Mando season 3

OK. I just rewatched all the trailers. It looks like Gorian Shard's pirates will attack Nevarro, and the Mandalorians will come to the city's defense. There are also some scenes of Dr Pershing on Coruscant, and there are some scenes of Bo-Katan's ship being chased by TIE fighters on what looks like Kalevala.

Then there's that New Republic guy Carson Teva saying that "there's something dangerous happening out there, and by the time it becomes big enough for you to act, it'lll be too late." That is probably what we'll end the season on - the reveal of that threat.

Well, what is not in the trailers are the comments by Giancarlo Esposito, who plays Gideon, saying he will be back in season 3.

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I have to say - I was expecting it to take most of this season for Din to actually get to the mines, so now that he's already done it in episode 2, I'm a little at a loss as to where the rest of the season will be heading (aside from some vague sort of reunification of the Mandalorian people).
Reunification on their home planet, is what my bet would be.


I note the Mandalorians finally "got me" - I technically care more about more Mandalorian characters than I do about as many Jedi characters at this point. I'm genuinely interested in what happens to Bo-Katan, Din, and Sabine, so that's three (let's X out Grogu as he's arguably both Mandalorian and Jedi or could become either or some other thing), but the only Jedi I care much about at this point is Ezra Bridger - Ahsoka Tano is very much not a Jedi by her own repeated accounts (though does the lady protest too much?), and I'd like to see more of Rey but I suspect that's decades away (also is she even a Jedi? I guess if Luke was she is).

This after decades of being all "Ugh why are people obsessed with the Mandalorians?! What is wrong with them?"!

Heh wel tis is essentially a continuation of arcs stared in 2008 Clone Wars.

The Mandalorian thing mostly Fetts armor and varolious EU material and video games.

Knights of the Old Republic 1&2 prominently feature them. Millions bought those games, they've had recent re-release on the Nintendo Switch.

Good episode though liking the world building etc and a live action mythosaur.


Just an observation: Din seemed to be fighting against the darksabre again, but Bo-Katan was able to use it fluidly.
I connect the struggle with the saber directly with the struggle of being a mandalorian leader. Din doesnt see himself as a leader of anything, in fact he can see himself only as a follower, trying his best to come back to a leader and a cult that excomunicated him. While he has this view, he will never be able to wield the saber, no matter how much he tries.

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