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Make Your Case: Two Great Things You Need to Recommend


Nice House on the Lake (DC Horror Comic) by James Tynion IV - a very modern post apocalyptic horror story where the world is destroyed, but a dozen people are saved and stuck in an artificial house (on a lake) because a powerful entity (involved in the destruction) grew fond of them.

Exterminate All the Brutes (Documentary Series) - a personal look at slavery and genocide. Not a very fun watch, but an interesting and educational one.

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Cobra Kai is so good and does unexpected things. And season 4 begins Dec 31 on Netflix here in the USA! :)

I know. We're going through or watch list. It's gonna be a busy month espicially with holidays for binge watching.

Cobra Kai one of the best shows on atm imho.

Haiku Elvis

As it's Christmas - Anna and Apocalypse is currently on Prime in the UK. Clearly the greatest Christmas Zombie Musical arround.
Plus sticking with things you can watch for free on Prime. I know it's a few years old now but how come "Into The Badlands" never got the love. Game of Thrones meets Mad Max meets Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The post appocalyptic wuxia fantasy power games/ mystical quest drama that frankly we deserve.


Station Eleven on HBO. Sort of a mixture of Leftovers, the Walking Dead, and paean to art.

Invasion on Apple. I wouldn't call it great, but I really like the slow-burn approach to alien invasion.

Level Up!

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