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Matrix 4 Announced


I've actually really enjoyed the Matrix series, but the story was finished, it was done. I hope they have a killer story to resurrect it, because sometimes, the best choice is to let something lie dormant. Too many movies and series get sequels today and the sequels show that it would have been better to let it lie rather than to make a sequel.

I HAVE enjoyed many of the Wachowski's movies. I thought Speed Racer is VERY underappreciated and perhaps one of their more artsy (even more than Cloud Atlas by far) movies. Jupiter Ascending I think was great and would have been (still would be) good to have a sequel to (I'd look forward to a sequel to that much more excitedly than the Matrix Trilogy). Unfortunately, I don't think it had the sales to justify a sequel to a studio.

Stand alone movies seem to be things they handle pretty well...and MAYBE a single sequel. They start to get drawn out or otherwise (Sense8 for example, I think is only popular due to a certain crowd, I wasn't actually all that impressed with it as it went on though) and I think some of their initial creativity starts to lag or they cannot find a decent conclusion in some extended senses.