the way.

I like magic missile the way it is. My high level wizard still uses it frequently, often as a 'closer' on something that just HAS to die. Not much out there is resistant to force and never missing is a nice thing at all levels. Sure they can Shield their way out of it, but when they try that you know they're hurting and that's when Counterspell comes out.


Because you want to. Because you have a theme such as fire or storm. Because you want the additional effect of ray of frost or shocking grasp. Because your a bladesinger or eldritch knight and want to make use of booming blade or green flame blade. There are plenty of reasons why you'd choose something else.

Having said that, if you prefer it as a 1st level spell then keep it as a 1st level spell. This is just an idea I've had that I might introduce into my own games and figured I'd get some feedback while sharing it with the forums.

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Still trashes every other cantrip.

No. Not at all. But, shortening the range to 60 feet would be more appropriate.

Not for me. Will always be a level one spell. If this was a cantrip, why have any other attack cantrip?

1) Because you want a different energy type?
2) Because other cantrips have riders that can slow an enemy or rob them of reactions?
3) Because other cantrips have greater range and casters are squishy?

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